leethal quick knit links!

These are all links to patterns by other people which use no more than 20 yards of yarn (trying to keep them under 15). All are knitting except the crochet category. Patterns are free unless otherwise noted. Support independent designers! Check out their other designs when you click over.


Wavy Bangle by Sara Giometti (ravelry)
6-10 yards of worsted weight
fulled bangle for your wrist

Band Cuffs by Star Athena (ravelry)
15-20 yards of worsted weight (yardage is a guess)
2-color banded wrist cuffs

Bangle Wristwarmers by A House Called Nut (ravelry)
5-20 yards of any weight (yardage is a guess, depending how many you make)
interlocking bangle bracelets

KniTwit Bracelet by Derya Davenport (ravelry)
7-15 yards of worsted-ish weight (yardage is a guess)
garter stitch cuff with ribbon tie; pattern published via twitter

Pac-Man Wristband and Ghostie Wristband by Aliese Kuykendall (only on ravelry)
10-20 yards of sport weight (yardage is a guess)
intarsia cuffs with 2 different pac-man charts

Knit Bracelet by Kat Coyle (only on ravelry)
5-10 yards of weight (yardage is a guess)
reverse stockinette bangle bracelet

Mermaid Wristlets by J (only on ravelry)
10-20 yards of dk weight (yardage is a guess)
wavy lace cuff with buttons

Black Widow Headband (pdf link) by Stacy Klaus (ravelry)
13-15 yards of bulky weight
simple lacy headband

Snowflake Snood by Lucia R. Hicks (ravelry)
5-10 yards of sport weight
lacy bun snood for your hair

Finger Sweater by Amber Holmes (ravelry)
1-5 yards of worsted or dk weight (yardage is a guess)
functional accessory, preventing yarn burn

Kittenpin! by Diane Trap (ravelry)
15 yards of worsted weight
cat shaped pin; add your own embellishments

toys and decor

Vicki's Whale Cat Toy by Vicki Mikulak (ravelry)
about 12 yards of worsted weight
designed for animal shelter fund raising

Heartfelt by Norah Gaughan (ravelry)
14-15 yards of worsted weight
stuffed, fulled hearts

Micro Turtle by Anne Kaelber (ravelry)
10-15 yards of worsted weight
make different sized tiny turtles by varying yarn+needle sizes

Barnyard Finger Puppets by Publications International, Ltd. (ravelry)
5-15 yards of worsted weight
make duck, cow, pig, horse and farmer puppets from leftover scraps

Mini Sock Ornament by Lynn Wiemelt (ravelry)
5-10 yards of fingering weight
could be used on a tree, or as a keychain, or for a tiny foot perhaps

Felted Mousie by Cailyn Meyer (ravelry)
15-30 yards of worsted weight
size small uses 15 yards; stuff it with catnip for an extra crazy kitty

Floofy Cupcakes by Laura Edwards (ravelry)
5-20 yards of dk weight
cupcakes come in sizes mini, regular, and costco-size

Bunny Egg Cover by Vicki Mikulak (ravelry)
15 yards of worsted weight
cover plastic, hard boiled, or candy eggs with knit bunnies

Silken Braid Mouse (pdf link) by Mare Joy Smith (ravelry)
12 yards of aran weight
fill with catnip for your kitty

Easter Chicken Egg Cozy by Arwyn Yarwood-Hoeppner (ravelry)
13-15 yards of worsted weight
hide eggs inside a fuzzy chicken

Little Oddment Hedgehog by Little Cotton Rabbits (ravelry)
14-15 yards of dk weight
buy for 0.95/$1.75 on ravelry or etsy

Felted Kodama Dolls by Jennifer Amey (ravelry)
10-50 yards of aran weight
fantastically creepy little guys

Baby Weasel by Chris O'Brien (ravelry)
10-20 yards of worsted weight
originally created to help raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Everlasting Autumn Leaves by Tina Hilton (ravelry)
10-20 yards of aran weight
autumn decorations (yardage is a guess)

Chick Egg Cosies by Derya Davenport (ravelry)
5-10 yards of worsted weight (yardage is a guess)
fits regular or chocolate eggs

Spoolie Spores by Jennifer Stark (ravelry)
3-5 yards of worsted weight
mushrooms knit on spool knitters


Fu-Manchuesdays by Robyn Wade (ravelry)
10-15 yards of worsted weight
yes, mustache

Knitted Moustache by Holly2 (ravelry)
10-15 yards of dk weight (yardage is a guess)
moustache attaches to ears and make you awesome

It's a moustache, for your fingers! by Megan Death (ravelry)
10-15 yards of dk weight (yardage is a guess)
fingerstaches in different stache styles

Celery from Time Crash by megziewoodles (ravelry)
10-20 yards of dk weight
inspired by the 'Time Crash' Doctor Who short shown during the 2007 'Children in Need' TV special

Mr. Peen by Alexandra Tinsley (ravelry)
5-15 yards of worsted weight

Chicken Shawl by Erika Barcott (ravelry)
10 yards of worsted weight
a triangle shawl for your pets; sized for 3-ish-week-old chicks

Spider Pasties by Dawn L.E. Riden (ravelry)
10-15 yards of light fingering weight
a little something special for halloween

Gruesome Knitted Eyeballs by Mary Jane Mucklestone (ravelry)
5 yards of fingering weight
what the title says

useful stuff

Fiber Helper/Wrist Distaff by Crystal Calhoun (ravelry)
10 yards of worsted weight
helpful wrist distaff for spinning

Key Cozy by Liat Knits (ravelry)
10-20 yards of fingering weight
tell your keys apart by knitting each one a different colored cover

iPod Earbud Covers by MJ Saunders (ravelry)
10-15 yards of fingering weight
personalize your earbuds with some leftover sock yarn

Lip Balm Cozy by Rebecca Sweinhagen (ravelry)
10-15 yards of fingering, sport, or worsted weight
use up any leftovers, since there are sizes for 3 different yarn weights

Teacup Handle Sweater by DaniDo Crafty (ravelry)
10-20 yards of dk weight
protect your hand from hot mug handles

Zune Cozy by Michelle Mooney (ravelry)
11-20 yards of aran weight
simple pouch, for a Zune or another portable device

Easy Peasy iPod Cozy by Robyn Devine (ravelry)
10-20 yards of worsted weight
ribbing makes it flexible to fit an iPod or a Zune

Shifter Sock by Kristi Schueler (ravelry)
8-12 yards of dk weight
useful if your car's shifter needs a cover, or just for fun

Cabled Napkin Rings by Sarah E. White (ravelry)
10 yards of dk weight
simple and sophisticated

Cloverleaf Eyelet Rib Bookmark by Katherine Vaughan (ravelry)
12-20 yards of dk weight
lacy bookmark, thin to keep books safe


Luna Lovegood's Radish Earrings by Aoibhe Ni Shuilleabhain (ravelry)
11-22 yards of fingering weight
"lighter yarn, and a thinner hook will make a smaller radish... but where's the fun in a small radish?!"

Crochet Earrings by Cristy Rowley (Trypdisc type on ravelry, Blue Swirl type on ravelry)
1-3 yards of aran weight
2 kinds of crocheted circle earrings

Severed Finger by Regina Rioux Gonzalez (ravelry)
12-18 yards of fingering weight
yup that's what it is

Sun Tea Spot Coaster Set by Kristin Roach (ravelry)
15-20 yards of worsted weight (per coaster)
rounds circley striped simple coasters

Springtime Coasters by Doni Speigle (only on ravelry)
15-25 yards of worsted weight (yardage is a guess)
cute 2-color flower coasters

ID Wine Glass Coaster by Tibbi Scott (ravelry)
5-15 yards of worsted weight
coasters fit around bottom of glass

Baby Mandrake Root by Cait Erin (ravelry)
15-20 yards of worsted weight
too cute

Cupcake Pincushion by Kelli Ronci (ravelry)
15-30 yards of sport weight
ruffly cupcake with optional seed bead sprinkles

Crocheted Bracelet by Melissa "Missa" Hills (ravelry)
unknown yards, looks like under 20
cool wavy pattern from striping sock yarn

Monster Finger Chapstick Cozy by Karrie Weaver (ravelry)
10-20 yards of worsted weight
always wanted to store your chapstick in a severed monster finger?

Simple Lace Headband by Inner Child Crochet (ravelry)
10-13 yards of worsted weight
narrow, lacy headband for leftovers

Squid & Octopus Finger Puppets by Judith Prindle (ravelry)
7-10 yards of worsted weight
add a face to make them supercute

Easy Peasy Strawberries by Melissa Mall (ravelry)
9-10 yards of worsted weight
for your kids' kitchen or your own

Star in a Star Ornament by Julie A. Bolduc (ravelry)
7-8 yards of thread
for trees, package toppers, or gifts

Tunisian Mini Hat Ornament by Melissa Mall (ravelry)
9-10 yards of worsted weight
try out tunisian crochet on a small scale

Dishsoap Apron by Vicki Mikulak (ravelry)
15-20 yards of worsted weight
just what it says - an apron for your dishsoap

Fantastic Crocheted Bat by SweaterBabe (ravelry)
7 yards of worsted weight
glue them onto hairclips or clothes pins, or "make a bat mobile"

Jack Skellington Ball by Catrina Usher (ravelry)
14-20 yards of worsted weight
ball for small hands, with Jack's face added on

Sheriff Star Pasties by CelticFrog (ravelry)
10-20 yards of worsted weight
just what the name says

Secret Identity Mask by Stephanie Bryant (ravelry)
15-50 yards of any weight
freeform mask, adaptable for any weight yarn

Mumsy by Meg Larned (ravelry)
15 yards of worsted weight
chrysanthemum broach

Springtime Tulips by Claire Bishop (ravelry)
6-10 yards of dk weight
an open flower with center detail, plus a tulip bud

A million thanks to ravelry for being amazing and making it possible to put this list together!!

If you have a pattern that uses 15 yards or less, show me and I'll add it!