free leethal wallpapers (and other downloads)!

These images are all copyright Lee Meredith, for personal use only, don't redistribute or anything, thanks! More will be added periodically, with new ones going on top, enjoy!

2016 calendar

2016 1-page calendar

This color-it-yourself vintage knitting image calendar is a free 1-page PDF for everyone (click above).
The drawing is of a vintage knitting pattern photo from knit 'n' purl, 1951.

This year's 12-month vintage knitting calendar (below) is for leethal VIP club members (see the blog post for details).

photo wallpapers

Clicking the picture will open the 1680x1050 (widescreen) version; a 1600x1200 (not widescreen) option is given below.

Vintage Thread (1600x1200)

Rainbow Beads (1600x1200)

Vintage Hooks and Needles (1600x1200)

Buttons (1600x1200)

Vintage Craft Supplies (1600x1200)

Pincushion (1600x1200)

I Love This Town on cross processed slide film (1600x1200)

Colored Boxes on cross processed slide film (1600x1200)

Erin's Flowers (1600x1200)

Scotland Tree on film (1600x1200)

Trees on film (1600x1200)

Elk Mound, Wisconsin on film (1600x1200)

Big Bear Logs on film (1600x1200)

Hippo on film (1600x1200)

Microphone (1600x1200)

Guitar Knobs (1600x1200)

Leaves double exposure on cross processed slide film (1600x1200)

Leafy Garden handspun yarn (1600x1200)

Spiked Tree on film (1600x1200)

Big Bear double exposure on film (1600x1200)

tiled wallpaper patterns

These are seamless tiling images of knitted stitch patterns, from leethal knitting patterns.

The thumbnails are showing a square of the repeating tile in actual size, so the thumbnails are mostly not showing the full pattern. Don't download these thumbnails - click on them to get the tiling jpg.

(These patterns are also available printed on stuff!)

Flying V's

Brown Haka Cables

Neon Mikkey

Yellow Lines

Siskiyou Trees

Green Zig-Zag

2015 knitting calendar

PDF of printable 2015 calendar - 2 months per page, so 6 pages to print out.

Get it with the leethalknits instagram photos, or with blank spaces to put your own photos in for each month.

with leethal instagram photos of knitting

blank for your photos

(See the blog post from the first calendar for more details.)

2014 calendar

(See the blog post for more details.)

with leethal instagram photos
blank for your photos

old tiled wallpaper patterns

Same deal as the ones above, but these older designs are simpler and/or messier. These have no credit text like the newer ones have.

seed stitch in orange Malabrigo Twist

orange and aqua colorwork

reverse stockinette stripes

recycled cotton knit stripes

garter stitch stripes

fun with crochet

stripy multi-strand knitting

fuzzy navy sweatshirt

orange+beige knit

orangey brown diagonal striped fabric