May 3, 2009

Updated: 2 years of weekly diy roundups!

the last year has gone by so quickly (but it’s felt long at the same time, as time always does) – tuesday was the 1 year anniversary of my first threadbanger weekly diy roundup post, which i’ve done every single week since then.  so i decided they should all be in one place together, for you and for myself, so spent hours last night while watching tv making this huge linked, dated, numbered list.  all 53 (1 per week, plus friday’s #53), categorized to give it some order.

update: #109 bike projects on 5/28/10 was my last roundup for threadbanger, so now this is a full list of all my weekly roundups!

the categories aren’t perfect, many posts could fit into multiple categories, but this is the best i could come up with.  i figured knitters/crocheters would like to see the free pattern posts in one place – but, as you can see with the asterisks, some of those have some non-yarn projects, and some of the roundups in other categories have some knit/crochet patterns mixed in.

then the plan is to keep this post updated – every month or so i’ll add the new ones, so if you like roundups you can bookmark this post and watch as it grows!  [yeah that didn’t happen, but the list is complete now!]

knit/crochet (*some non-knit/crochet items):



projects using a material:

techniques/projects using a technique:

assorted other category:


**several knit/crochet patterns

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