August 31, 2009

2 years in PDX, time to mix it up!

Last weekend we hit 2 years living in Portland (Portlandiversary, as Caitlin called it!) – and it’s been a fabulous 2 years!  So I made a mix to celebrate!

i am grounded

I hadn’t made an official mix, complete with title and artwork, since my moving to Portland mix, so I was excited to put some effort into this one!  It doesn’t tell a story like that one did; it’s just music I’ve gotten into since moving here.  I always associate music with a place or a time in my life, and  I have been pretty out of touch with new music since college, so most of the music I listen to these days was music I was into way back then.  So most of my music makes me think of San Diego, my college radio DJing days, 2/3/4 shows a week days… There’s not a whole lot of stuff I’ve newly gotten into since living up here, so this mix is just that – bands/artists/songs I associate only with Portland!

i am grounded i am humbled i am one with everything

Come By Storm                                [Laura Gibson]
Bag of Hammers                                [Thao]
Raincoat Song                               [The Decemberists]
I Like Giants                                    [Kimya Dawson]
Between The Bars                                [Amelia]
I Thought I Saw Your Face Today                    [She & Him]
Falling Slowly                                [Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová]
Fallen Snow                                   [Au Revoir Simone]
Heartbroken Forever                            [Tender Forever]
Hungry Liars (Featuring Justin Power)                   [Portland Cello Project]
Up North                                    [Alela Diane]
Skinny Love                                    [Bon Iver]
Heartbeats                                    [José González]
Journey Of The Featherless                        [Cloud Cult]
The Hazards of Love IV (The Drowned)                   [The Decemberists]
You’re The One For Me                           [Pete]


Want me to go into detail?  Ok not tooo much detail, just a little…..

Laura Gibson is my most Portland-associated artist – she’s from here, I first heard her on the PDX Pop Now! mix I bought at Q is for Choir when we first moved here (the song on my mix), we saw her live at an awesome Portland venue (The Old Church) with our awesome Portland friends (Caitlin and Patrick), and the song is even rain-related!

I was aware of Kimya Dawson pre-Portland, but mostly only through the Moldy Peaches; didn’t get into her solo stuff till Portland.  I saw her live here (with Tender Forever) at a super Portland-tastic show (at the Village Free School), and her song on the mix is where the title came from.

There are 2 songs by The Decemberists not because I love them that much, but because of how I got into them, or something… I didn’t like them much, but I tried, living here and having friends who were crazy about them, so I checked out a couple different albums, not caring much for any of them – except for the Raincoat Song, I loved that song!  Plus, again, it’s rain-related, so yeah, it had to go on the mix.  Anyway, that was pre-Hazards of Love.  When that album came out I decided to give them another chance, and I ended up totally falling in love with it!  So, to me, The Decemberists pre-Hazards is like a different band than Hazards of Love Decemberists, hence the song from Hazards and the Raincoat song both making the mix.

I didn’t really want the song from Once on there because it’s so overplayed, or at least it was for awhile back there, but it had to be because Once is one of the first movies we ever saw in Portland (at the Hollywood) and the soundtrack was one of the first CDs I bought in Portland (at Music Millennium) so it’s super Portlandy in my head.  And I used to love it a bunch, before I got sick of it… but it’s still a nice song.


And then the rest are just assorted artists and bands I heard for the first time here and/or got really into up here, some being from Portland/Pacific Northwest… and then the last one is a song Pete made for me here in Portland, with lyrics about our lives together here.  (examples: “We’ve got so much, it’s kind of rad, like a Banzo kitten, extra bad” and “We need one of our ideas to make it big and blow a mind or two, so we can sell out like Andrew Dickson and I can work from home just like you; and every day we’ll take a walk and work on songs and spin some yarn, and we’ll prove Notorious BIG wrong when they say more money means more darn, problems”)

Oh yeah, and the photo on the cover was taken around the end of the snowpocalypse last December through our front window.  It doesn’t have any special meaning or relation to the songs, I just like how it looks, and it’s from our Portland home.


So, enough about that.  The mix write-up is kind of instead of going through things that have happened in the last 2 years, because that would be way too much to go through.  One exciting new thing, though – Pete’s mastering studio is just about up and running!  The website is still pretty placeholder-y but the basic info is there (we’re still working on a real logo, and since the studio is still being remodeled, photos of the space don’t exist yet).  So, I’m really excited that Pete is pursuing his dream career, since I’ve been pursuing mine for a couple years now!  With some hard work and some luck, a few years from now we’ll both be doing only things we love!!


One last, unrelated thing: don’t forget that tomorrow (Tues) is the last day to sign up for the Sept quick knits club!  There is one change since last month – you know how the extra versions of the pattern in the August club were a bonus, since there was only supposed to be one pattern?  Yeah well, I decided to change that so that there will always be patterns for both yarns instead of just one!  Yay!

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