March 22, 2007

make shoes!

when the first issue of craft magazine came out last fall, i got super inspired by their knitted boots. but… damn, they looked like a lot of hard work, with the drilling and the multitudes of double pointed needles sticking out everywhere; plus, i don’t wear heels, and didn’t have any shoes that seemed like they’d work for the project. so, i grabbed a pair of dollar store flip-flops, cut the plastic top parts off, and got to work.

for my first attempt, i stitched through the rubber around the base and picked those stitches up onto double pointed needles, much like the craft boots. knitting around into stitches attached to the bottoms was a bigger pain than i’d ever imagined – i had to keep only 3-5 stitches on each double pointed needle, moving stitches from the other side onto a circular needle, because i didn’t have enough dpns. i never wanted to go though that again, so i tried out a new method for the second in the pair. i knitted the shoe first, then stitched it onto the rubber base. so much easier!!

i made another pair similar to the first (both pairs to add to my leethal inventory), and then i experimented with a new style for myself. i was just catching up on old projects and realized i never photographed these shoes, so i’m using this blog to share the idea with any crafters out there who might be into it, since the weather is getting warm and mary janes are soon to be practical.

(my first pair on the left, second pair on the right, and below are the ones i made for myself.)

oh yeah, all that knit boot inspiration also helped me create these boots, for cold weather only. (i did a tutorial for those on the second page of replies.)

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March 17, 2007


well i broke my first needle while binding zines. now i know where to draw the line for thickness of recycled cardboard covers.

in other news, i’m anxiously awaiting a starter kit of dyed roving (from an etsy seller) to try spinning yarn for the first time. exciting!

edit on 3/30: just want to post a couple pictures of my first attempts at spinning, so neat!

on the spindle 3rd spun yarn, 1st 2-ply

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March 7, 2007

beer bread

yumyumyumyummmm… you can view the beer bread recipe page from the zine on the issues page. here are some photos of the process….



mix ’em up, dump it in the pan:

bake it, take it out:

let it cool, cut it up:

and eat it! mmm it’s best when it’s warmmmm!

oh by the way, this loaf was of the italian herb variety, with parmesan cheese on top.
and here are some links from around the interweb for different variations:

(google “beer bread” to find tons more)

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March 5, 2007

weather attack means zines in sf

well that road trip didn’t quite work out – we got snowed in just before the oregon border and had to turn around, so we spent the whole time in the san francisco area. the zine can now be found for sale at needles & pens in san francisco, and in the zine library at rock paper scissors in oakland. i’m slowly getting it out there. if anyone knows a store that would like to stock it, especially in the la area, let me know. (it will be at open in long beach after they move to their new location on 4th.)

for online orders, i had been underestimating my paypal and shipping costs. i thought about raising the price of zines ordered online, but decided against it, that would be lame of me. it would help me out to have orders of more than one zine at a time, so i am going to include some free gifts to multiple zine buyers. (you and a friend both want one? one for you, one for a gift? heh maybe….) so, i’ll throw in a couple leethal buttons with 2-zine orders, and i’ll include a leethal mix cd with 3-or-more-zine orders, as well as buttons.

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