June 24, 2007

one more knitting post

ok i’m sorry to non-knitting readers for all these knitting posts, but i assure you i will be posting a neato photography-related how-to very soon!

i found this book from 1968 at my super awesome local used book store {open}

quickknitscover.jpg quickknitsbackcover.jpg

so great! i get bored easily with big projects, which is why hats and mitts are my best friends when it comes to knitting. even a ski mask is a big commitment for me. i have been wanting/planning to start trying bigger objects, but weary of the commitment… ok so this book – every pattern uses needle sizes 17 and bigger; they claim that you can “knit a style a day!” perfect! of course, that would be worthless if they were hideous patterns, but i love them! well, some of them… here are my favorites!
quickknitspg5.jpg quickknitspg4.jpg quickknitspg6.jpg

quickknitspg3.jpg quickknitspg2.jpg quickknitspg1.jpg

plus the back cover sweater! i’m not sure which ones i would actually wear, but i think i like them. i’m imagining the dresses with some kind of belt around the waist, i think it could be hip, right? yay vintage pattern books!

i have been completely obsessive about ravelry this week – working on posting every knit/crochet project i’ve ever made. i wasn’t planning to do everything at first, but as i kept posting projects i was thinking how cool it would be for all my projects to be organized in one place, where i can see how far i’ve come and look back at long-forgotten objects… so i’m at 143 so far, with still a few more to go. then i’ll have to get started on my stash, not that i have a huge stash… ok yeah i do…

ok now back to my current project – frogging a thrifted sweater. and doing a really terrible job of it!

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June 16, 2007

knitty! and whammy! hooray!

knitty pattern submission preview

i submitted my first pattern to knitty yesterday! not just my first knitty submission, but the first pattern i’ve ever written! i feel so accomplished; i can now call myself a designer and have something to show for it. it probably won’t actually get into knitty, i’m trying not to be too optimistic about it. i mean, it is my first pattern ever, come on. but, if it’s denied, i’ll post it here on my blog for all to see. i wish i could show photos of it – pete took some beautiful shots – but it’s not supposed to be shown anywhere before knitty. so i made some sneak peek cropped images just for fun…

knitty pattern submission preview

and in other knitting news, i got my ravelry invite a few days ago, exciting! i’ve had such a busy week though, i haven’t had time to play yet. i’m sure the next week will be filled with much raveling…

ooh ooh! i almost forgot! do stuff! is gonna be distro’d by whammy! yea! whammy! is super rad – i just got the “surprise fun pack!” (at the bottom) with all kinds of neato stuffs, including key lime pie lip balm and awesome buttons, and zines of course! yay!

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