September 28, 2007

crafty wonderland + patch printing!

crafty wonderland flyer

i’m going to be a vendor at crafty wonderland on october 14th, woo yeah! it’s an awesome event with tons of rad stuff, so if you are able to you should definitely come! there’s a diy table where you can make a craft to take home, and so many amazing vendors selling all different kinds of stuff – last time i went i bought an art print and a book, and had to hold back from spending money on handspun yarn, clothing, hair accessories, super cute paintings on tiny canvases, stuffed monsters……. the list goes on and on and on….

and on that selling note, i just added a brand new item to my store – recycled t-shirt (and sweatshirt) patches! here is my first design:

ballerpatch04.jpg balleronbag.jpg ballerpatch05.jpg

it’s a hand-carved linoleum block print based on this photo (i know it doesn’t look like it, but it was my first time carving a block since high school, i need more practice):

yarn- orange ball

and then knitting needles machine-stitched on each one – on one of them i did circulars! i am planning several different patch designs, all based on photos i’ve taken. i’m pretty into this new printing world i’m starting to explore. did another freezer paper stencil the other day, which i love; i just wish i could do more than one print from those. there are a few more printing techniques i plan to explore further… and now some links!


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September 13, 2007

wooo i’m published!

eeeeee i’m officially a designer!!!! the first pattern i ever wrote, entwined, was published today in knitty! i still can’t believe it! here are some more shots from our shoot (taken by my awesome guy pete):

entwined shot entwined shot

entwined shot entwined shot

and perfect timing too, because i just uploaded my new website design last night! i have plans to fully redesign my entire leethal store, with a new navigation concept, but i realized there’s no way i’m gonna have time for that until next year (holiday crafting season is right around the corner!) so i did a color scheme change, with a new “leethal” font and other minor changes. whaddya think? old site vs new site:

old site design new site design

i’m especially glad that knitty put me such an awesome mood, since i clumsily dropped my laptop bag while leaving work last night and smashed in the power corner, so i can’t plug in the power cord. my little act of clutz cost me 230 bucks for a new outer casing; there goes my new lens savings. but hey, i’m in portland where rent is cheap and life is great and i can afford the repair so i have nothing to complain about!


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September 7, 2007

crafty super goodness!

ok i have to post about my craft shopping spree yesterday – eek it was such a success! so much amazing stuff to be found at knittn’ kitten and scrap, for so cheap!!

craft scores

everything on the orange rug is from scrap (including the rug) and everything on the fabric is from knittn’ kitten.

scrap scores knittn' kitten scores

at scrap i got 70 slides and 50 floppy discs (for a mystery purpose!) and that other random fun stuff for $6! (she undercharged me and when i did the math in the car afterwards i felt guilty and wished i had given her more. oh well, it was only a couple dollars, and i plan to donate a chunk soon…)

at knittn’ kitten, oh goodness, i got so much freakin stuff, as you can see. all that yarn except for the multi-colored on the top is wool – i plan to dye most of it, so excited about that super thick stuff! you can’t really see the fat circular needles and nice crochet hook… here’s a close up of all the neato sewing things up top:

knittn' kitten closeup

ok and i have to show you all pages from that magazine! it has inspired me to start collecting 70’s craft magazines…

magazine page magazine page magazine page

magazine page magazine page magazine page

magazine page magazine page

(click on any to see them bigger in flickr) i love the ad on the top – “the uncommon girl: we don’t underestimate her”. and the “now creative craft” is awesome! and those robots… i have no words…

ok and finally, the fabric underneath it all, i used it to make this bulletin board for the craft studio (by covering a basic ikea cork board) and i still have a bunch left… maybe i’ll line a bag with it or something…

bulletin board

my point: if you live anywhere near portland, or have some vacation time coming up – you must go to scrap and knittn’ kitten!!

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September 6, 2007

online in my new portland studio!!

well it took awhile, but i finally have internet and can write about my new place! well, i actually had internet a few days ago but i had to catch up on reading blogs before i could write, and that was quite a huge project!

the move was a lot of work, but things mostly went smoothly. the drive was so nice that we made it there way earlier than planned, but the carpet had to be installed on the morning after we wanted to move in, so we had to sleep in a motel 6 about 4 blocks from our apt that night, which was frustrating. and i had a pretty brutal head injury on moving-in day (stupid metal railing sticking out) so pete had to do much of the box carrying by himself. but it all worked out, and the next day we were able to take the budget rental truck to ikea (woo!) and the bins (huge goodwill outlet!) where we found a pretty nice loveseat for $15! (oh yeah, the week before when we were up looking for a place, we took a trip to the bins and found an amazing art deco style antique desk that i’m using now as a sewing table for $10!! holy crap i love the bins!)

we had a lot of boxes, i mean, really, so many boxes… the (16′) truck was so full that my bike was pushed between the mattress and the door, so when you opened the door it fell on you. we have too much stuff. so i’m feeling super good to be almost unpacked. here’s what our living room looked like a couple weeks ago (and all the other rooms were equally full of boxes)…
boxes boxes

ok so, we have this rad two bedroom place and made the tiny second bedroom into our bedroom so we could make the master into our studio, yay!! it’s coming along – sooo much organizing, i have a freaking lot of craft stuff! and half a bedroom is not tons of space to store it all, i’m learning. but i’m managing to make it work, with many shelves, drawers, bins, etc. i will be posting photos of the whole space once it’s done, but for now i took some detail shots for a sneak preview.

studio detail studio detail

studio detail studio detail studio detail

studio detail studio detail

a week or two ago (i’m still trying to regain my concept of time after the move) we went to a photo lab in the st. johns area, and sitting on the sidewalk was a lady selling old knitting needles! i got 7 sets for a dollar each! i love portland SO much!!


later today, after more studio organizing, we are going to knittn’ kitten and scrap – my two favorite crafty places of all time ever! and we’ll probably stop at the bins too, i can never resist its pull…

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