April 25, 2008

Craft pattern podcast!!

it’s a Craft filled day! last night i got the new issue in my mailbox, woo! then, today my short-rows wavy hat pattern pdf was released as the new Craft Pattern Podcast!! awesomeness!!

i do want to make one little correction note about natalie’s blog post – this particular hat was designed using commercially available yarns for wider accessibility since i put it into the world as a free pattern, not my recycled hand-dyed. hand-dyed yarn would look excellent with this wavy hat pattern, however, and i love that natalie linked to my kool-aid dyeing tutorials. i would love love love to see someone use the self-striping dye method and knit it into the wavy hat, i think it would look superrad!!


my spiral stripes hat set is the one that uses my self-striping dyed yarn, and you can get that pattern set in a kit with yarn and stitch markers. and on a side note, that spiral hat pattern set, and also my ninja mitts $1 pattern, are now available through ravelry! yay!! and you don’t even have to be a ravelry member to buy them – you can just click this link for the spiral hats, or this link for the mitts. (my store update is coming very soon to make the pattern-buying process easier!)

oh and one more time, in case you are coming to my blog after seeing the craft podcast – if you happen to be in portland, i’m teaching a class on the wavy hat at twisted on may 4th+11th. yeah! see the twisted site for details.

ps – did anyone notice in that orange hat photo i’m wearing my “i heart craft” button? yeah i do!!

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April 23, 2008

bead simple!

my second threadbanger post went up a couple days ago – about susan beal’s new beading book! woo!


so i went to that bead simple event a little while back, got the book the same day, and am now a little mad at susan for totally getting me into this whole new beading world! ok, not really mad no, but i am spending all kinds of time and money on it – fun stuff!! so far i’ve been making lots of earrings for myself, but i’m thinking about making beaded stitch markers to sell, i’ll see how it goes…

here are all the earrings i’ve made so far, yay! (almost all the beads are vintage from knittn’ kitten!)

green earrings mustard earrings

yellowearrings.jpg redearrings.jpg

buttonearrings.jpg purpleearrings.jpg

so now i’ll be wearing earrings every day! a big change for me, since i haven’t worn any at all regularly since high school. but it works out well – all winter i wore a hat of some kind every single day, and now that it’ll be getting warmer soon (i hope!!) i’ve been thinking about how un-accessorized my head will feel, so earrings will by my new hat! yeah!

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April 19, 2008

craft swap!!

just a last minute quicky to let portlanders know about the craft swap at the 100th monkey studio tomorrow (well technically today, saturday)! it’s from 1 to 4 at 110 SE 16th Ave, which is near burnside. the last one i went to i got so much super awesome stuff!! i’ll be a volunteer, and i’ll be bringing my old hp photo printer, in perfect condition, i just don’t need it anymore, hoping to find it a good home. pasted from the studio newsletter:

Bring art materials that have been collecting dust around the house and trade them for some new inspiration!
Please bring any art or craft materials that you aren’t using anymore. We’re open to pretty much everything paints, (clean) fabrics, yarn, beads, buttons, pens and pencils & paper.
The only stuff we’re not looking for are those random cast-off things you’ve been hanging onto in case that perfect project comes along. You know . . . those paper-towel tubes and items that would be better off in the recycle bin.
There is no admission fee for this event. We do ask that you bring something to swap. We are not placing limits on what people take, but we hope everyone will respect that this is a community event, and leave plenty for everyone else.
Left over materials will be split up and donated to the Children’s Relief Nursery, Janus Youth, Art From the Heart & Rise Above.

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April 11, 2008

blogging for threadbanger!!

wooo it’s up! my first post for the threadbanger blog!! i waited to announce it until i had a post up, then it took awhile to get going, but all is well now and i’m so excited to tell you that i’ll now be a regular blogger for the threadheads!

if you are not already a fan, check out the video podcast, it’s always fun and filled with great ideas. and as for the blog, morgan hungerford of fashion blog panda head is another regular contributor with great diy fashion posts, and stacy schlyer of stacysews, and my fashion idol tricia royal has posted in the past. great blog, i’m so happy to get to be a part of it!

for my first post, i made this cardigan from an old thrifted pullover sweater:


here’s a close up of the buttons (39 total – no two alike! took 4 hours to sew them all on!)


ok and then, changing the subject, a few days ago when i told you i’m selling at crafty wonderland, i forgot to mention that it’s their 2nd birthday! so it’ll be an extra fabulous event with cupcake decorating at the diy table!! yay!! i’ve been working hard to have some new stuff (including some new recycled sweater hats!) and am super excited about it, hope to see you there!

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April 10, 2008

short-rows wavy hat update!

remember the short-rows wavy hat pattern i posted here back in october? well i have some news about it, and some other news, and a bunch of different versions to show you!


first: i’ve made it into a pdf, which you can download through ravelry and add to your library, or if you’re not on ravelry (oh but you should be!) you can download it right here!! it’s basically the same as what’s posted in the blog, but less bloggy. enjoy!!

2015 update: The pdf is no longer available for download, because it was never converted to a newer pattern pdf format and was a terrible representation of my pattern quality – I plan to make a new pdf at some point, but that probably won’t happen for awhile. ¬†For now, the pattern is still in its original free blog format on the old post here (just don’t use it to judge my pattern quality!).


and second: i will be teaching a class on how to make this hat at twisted! one two-session class in may (4th + 11th) and another in july (12th + 19th). check out twisted’s site for all the class info and to download the current schedule. twisted is the best!

so you’ve seen my new variations above, which i made as samples for twisted, one with noro silk garden and the other with two colors of malabrigo…. and now i’m so happy to share a bunch of other people’s versions of the design! hooray for ravelry, allowing me to keep track of everyone using my patterns!

those are by mariamaria and mbwakahawa. good examples of how different the design looks in variegated yarn vs. self-striping. great colors in both hats! you can see lots more here on ravelry, including a bunch more variegated examples.

oh oh and it’s so exciting, there is a hat knitalong going on in norway that’s doing this pattern for their april hat!! i’ve seen it on 6 different blog posts so far: here and here and here and here and here and here. they are all so gorgeous!! most of those are also on ravelry, but it’s so cool to see them in norwegian blog context!

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April 6, 2008

if you’re in portland, fun times for you!

i wanted to post more detail about the book, but that’ll have to come later since i’m awaiting its arrival in my mailbox… so for now i’ll just make sure you know this – tomorrow night (monday) at powell’s downtown, bead simple event with the fabulous susan beal! come see projects from the book and make a project of your own!! woo!

and then, next weekend on sunday the 13th, i’ll be selling stuff at crafty wonderland! yeah! and after you hit the doug fir for all that crafty goodness, take a short trip up the street to the hip drip cafe for their monthly sustainability fair!! it sucks for me that they’re on the same day, since i’d love to be a vendor at both, but it’s perfect for crafty shoppers!


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