May 27, 2008

i’m gonna make it after aaall

well well well it’s official! i am now a self-employed freelancing small business owner with no day job!!


i don’t really feel like writing anything about the old day job – i am definitely happy to be leaving it behind – but i did spend almost 3 years with that job (6+ different locations), which is far longer than any previous job, and i do have lots of happy memories associated with it… playing with cameras, fun co-workers, interesting customers, lots of knitting… so i’ll just show you some photos and leave it at that…

leefisheye.jpg 4colorpen.jpg wardrobe remix at work

santa playing with the 12-24 lens

water work self portrait

stapleremover.jpg scarygirl.jpg

so now all that is behind me and i’m starting my adventure! today has been a bit of a vacation day, just working on a knitting design that’s due soon and hanging out with pete. my dad and brother matt are coming to visit this weekend-tues so i’m letting myself take a mental break from now until they leave, mini-vacationish time, then my real official day of “work” will be next wednesday.

i am super happy about the timing of this great plunge – i graduated college 4 years ago in june. it just seems so fitting that i’m in high school 4 years, college 4 years, then 4 years of temporary work and living situations, figuring out what i’m doing with my life. i spent this time between college and now in temporary cities, working temporary jobs, just doing my stuff on the side… and now i’m in a place that feels permanent, finally starting what feels like a career. perfect!

and, high five to kristin, also starting her new life as a self-employed crafty superstar! woooo! yeah!! virual blog party beer-clanging! we’re gonna rock this working for ourselves thing!

now i feel a little bit like mary tyler moore… How will you make it on your own? This world is awfully big, girl this time you’re all alone… Love is all around, no need to waste it. You can have a town, why don’t you take it? You’re gonna make it after all…


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May 22, 2008

my photos, now for sale!

microphonetrees on filmlong beach, californiachippewa falls, wisconsinblack and white film, wisconsin

so the super stressiness continues for a little while, hopefully my big store update will happen next week after my last day of work on monday. for now, new thing: my etsy shop is now for my photography! i made 37 of these photo trios for the art hop, and also 33 matted 8×6 prints, and now i’m slowing putting them up on etsy, one or two a night. the trios are each 3 4×6 prints in a handmade envelope, perfect for framing together on a wall, great for gifts… i’m trying to get my work out there in an affordable way – i like the idea of selling 4×6 prints, like mini-art.

art hop photos

i’ve put all the trios into a flickr set so you can see all the sets that aren’t yet on etsy. if anyone has an interest in buying a not-yet-for-sale trio you see on flickr, just email me (leethalkoala at yahoo) and you can buy it straight from me. (they’re all $15 + $1 shipping.)

oh and, this week’s threadbanger roundup is inspiration boards! get inspired!!

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May 9, 2008

threadbanger goodness



so last week i had a post up with a bunch of different diy shoes, all unintentionally for girls. it got a great response (reblogged on craft, yay!), but i wanted to even it out, so i did a part 2 post this week on guys’ shoes.


today’s post is the first of my new regular fridays blog series: weekly diy roundup! every friday i’ll be posting a list of my favorites in an item/category/material/whatever. sometimes they’ll be based on a project in the threadbanger podcast, sometimes based on projects going on around the blogiverse (haha that word is silly!) and sometimes it’ll just be something i think is cool, and hopefully you will to! so be sure to add the threadbanger blog to your rss reader if you use one, or just remember to check in on fridays! yay!

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May 8, 2008

just some updatey random stuff

well, first of all, i apologize for being such a horrible blogger lately. i’ll be trying to be much more regular soon, with plans for lots of tutorials and fun stuff. my official last day of my day job is memorial day, the 26th, and i’m so excited, but also so stressed out and worried… hopefully all that will calm and when this new self-employed chapter of my life starts everything will be happiness.

i am optimistic. yeah!

but for now, things are slow going. my store update, that was supposed to happen asap after crafty wonderland almost a month ago, never happened. and now i’m devoting every waking moment to preparations for the alberta art hop, so it’ll have to wait till after that.

oh yeah, that’s an announcement. i’ll be selling leethal recycled stuffs, as well as lots of photographs, at the alberta art hop on the 17th. yay! stop by and say hi!!

so, after that, there will indeed be a big fat leethal store update, as well as some form of a lee’s quitting her day job sale! stay tuned!

and, almost done, so close, but it’s taking a lot of time, is a new “yarn” page of, in which all my yarn and knitting patterns will be found in one convenient place. you’ll be able to link to, buy, and/or download all of my patterns, and see all of my yarns, both for sale and taken (or made for me to keep), handspun and recycled hand-dyed. it’ll be yarntastic!

hey, anyone in portland looking for a job? pete has some pretty damn sweet job openings at his store, which is guitar center in beaverton. they’re looking for what some people still call “door girls” – yeah guitar center is a really sexist company, but listen to this. you’d get to sit at a booth at the front of the store and do whatever the hell you want (knit, draw, read, you name it) and just say hi to people when they come in and make sure they don’t walk out with anything when they leave. if i was looking for a new day job to replace the old one, i’d grab it. get paid to knit for 8 hours a day, fuck yeah!

also, if you’re looking for a job working in a music store, they’re seriously attempting to make the store less of a boy’s club and want some creative women rockin’ out and selling music stuff – if you might be interested, just email pete at pbanjo244 at gmail dot com for more info or you can go to

the company i’m leaving is desperately seeking new hires too, but i wouldn’t wish that kind of torment on anyone who reads my blog.

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