September 25, 2008

leethal clothing!! wooooo!

whew, it’s up! my brand new leethal store clothing page!! so far you’ll find 12 printed shirts, plus 6 blank shirts and 1 skirt for custom printing! i plan to soon add lots more blanks so you can get the prints you want on the shirt/skirt you want!


every item has a hand-printed “made new by leethal” tag and the original brand logo x-ed out!!

shirt033.jpg shirt093.jpg

here are some of my favorites!

shirt061.jpg shirt081.jpg

and some more! there are many shirts for guys and for kids!!

shirt031.jpg shirt071.jpg

there are lots of details about the clothing, custom ordering, etc on the side bar of the clothing store page. i’m so excited to be branching out into this area; you know how much fun i had doing all those printed shirts for my brothers and for pete! i hope some of you are excited too, i’d love for this to be popular!

ooh ooh and also, because i’m getting all the original shirts at the goodwill bins (at around $1.50 per pound), and since i’m printing a bunch at a time to keep my work time per shirt somewhat low, i’m selling them pretty darn cheap! finished shirts are only $12 each, and custom orders are $16 each!

in celebration of this new leethal category, i’ll be throwing in some fun little extra stuff with all orders (not just clothing) in the next few weeks! (like: buttons, fun greeting cards, maybe samples of yarn, stitch markers, etc…)

also, many thanks to robyn and holly for the spam plugin suggestion! i’ve plugged it in and switched it back so you won’t have to register to comment, so comment away!

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September 24, 2008

wordpress help?

ok i just deleted 323 spam comments. that was like 2 days worth, maybe less. and i have to go through every single one looking for real comments (there were 2). this is freaking ridiculous. so, i switched it back so you have to register to comment, which i really didn’t want to do, but it’s just getting unmanageable. last time i did that it worked fine for awhile, then it wouldn’t let people register for some reason.

so, if you try to register/comment and it won’t let you, please email me to let me know so i can deal with it – leethalkoala at yahoo dot com

the main reason for this post – does anyone have a wordpress blog and know how to fix this whole spam comment problem? i wish wordpress had the swirly text, “prove you’re not a robot” security thing. as far as i can tell, my only option is to make people register, which backfired last time.

ok that’s really my only thing. but since i’m posting, i’ll also mention that pete is hosting trivia night tonight (wednesday) at zach’s shack on hawthorne + 45thish. he always does an amazing job with trivia, according to lots of other people besides me, so if you’re in the area it would be a super fun way to spend a mid-week night. the trivia starts at 9 (usually over by about 10:15), but get there by 8:30 or earlier to get some hot/tofu dogs with lots of toppings, (veggie) chili cheese fries, cheap pbr, yumyumyum! oh and, zach’s has trivia night every wednesday, so if you can’t make it tonight, come next time!

if you’re curious about how the trivia works, i’ll tell you! you are in a team with your friends/table with paper+pens. there are 4 categories with 10 questions each. the triviamaster (pete!) reads each question in the category, giving you plenty of time to discuss and write an answer for each question. when everyone is ready, you trade papers with the team next to you and the triviamaster reads the answers. you score the other team’s paper and trade back, then a winner is found for the category, with tie-breaker questions as needed. the winning teams of each of the 4 categories get 4 free hot dogs (or tofu dogs, any toppings, to be used any time). the categories+questions are usually a good variety of schooly stuff, pop culture stuff, randomness, etc.

if you want to see how much of a perfectionist pete is about his trivia, check out the trivia page of his website! i know this blog is mostly crafty, so this doesn’t seem to fit, but it totally fits with my original “do stuff!” concept. trivia is an awesome way to have fun with friends and learn at the same time, which sounds silly, but it’s true! so, if you’re not in portland, i definitely recommend searching for a trivia night near you! do stuff!

and just so this isn’t a photoless post, i’ll leave you with this:


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September 20, 2008

starting to get caught up

you know how it’s hard to get back into work mode when you’ve been away for a few days? well it’s a heck of a lot harder when you’ve got an adorable (sneaky, mischievous) kitten in your workplace! my parents came into town monday afternoon and left thursday night so while they were here a took a computer vacation, checking only my email in case of anything urgent. no google reader (still haven’t caught up on those blog posts!), no twitter, sorry if i haven’t replied to an email or comment yet… and now yesterday and today have been spent sloooowly playing catchup, mostly just doing what’s absolutely necessary and being lazy with the kitty for way too much of my time. when she’s playing i have to watch her so she doesn’t get into trouble, and when she’s sleeping she makes me sleepy! so, not much work has been getting done around here!

so i don’t have my new leethal shirts up in the shop yet, hopefully by tomorrow night or monday morning, we’ll see… but to give you a sneak peek, here are the 2 shirts i sold at iron artist last weekend:

soldshirt1.jpg soldshirt2.jpg

iron artist went well! i didn’t get to see the event at all, being around the corner, facing the wrong way, but i saw tons of fun costumes. i sold a good variety of stuff and got lots of feedback on the shirts – telling me that i should definitely pursue that further! and i plan to have a custom shirt order system so you get the print you want with your size and color choice. of course, they will all be printed on recycled shirts, so there won’t be infinite size/color options. but i’ll have lots of choices eventually once i stock up, hooray for the bins!

i think i’m gonna do some future posts about fun portland touristy spots – i went to several of them with my parents and found some really cool stuff! the oregon historical society museum was super interesting and right now they have a puppet exhibit that was way fun, and we toured the submarine at omsi, and drove out along the gorge, and more…. it’s fun to play tourist for a few days in your own town, i recommend it!

parents with puppets columbia river gorge

we also went out for breakfast all three mornings, oh man i love portland breakfasts, and saw a movie at the kennedy school, and went thrifting for a table and chairs for our kitchen! and spent lots of time at home playing with the kitty of course!

oh, by the way, her name is garbanzo! wanna see more kitty shots? ok!

garbanzo2.jpg garbanzo3.jpg

garbanzo5.jpg garbanzo8.jpg

sorry for the excess, i just can’t help it!

onto other things… susan let me know the other day about this obama knit hat pattern by Lise Gervais, available for free on portland-based sewer-sewist’s obama craft project site! i don’t mean to get political on my blog, but i just have to say how i love all the craft-world stuff going on with this election. as soon as we got registered in oregon (it took us awhile to get around to it, oops) i put up the nikki mcclure vote poster in our front window, yay! and susan is hosting an obama postcard writing party next friday at tandem coffeehouse on division (across the street from the obama headquarters), with her gocco!

ok i have lots of other stuff to blog about, but it’ll all come in future posts… for now, i need to work on some job blogging. and i need to go say hi to someone who just woke up from a little catnap! stretchy kitty!

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September 14, 2008


hey look!


i can’t write much, as i’m a bit preoccupied at the moment with this adorable little ball of fluff, but i just wanted to show everyone who we’ve just added to our family today…

kitty04.jpg kitty08.jpg

lots more photos here! she doesn’t have a name yet… we’re still thinking…. she is darn perfect.

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September 9, 2008

new yarn and iron artist!

a couple things…. i just put up 2 new handspun yarns for sale! beaded alpaca sky:

beaded sky yarn

and bulky september leaves:

felty handspun

i will be selling all kinds of neato stuff this saturday at the scrap iron artist event, on se 2nd + salmon. should be a fun time!!

SCRAP Iron Artist logo

i’m working on a small line of leethal re-made clothes! if you like the shirts i printed for pete and paul you just might want to stay tuned for when i post whatever’s left after iron artist is over.

not leethal related, i’ll have a super exciting post coming soon, maybe sunday, i can’t wait! i’ll leave it a surprise for now, but if you follow me on twitter you might be able to guess, if you’re clever…

ok for now, i’m back to work work work, but don’t worry, it’s fun crafty work!!

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September 8, 2008

how to make freezer paper stencil prints with scissors!

first, thank you everybody for all the supernice comments on my last post and my engagement flickr picture and stuff! in case anyone else is curious, yes i probably will make my wedding dress, or at least recon a vintage dress in some way. it will be a crafty occasion i’m sure!

kid friendly freezer paper printing 10

so, remember the shirt i was wearing in my sweatshirt skirt post? wanna know how to print it? i meant to show you awhile ago, because it’s a kid-friendly project so it would have been good for summertime, but now it can be for back-to-school clothes instead. first i’ll give a little background story…

back at the beginning of august i taught a freezer paper stencil class at the 100th monkey studio, and i taught the only way i’d ever done it – with x-acto knives to carve the stencils. there was a young girl in the class who’d never used one before, but wanted to try, so i taught her how, and she did a fantastic job! check it out:

student's print student's print

but, i felt the need to give extra supervision for safety (it would have been horrible if she had cut herself!) and luckily it was a small class, so i could watch her most of the time. i was scheduled to teach the same project for the studio’s girls empowerment camp the following week though, and i knew i’d have to come up with some non x-acto options. i thought of the first method when i saw the studio’s huge assortment of paper punches! the woman working there tried out this idea at that first class, with the leaf print, and then i did more playing with punches with my circle skirt… (that tutorial was blogged on threadbanger)

student's punched print freezer paper stenciling - punch method

but i didn’t want the empowered girls to be limited to the punch shapes, so i played around with scissors stencil cutting. and without further ado, here’s the tutorial!

cut (or rip) a piece of freezer paper (must be freezer paper – with wax on one side only) to cover the area you want to print on. draw one or more simple shapes that you’ll be able to cut out with scissors, on the paper side.

kid friendly freezer paper printing 1 kid friendly freezer paper printing 2

my design was inspired by lotta jansdotter, from her book lotta prints:

lotta's skirts

now cut out your shapes carefully, making minimal cuts to get to the shapes and between shapes. be sure not to accidentally cut out anything that shouldn’t be cut out (hope that makes sense).

kid friendly freezer paper printing 3

now iron the stencil onto your fabric (wax side down, iron on high heat), starting with the center, carefully working your way out to the edges…

kid friendly freezer paper printing 4 kid friendly freezer paper printing 5

make sure you iron the cut parts down so they are touching, so you don’t end up with stenciled lines connecting the shapes.

kid friendly freezer paper printing 6

now paint in the stencils by dabbing in up+down motions around the outlines. if you paint side-to-side you risk painting under the stencil and getting paint in the parts where the cut edges are touching.

kid friendly freezer paper printing 7 kid friendly freezer paper printing 8

once you’re done painting, you can pretty much peel off the stencil whenever you want – i usually wait 5-10 minutes; i know some people wait till it dries completely, but i’m way too impatient for that!

kid friendly freezer paper printing 9

tah dah!

freezer paper printed shirt freezer paper printed shirt

and proof that this is a projects kids can do! (with adult help with the iron, of course!)

kid's print kid's prints

those are by 3 of my girl’s empowerment camp students. the dog is based on her real-life dog, hence the insistence on black paint, and for the cats, they painted on faces after the paint dried. i think the girls all loved the project! so if anyone has kids with boring back-to-school clothes that need some personalizing, i hope this helps! or, if you’re an adult who has a hard time with an x-acto knife, this is a super easy no-knife method, and great for simple, lotta-esque designs!!

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September 5, 2008

stitch markers and fun personal news…

recycled paperclip stitch markers

a couple things… i am now making my recycled paperclip beaded stitch markers in 2 sizes: for size US17 and smaller needles, and size US10 and smaller. and, i have these photos with labels on each marker, so you can order a specific stitch marker!

recycled paperclip stitch markers recycled paperclip stitch markers

so if you want a specific marker, just order from my yarn page, then send me a quick email (leethalkoala at yahoo dot com) letting me know the number on the picture. and i am definitely taking custom orders for no additional charge – just tell me what color(s) and/or specific beads you’d like, needle size, etc, and allow a couple extra days for me to make it/them. also, if anyone wants a bunch of markers (like, 4 or more), i’m willing to drop the price to $3 each. just let me know and i’ll send a priced invoice.

ok enough leethal shop stuff. moving on… in case you haven’t seen on my twitter/flickr/facebook already, pete and i are engaged! it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, since we’ve been together over 3.5 years now, and we’re not planning on actually getting married for quite awhile, and i’ve basically planned to spend my whole life with him since our 1 month anniversary, pretty much… but it still feels like kind of a big deal…

hey look!

the proposal itself was a bit silly, fitting for us, and he used a temporary super blingy fake diamond ring so i could pick out my own ring. since i might be wearing it for a couple years before switching to the wedding ring, i wanted to pick a good one. which meant: comfy (i’m not used to rings since i haven’t worn any regularly since high school), unique, not too big and not too small, not too much color since i am always covered in colors… i spent hours looking at rings on etsy, considering many, like this and this and this and this and this and all of these(!)… but the main problem with anything online was i wanted to try it on, make sure it fit well and was comfy for me. so i ended up finding this perfect ring at a jewelry shop off hawthorne (by buffalo exchange), which i assume is by a local portland artist (although i forgot to ask!) and fits great and is the perfect size and i looove it!!

both rings my ring

oh and by the way, the whole ring thing in general is pretty silly… pete joked about getting me a ring that said “support the patriarchy.” i always thought i didn’t care about all the standard social procedures, figured we’d just kinda say, hey let’s get married sometime, ok, and not bother with an engagement ring at all. but, once he actually did propose in a semi-official way, i realized all this stuff is kinda fun and i did want a ring. so, eh, i won’t over-analyze it, i’m not doing it to show that he owns me, i’m doing it because i love him and jewelry is fun, so there patriarchy. hehe…

and definitely don’t expect wedding photos anytime soon. i want to wait to start the married part of my life until my whole career situation is a little less scary, until things are further off the ground, and until we can see buying a house in the visible future, hopefully…. hey if you want to help, check out my shop! ok that was shameless, i admit it…

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September 2, 2008

new extra fun buttons!

now in the shop: recycled portland map buttons! they come from se portland walking maps found in mass quantity at scrap. since i have many maps, i am happy to take custom portland location button requests!

recycled map buttons

the map is basically se out to 112th, but there is a little ne and a bit along the west side of the river. these are the approximate boundaries…

  • north: broadway/hancock
  • south: pioneer cemetery/rockwood/johnson creek
  • west: waterfront park/willamette park/riverview cemetery
  • east: 112th

so, if there is a park/garden/bridge/etc or any specific intersection within those boundaries that you’d want a button of, to show your neighborhood pride or your favorite spot, just let me know. for custom buttons i’m charging $3 for the first one, then $1.50 for each additional button when ordered at the same time.

here’s how it’ll work: you email me (leethalkoala at yahoo dot com) and tell me what spots (intersections, park names, whatever) you want. i’ll check out the map to make sure i can do it and let you know, then i’ll send you a paypal invoice for whatever the total is (no shipping charge on buttons!) and make them and send them out asap. easy peasy!

here are the two custom buttons i made for myself – the intersection where i live, and one of my favorite portland spots, knittn’ kitten on glisan+76th. as you can see, a button of an intersection won’t necessarily have the name of either street on the button (i don’t live on center). but you’ll know where it is!

my pdx buttons

as for non-custom buttons. most of the buttons i’ve made are parks, the rest are gardens, bridges, and a few other random spots. 1 button is $1 and i’ll pick a neat one, or you can get a set of 6 for $5, and i’ll pick a good variety (probably something like 4 parks, 1 bridge, 1 garden or something, all with different looks).

and the other new button set in the shop: respect the needles, tame the yarn!


most people probably don’t know what those words came from… well i can’t exactly tell you here on the blog, but it’s a play on a quote by frank t.j. mackey (tom cruise’s character) in magnolia, one of my favorite movies. you can find the quote on this page if you want to. my weirdo sense of humor thinks it’s really funny to take a vulgar, misogynistic quote by a vulgar, misogynistic character and turn it into a silly knitting phrase. hopefully there are some knitters out there with weirdo senses of humor like me…

i print the buttons out on white paper, then i color some with colored pencils, so i’ll gladly take color requests! when you order the set, just send me a quick email letting me know what color(s) you’d like.

there’s one more new store update coming soon, but for now i need to get to work on some secret projects!! oooh you’ll find out soon enough…..

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