October 23, 2008

re-made clue game on craftstylish

Clue: The Arrested Development Edition

this week’s craftstylish holiday gift project is up! one of my favorites for sure!  the project is (re)making a board game, so the tutorial is trying to be general for any board game you might want to redo, but the one i did is clue: the arrested development edition!

Clue: The Arrested Development Edition box

one of my all time favorite shows, if you haven’t seen arrested development i highly recommend buying the dvds. (yes, buying, you’ll want to watch the series over and over!!)  so for the game, the 9 clue rooms became 9 places from the show (bluth company office, banana stand, on the stair car, lucille’s apt, the garage, outside model home, prison, wee britain, and the house).

Clue: The Arrested Development Edition board

i replaced the 6 clue suspects with 6 of the show’s main characters…

Clue: The Arrested Development Edition cards

since there are a bunch of leftover characters, when we’re playing we can say who was killed based on who the killer is.  for example, i think gob killed tony wonder (ben stiller’s character) on the stair car in a failed illusion when the two magicians tried to collaborate.  or, lindsay funke killed bob loblaw in a drunken accident in the house when she found out he was charging her for their flirting sessions.  you get the idea…

Clue: The Arrested Development Edition

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October 22, 2008

oregon zoo photo fun!

picture post!  pete’s parents took us to the oregon zoo a couple days ago – it’s a great zoo!  both pete and i are spoiled by the san diego zoo, so we hadn’t bothered checking it out, but wow!  all the animals seemed happy, big spaces, and i know they do a lot of good research and stuff, so yeah, check it out!


giraffeface.jpg giraffelegs.jpg


beaver1.jpg beaver4.jpg


baboon2.jpg chimphelping2.jpg


sealion3.jpg polarbearstalking.jpg


turtle4.jpg weirdofish.jpg


you can see all 79 (!) of my zoo photos on the flickr set.

also, 2 new scarflets (cashmere and angora!) and one new hat in the shop!

scarflet042.jpg scarflet044.jpg

scarflet034.jpg hat024.jpg

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October 18, 2008

mom’s applique birthday card

mom's birthday card

my mom collects elephant things, and her birthday was friday, and my gift to her was not elephant related, so i wanted to make a card that was.  i had just read jenny’s how-to for using an iron-on applique method on 3-ring binders, so i tried the concept out on the card and it totally worked!  yeah!

(photo from craftzine blog)  i used “steam-a-seam2” instead of heatnbond, and it worked out fine, super easy!  don’t know if it’ll stay stuck forever, but it seemed to be secure.  fun little quick craft, great for fabric scraps, try it!

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October 15, 2008

recycled t-shirt photo album on craftstylish!

music photo album big bear photo album close-up

my next craftstylish holiday gift project post is up!  tutorial for making a custom photo album with a recycled t-shirt cover and filling it with photos and stuff.  i really love this project!  i hope you do too!!

big bear photo album photo album inside

i think it’s funny that i have always been against holiday season stuff starting too early – in stores, malls, etc – and now i’m doing this holiday gift series that started at the beginning of october.  but, ya know, the thing is, if you’re gonna make great handmade gifts for all your loved ones, you really do need to start this early to get it all done in time.  not that i’m doing so (too busy!), but if you want to really put the effort in, i think getting started now will be worth it.  but, for the record, i’m still anti stores getting in the spirit this early – no good reason there!

applique photo album back applique photo album

i’m trying to be better about posting things as they happen and not letting them pile up into one long post, let’s see how long this lasts…

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October 11, 2008

it’s scarves and hats weather!

quick post tonight – just want to share some new stuff i’ve been working on!  now that it’s getting chilly up here i got inspired to make myself a felted sweater neck warmer with a neato wood button i got awhile back, then i embellished it cosystyle:

myscarf1.jpg myscarf2.jpg

it turned out so well – super comfy, warm, and cute – that i made a couple more for the shop!

scarflet021.jpg scarflet012.jpg

and then this morning i had some hat inspiration out of nowhere and i started designing patterns for a new hat design.  it took me two failed tries, but on the third version i got it right!  it’s super big and floppy, great for sheilding glasses from portland drizzle!

hat011.jpg hat012.jpg

i’m currently working on a second hat of the same design, but with thick, warm felted lambswool.  so those three items are up in the shop already, and hopefully i’ll be adding another batch of fun stuff in a couple more days.  yay!

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October 10, 2008

wool, yarn, and contemporary craft

once again, i have a bunch of things to talk about here today, i’ve let it build up again… so first of all, my second craftstylish post went up yesterday – tutorial for a blanket made with felted sweater blocks:

felted sweater blanket

and i did a felted sweater wool projects roundup on threadbanger to kind of go with it. yay felted sweaters!  i’m currently working on a couple different felt projects that i’m pretty darn excited about, which may turn into new leethal products… coming soon!

i am teaching a 3-part workshop-type class on making recycled yarn at the 100th monkey studio in se portland saturday the 18th, 25th, and the 1st, from 12-2.  all materials will be provided and you’ll leave the class with 4-6 big skeins of hand-dyed yarn!  the first week we’ll take apart and unravel sweaters…

sweater taken apart yarn unraveled from sweater

then the next 2 weeks we’ll use different kinds of dyeing techniques (all using non-toxic food dyes and kool-aid) to dye the recycled yarn in solid, variegated, and self-striping patterns….

recycled yarn - dyed variegated recycled yarn - dyed 2-color

(all those pictures are from the same original sweater) so when the workshop is over everyone will have many hundreds of yards of various hand-dyed wool yarns (worth around $120-200 if you were to buy the same from a yarn store or craft show), and all the knowledge to keep on making recycled yarn at home!  go here to sign up!  i’m really excited about it!!

moving on… pete is thinking about starting up a non-profit.  he’s still in the very beginning planning stages, just kind of figuring out if it’s possible/realistic and stuff, so i won’t get into details… i’ll just say it has to do with renewable energy and we’ve done a bit of brainstorming and i’m kind of excited about it if it works out… but my point here and now is that we don’t know much of anything about how non-profits work and stuff, and he’s done a bit of online research but it’s still all pretty hard to grasp, so if there’s anyone out there with non-profit startup experience, we’d appreciate any tips/advice/whatever you’d want to share!  (you can email me at leethalkoala at yahoo dot com or pete at crazpete at yahoo)  thanks!!

i just upgraded my wordpress a couple days ago, it’s so different now, i was way behind on upgrades.  i backed it up for the first time too, which seemed weird.  is it right that one 3mb .sql file holds my whole blog, with all the posts and all other info that goes with it?  doesn’t seem right… i mean, i know there are no photos, but still… i just don’t get bloggy stuff anymore.  i’m working on a big leethal store redesign that is basically a blog, but that doesn’t look like a blog… as of right now it’s still just an idea in my head and my sketchbook, but that’s the reason i’ve been messing with wordpress stuff.

anyway, one more thing… we went to the museum of contemporary craft yesterday!  ohmygosh the current exhibition is amazing!!  it’s called Manuf®actured: The Conspicuous Transformation of Everyday Objects and you’ve probably already seen blog posts about it – i read about it in several places before making it out there, but i have to spread the word further.  if you are in portland, definitely get out there – not only is it a fantastic show, but it’s also free!

it’s hard for me to choose favorite pieces, but i’ll single out devorah sperber‘s after warhol, mitra fabian‘s selections from proliferation series, cat chow‘s zipper tassle, and livia marin’s ficciones de un uso, 2214 lipsticks, each sculpted into a different “curiously compelling sculptural icon,” was overwhelmingly mesmerizing.

(photos are from core77)

ok i’ll leave you with that for today, and hopefully i’ll be back with some crafty project pictures at some point over the weekend.  happy friday!

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October 4, 2008

blogging news and hair and food!

my first Craftstylish post is up!!  the secret’s out!  i’m doing a series of holiday gift project posts, every week from now through december, starting with the ones that will take months to complete, working up to the quicky last-minute gifts.  i wanted to start with something knit sweater related since that’s the most classic long-term handmade gift, so my first post is a tutorial on unraveling an old sweater and prepping the yarn to knit into a new sweater.  in the next few weeks there will be some projects i’m really excited about; i’ll let you know when they’re up!

finished yarn unravel

and some more exciting news… check it out, me on thursday afternoon and then me a few hours later:

before after

if you’ve already seen it on flickr and commented, thanks for all the nice words!  i really love it!  it’s soooo much different from how my hair has been since i was 6 years old – it’s always been somewhere between medium and long. and, i’ve been dyeing it some shade of red/orange/purple for the last 4+ years, so it’s weird to see my natural color!  (planning to leave it natural for a week or two, then experiment with a new color since it’ll be easier to dye now!)  now i need to make a bunch of new earrings!!

self portrait

something i forgot to include in my post a few days ago… i wanted to express my love for this plush by Hine Mizushima! check out the resemblance!

Hine Mizushima plush  me out shooting

and lastly, i want to post some food photos!  since i started working from home, i’ve mostly been really terrible about food, not wanting to waste time on prep or spend money on quality ingredients.  i’m trying to get better, and this week was awesome because my friends kate and woods weren’t able to pick up their farm share veggies, so star and i went and got them and got to keep a bunch for ourselves!  and, i get to keep going for the rest of october!  i’ll be eating great this month!!  and maybe once i get in the habit, i’ll start buying better stuff regularly…

tofu scramble with eggplant and red + green peppers:

tofu scramble

farm fresh scrambled eggs, and toasted cheddar with yellow tomato and fresh basil:

eggs and tomato sandwich

grilled eggplant and basil with tomato and cheddar on slightly toasted hazelnut bread:

eggplant sandwich

yumyumyumyumveggiesyumyum….. i have a food flickr set where i’m sure i’ll be posting lots more farm fresh meals!  now, back to work on a mystery deadline project that is extremely exciting but i can’t share for a few months, boo secrets!

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October 1, 2008

sheep and goats and a kitten, of course!

hey there! it’s been a busy few days! i’ve been completely one-track-minded about a deadline i had today, and before that i went to the oregon flock and fiber festival on saturday, so i wanted to show you some photos from there!  cute cute fiber-filled animals!!


offf02.jpg  offf13.jpg


offf18.jpg  offf15.jpg


offf14.jpg  offf01.jpg

ok that was a lot, it was hard to narrow it down – there are a ton more over here in my fiber festivals flickr set. we had fun, i bought a huge bag of “craft batt” fiber, lots of fun colors, can’t wait to spin them up!

the other day i made a photo light box from some packaging materials i had in the closet, and it totally works!  it’s based on this tutorial, but mine is more messy, using tissue paper with clear packing tape covering it completely so it won’t rip.  I was worried the tape would cause weird reflective things to happen, but it seems to work fine, so keep that in mind if you want to make one with tissue paper!  i have no photos of the box itself, but here are some photos i took of things in the box – well, one crafted thing, and garbanzo…..

necktie wallet


banzolightbox5.jpg  banzolightbox6.jpg

banzolightbox3.jpg  banzolightbox7.jpg

that last photo is a second before she clawed a hole in the side!  it was totally a mistake to let her in, i’m dumb.  (i patched the hole, it’s fine now)

hmm i know there were other things i wanted to say…. i have a couple cool crafty announcement type things coming up soon, but not yet… one’s coming in a few days….   i’m excited that the bagdad theater is screening the vp debate on the big screen tomorrow, and thursdays happen to be pete’s day off so we can go, should be fun, and maybe a little terrifying… we’ll see.  oh we saw wall-e today, and really liked it!!  hooray for disney not pounding consumerist values into kids’ heads!!  and it was totally adorable and sweet, so yeah, i recommend it!
oh yeah, ravelry has a new “marketplace” and i joined in on the beta testing!  seems pretty cooltastic.  i also have my first notebook ad this month, so if i’m getting any new blog readers as a result of ravelry, hi!!

ooh ooh and i contributed to the portland city sampler!  yay portland!!  recycled map buttons!

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