March 3, 2010

February 21st – March 2nd photos

Lots of knitting with orange in this group!  I promise, I won’t use orange yarn again for awhile!  (at least, like, a few weeks…)  Oh and a quick hello to any new followers who came over from Craft or One Pretty Thing for my dyeing tutorial!  I am planning more tutorials for the near future, so I hope you stick around!

21st + 22nd – these 2 days were spent finishing the Twisted Ankles pattern; knitting, knitting, finishing, buttons, and more knitting (Did you know I’m a very slow knitter? It’s true. A pair of these leg warmers would take a fast knitter one day, no problem):

0221 0222

23rd – ate at Los Gorditos before trivia – yum so good!


24th – I spun this day! Whoa!  For fun, for me, from some Spunky Eclectic dyed Shetland!  These singles were plied into an awesome big, bulky, squishy yarn:


26th + 27th – worked lots on the computer these days, not photogenic, but I did a bit of knitting too (on this!)… and I went to the I Heart Art event on Friday (where that name tag came from – I didn’t know what to write for what I heart, then I felt bad for not writing anything, oh well):

0226 0227

28th – more computer work this day, so I took a photo celebrating my love of Trader Joe’s – have you tried their new, weird Cucumber Wontons (which I just found out are vegan)?  Not super great, but I like weird food… and who doesn’t love $2.99 per 6-pack decent tasting beer?


25th + March 1st – forgot to take a photo-of-the-day! Fortunately, I had taken this extremely silly phone picture of my kitty being very distinguished, when I had my phone in my pocket and I knew if I went to get my real camera she would move… and the other terrible quality photo is from when Pete took me out for a silly dinner at a very un-Portlandy restaurant in the Beaverton mall (long story why) and I took this point-and-shoot shot of my very yummy stuffed mushrooms:

0225 0301

2nd – spent a chunk of this day working on my second example of my upcoming pattern, with this handspun!  Love knitting with handspun, especially self-striping – so fun to see how it works up!


A quick thank you to all of you who’ve taken that survey – I’ve gotten way more responses than I’d expected, and some really excellent, helpful feedback!  Thank you so much for helping me out during this time of planning and analyzing, and it’s fantastic to know that there are so many of you out there who like my weirdo sense of style and design!

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