October 27, 2010

Custom Tritops!

Pattern release!  Wooo hoo!  (This one was due out quite some time ago, so I’m super happy to be finally getting it out to you now!)  This is not a normal pattern, but rather a totally customized, any-gauge hat pattern set…

Custom Tritop!

…with 3 different options for top decrease patterns, 3 different options for brim/hat style types, and the brim width is your choice, as well as striping, and yarn, of course, which can be anything you want, from super fine to super bulky!

Custom Tritop!

I knit up 6 different versions, to show 2 examples each of the different top designs and style options, and to show a variety of different yarn/striping looks.  Because the brim is worked sideways and the body in the round, stripes (either manually made, or self-striping yarn) is a great fit for these hats.

Custom Tritop!

The decrease designs all have some garter stitch element, to tie in with the garter stitch brim, and a tri- element – there’s the tri-petals design…

Custom Tritop!

…the tri-swirl (below left), and the tri-star (above in the red+blue, and below right).  The hats are pretty basic, as far as knit hats go, but the decrease designs spice them up a bit, and the custom fitting and any-gauge aspect are what make this pattern set special.

Custom Tritop! Custom Tritop!

Plus, they are fun to knit because of the sideways edge cast-on construction and all the choices you get to make!  The garter stitch brim width is completely up to the knitter, so it can be super wide if you want…

Custom Tritop!

…or super narrow.  And, there are three different style options, which are all based on the ratio of stitches in the hat body to rows in the sideways brim (see my sideways edge cast-on post for more about that, if you want to).  So, you can use the pattern set to make a floppy beret style hat…

Custom Tritop!

…or a loose fitting kind of bucket hat…

Custom Tritop!

…or a more standard, fitted knit cap style, with a snug brim (below).  And you can further adjust your style by choosing how long to knit before decreasing – my examples are pretty much all the standard 6 inches but the hats are easily made shorter or longer.  All the yarns I used in the examples are listed in the pdf, and you can read everything you need to know about the pattern set on ravelry or on my pattern webpage – I already copied many paragraphs of info into both those spots, so it seems silly to copy it into this blog post also.

Custom Tritop!

The pattern set, with its limitless customization, is $6, available on ravelry and on my website, as usual.

And hey, how about a promotion?!  Since this pattern uses my sideways edge cast-on technique, the same method used for the cuffs in my Swerve fingerless mitts, if you buy those 2 patterns together, now through November 10th, and enter the coupon code sideways, you’ll get $1 off your order!  It should also work if you’ve previously purchased either of the two patterns (through me, so if you bought Swerve through Knit Picks it won’t count, though I still appreciate the sale!) – just buy the other pattern, enter the code, and get $1 off!  This will work both on ravelry and in my website pattern shop!

Custom Tritop!

A couple last things… the pdf is 18 pages (I know, pretty crazy) because I made photo tutorials for the provisional cast-on and grafting, as well as photo help with understanding the sideways edge cast-on, and there’s tons of details about all the different custom options, how to do the custom sizing etc… so basically, yes, there’s a lot of stuff in the pdf, but it’s not meant to be printed out!  It’s meant to read on a computer screen, and then print out the 3 or 4 pages that you really need to use for knitting your hat.

Also, I just want to thank my awesome test knitters for all the great feedback they gave me – I made a ton of changes from my original test pattern, so hopefully everything will be super clear and easy to follow now.  (It’s not a hard pattern, really, it’s just all the custom stuff that takes some getting used to!)  Love my testers!

“As always, Lee’s pattern was expertly written, easy to follow & fun as hell.” -Ady Bee in her project notes  [aww, thanks, yay!]

Custom Tritop!

And a quick semi-related reminder, for Portlanders only: my self-publishing class is happening at Twisted on Thursday at 5pm!  You can still sign up!

Oh and then something else for everyone:  Twisted (my most favorite local yarn shop!) now sells online to everyone, and the awesome owners just did an interview over at Handmade in Portland, where you can find a coupon code for a free pattern with any online order!  Rad!

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October 22, 2010

Back from 2 weeks on the road!

We’re back!  2 weeks away is a long time, and it’s weird to be back, so I’m slowly catching up and getting back into work routines… for now, this is just a popping-in-to-say-hi post, with some highlight photos…

us at the Grand Canyon

I spent something like 8 hours yesterday editing photos and am not even halfway done yet, but I’ll be posting them all to flickr eventually.  I won’t be clogging up the blog with too much trip stuff – just this, then the usual photo-of-the-day posts (probably with links to lots more photos) and then a wedding post once I get photos from that.  There should hopefully be a new knitting pattern next week and some other fun content to get the blog up and running again!

Pete at Bryce Canyon

So… that top shot is at the Grand Canyon, which was cool, but not nearly as cool as Bryce Canyon (in Utah), where these shots were taken.

Pete at Bryce Canyon me at Bryce Canyon

I shot lots of film!  Well, a few shots each on many different cameras, so now I need to take some photo excursions around Portland to use up all the unfinished rolls so I can get them processed!

me at Bryce Canyon

I also shot some video!  Fun!  I was doing a video-postcard thing with talking to the camera a lot, so it might be super silly, and I also played around with stop-motion-y interval recording stuff on the road (not stop motion, but shooting 1 second at a time, 30 seconds apart)… someday when I have time I’ll go through it all and put bits up on vimeo.  Notice my super hi-tech dashboard tripod system?  (Yes, that’s my foot holding everything in place.)

on the road...

We saw animals!  I believe these are mule deer, spotted along highway 12 in Utah.  We also saw elk (near the Grand Canyon), a wolf (just a glimpse!), an adorable chipmunk hanging out super close to us at Bryce Canyon, some weird and cute unknown squirrel-like guys, more different kinds of deer, lots and lots of cows and horses and sheep, and lots of cool and interesting looking birds…


We ate some amazing food once in awhile!  Road tripping can be tough for food, but we only had to resort to Denny’s twice (and Taco Bell zero times!).  The best Chinese food we’d ever eaten was discovered in Pocatello, Idaho, and the most delicious breakfast ever was at Chow in Bend, Oregon:

Pocatello Chinese Food! Chow breakfast!

Cities we stayed in: Flagstaff (just a night), Page (near the Arizona border – passing through on the way to Utah), Salt Lake City (for a full day), Boise (for a full day), and Bend (Oregon, for the last night).  (and LA for a couple nights before the wedding, and Anaheim for a few days after)  Didn’t end up making it to Wyoming or Montana or New Mexico (all of which I’d hoped at some point we could get to), it just would have been too crazy, and it ended up being a perfect amount of driving in the end.  These shots were taken at the Gilgal Sculpture Garden in SLC (so weird!!) and in our room at the McMenamins hotel in Bend – such as awesome place!

Gilgal Gardens me in McMenamin's room

We tried to hit lots of good thrift stores and yarn/craft shops in each town – this (below) was probably my favorite one, called Puffy Mondaes in Nampa, Idaho, super close to Boise.  Got some great local fiber to get me spinning again!  Oh wait, it’s probably tied for favorite with HeartFelt Designs Gallery in Red Bluff, California, where we stopped on the way down to LA – tons of locally farmed+spun yarn (I got three skeins of local handspun wool with the names of the sheep on the labels, for way too cheap!) and an amazingly picturesque upstairs studio space with giant stacks of free old magazines!

Puffy Mondaes

The one low point of the trip – on the wedding day (I assume), I was bit or stung a few times by something evil and had some kind of allergic reaction (maybe?) that started making an appearance the next day at Disneyland… Probably because of all the walking, the spot near my ankle got pretty brutal (infected, so gross) by the next day, and we ended up having to spend the first day of our roadtrip sitting in waiting rooms and seeing doctors, bummer.  (By the way, awesome health care story… went to a low-income urgent care since I don’t have insurance, waited a couple hours, doctor had no idea what it was, prescribed some antibiotics, and told me I needed to see a dermatologist right away… Made same-day appointment with local derm, paid to have him look at it, also have no idea what it was – just, probably yes, a bite or sting of some kind – tell me, yes I should indeed take the antibiotics that the previous doctor had prescribed, and that’s all.  Luckily, he only charged about $75 for that, much less than I was expecting, and, weirdly, less than the urgent care charged me.)

my injury stuff I bought on the road

Anyway… thrifting!  Didn’t thrift as much as we’d sort of planned, but scored a few fabulous finds!  Above is a shot of most of the non-clothes items I got (that sweater doesn’t count as clothes, since I’ll be unraveling it to recycle the bulky wool!) – I tagged everything in flickr so you can read more there.  Below, you can see the best present ever that Pete found for me at a Savers in Boise – 100% wool Pendleton robe!  (Like this, except vintage and colors I love! …and around $195 cheaper!)  And, hanging to dry are 2 awesome wool sweater finds from Salt Lake!  I’ll take some modeled shots of them and other rad clothing finds later, perhaps…

my Pendleton robe! thrifted sweaters

Speaking of thrifted sweaters, sort of… The weather throughout the whole trip was pretty darn summery, but finally, on the last night, Bend got chilly enough for Pete to try out his new (thrifted) shawl collar cardigan!  Loving the new style!

Pete's shawl collar!

And lastly, the wedding itself!  Just a few shots for now… my table decorations ended up looking great!  The framed lyrics really took over, with the fabric flowers being just an extra bit of color, so I’m really glad I ended up doing the last-minute frame project!  I let people know they could take one home as a wedding favor, but we still ended up bringing over half back with us – so I have 32 framed lyrics to hang on the blank walls of our home! Yay!

wedding decorations

I got all the flowers (around 300ish, I think) made in time (with help from Pete and my mom, thanks!) but I made my bouquet in the back seat of my dad’s car on the drive to the wedding!  Gathered up a collection of favorite flowers, twisted them together with fabric-covered wire, and covered the bottom with a couple of vintage doilies.  Took about 10 minutes and worked out perfectly!

By the way, I still don’t have any photos of my dress, but our wedding photographer (my old buddy Kim!) got plenty, so you’ll be seeing it in a couple weeks for sure!

my bouquet

That blue line is our whole trip route (not including all the driving around LA and Orange County the days up to the wedding, doing wedding business stuff and meeting up with family and friends) – a close-up with tons of tags all along the route is on flickr here!

our road trip!

Ok so that’s a bit of a glimpse into my last 2 weeks.  Upcoming photo-of-the-day posts will show and tell some more, but I’ll be back to you will non-trip content soon, for reals!

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October 5, 2010

Time to hit the road… and Celebrate!

So we’re leaving super duper early on Wednesday morning, and I’ve been working all day today on 4 hours of sleep… it’s now 1am and before my energy is drained completely I just need to get this one last post out there to you… I’ll be checking email (and comments) once in awhile, but I’ll basically be out of touch from the world until the 21st.  I’ve been really super appreciating all the great roadtripping recommendations, even though I’ve been so beyond busy getting everything done that I haven’t been replying, sorry about that!!

framed song lyrics

Anyway…  my brain isn’t fully functioning, so I’m going to mostly let the photos do the talking from now on…  October’s club ebook is out now!  (on ravelry here)

october club ebook cover

Inspired by my wedding crafting, but not wanting to do a wedding theme, I made all the projects relate in some way to celebrating – with friends over wine…

Drink Sweaters!

… or beer, with these drink sweaters (cabley, knit-tastic versions of wine glass charms for drink identification)…

Drink Sweaters!

…or celebrating out at a special event or just dressing up for fun, because it doesn’t have to be a super special occasion to wear a lapel flower!

Lapel Flowers!

They can also be worn as brooches, or you could turn them into hair accessories too I’m sure…

Lapel Flowers!

The non-knit craft project this month is frilly crocheted shoes, which are my wedding shoes.  As you can see, they can have all kinds of different styles depending on how you lace them up (well, these two aren’t super different, but you get the idea).  Tonight, after I’d already finished and released the ebook, I discovered another way of lacing them that I like even better, using the ribbon more as a drawstring instead of criss-crossing it; I’m sure there are tons more possibilities!

Frilly Crocheted Shoes! Frilly Crocheted Shoes!

This is what they look like before weaving ribbons through:

Frilly Crocheted Shoes! Frilly Crocheted Shoes!

This project is a 4-page photo tutorial of how to turn old flip flops into the new shoes – once you get to the point where the crochet starts, you can come up with your own stitches for your shoes, if you are experienced with a hook.  This is the first crochet design I’ve ever written out, and I wrote the whole thing more as a tutorial rather than a pattern…

Frilly Crocheted Shoes!

The final extra goodie in this month’s ebook is a set of 7 of my favorite song lyric cards that I made to frame for these wedding decorations/favors.  I included the title and author of each font in the included lyrics, so you’ll be able to find and download any fonts that you especially like, choose your own personal favorite song lyrics, and make your own lyric art!

framed song lyrics

These picture frames will be another project for another blog post… after the trip…  Have a good October, I’ll be back in 2 weeks!

oh wait, one more thing.  I keep forgetting to mention this!  Portlanders, I am teaching a self-publishing class at Twisted on the 28th!  This is going to be very similar to the class I taught at Summit of Awesome, except I won’t be trying to relate it to sewing and other craft patterns (which I did very badly since that’s not my area of expertise!).  If you are starting to design knitting or crochet patterns and want to try self-publishing pdfs, but have no idea how to start (or what that even means), then this class should get you on your way!

Ok, now, for reals, I am getting some sleep and heading out! Bye!

October 1, 2010

Double Excitement! Ocean Breezes pattern release + KnitCast Interview!

Ocean Breezes!

It’s here!  Ocean Breezes is now available to all!  On ravelry or on my website, the pdf is 9 pages (3 of which are photo-less pattern pages for printing) and it’s $5.

Ocean Breezes!

I originally blogged the hat design here a year ago, when it was released to Twisted‘s Single Skein Club members.  Since then, I’ve knit up another Alpaca with a Twist Highlander version for myself, in the larger, beret style size (the rust one), and put these great tree buttons on it.  Not so oceany, but I love it!

Ocean Breezes! Ocean Breezes!

And then, super last-minute earlier this week, I made a smaller, cloche style size version, with contrasting color waves!  I absolutely love how it turned out with the 2 colors, and in the Malabrigo Worsted merino, couldn’t be happier with it!  (ravelry project page)

Ocean Breezes!

So that’s yay news #1.  Yay news #2 is that I was interviewed on KnitCast!!  I was crazy amounts of honored to be asked, and had lots of fun talking to Marie about alllll kinds of leethal knitty goodness… like… Game Knitting, any-gauge patterns, the quick knits club, other designs I’ve done, making my wedding dress during the make-a-long, and lots more!

Ocean Breezes!

Listen on the site, or subscribe in itunes, since it’s a great podcast!  (I’m still working my way through the older episodes… the Woolly Wormhead and Lucy Neatby episodes were both excellent!)  One totally random note – the recycled sweater circular needle holder that Cosy made, which I mentioned in the interview, can be seen here.  Let me know if I mentioned anything else you want links to…. And enjoy!

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