March 22, 2013

East Coast Trip!! Wooo!

Okay so, Robin is out, the third pattern in my Short Stripes Trio (and it’s my first pattern ever to make it into the ravelry hot right now top 5, so it’s been a very exciting couple of days), but I’m here today for a different reason.  I will be blogging about Robin in detail in a couple weeks, because…

3 color Robin Robin in worsted

Robin in worsted 3 color Robin

I’m taking a trip!  To New York!  And Boston and other east coast cities!  Pete has had a job for about 2.5 years now which has involved accumulating a ridiculous amount of flyer miles and hotel points, so he is cashing them out to fly us for free to the east coast, and stay for 8 nights in NYC and Boston for free!!

washington square park

So, we’ll be hanging out in NY for about half the time, and spending the other half both in Boston and traveling a bit to Providence, and hopefully Portland, Maine, for a day each.  Our plans are still fairly loose, especially with the details, like meals and shops to visit, etc, so any recommendations would be appreciated!!  Of course I want to visit lots of yarn shops, but since this is a fun trip with Pete, I’ll try to keep it down to just the absolute best shops, and priorities for both of us are used records and books, good vegetarian food, and cool sites to see.

little italy restaurant

The last time I was in NY was 9 years ago with my mom (when I took these photos), and I loved it so much I actually had plans to move there after college, but those plans fell through, and everything worked out for the best, but I’ve wanted to go back to visit ever since!  And I’ve never been to Boston, or Providence, or Portland, or anywhere else up in that region, so I’m supercrazy excited to explore it all and have east coast adventures!

manhattan bridge

So, I’m way behind on all the preparation stuff.  We have a house sitter lined up, and I’ve released my new pattern, but other than those things crossed off the list, everything else is still to-do!  I have big plans to make a couple pairs of leggings (using this awesome tutorial by Cal Patch!) and legwarmers (from recycled sweaters), and maybe even a new skirt… but we’ll see what I can squeeze into my weekend hours before we head out way too early on Monday morning!  Wish me luck!

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March 7, 2013

Barry the hat! My 100th pattern! (and a celebration sale!)

Pattern #2 of my leethal Short Stripes Trio is out!  Barry the hat is for any weight yarn, with lots of options, variations, and modifications, so you can make it your perfect dream hat…

Barry in yellow

And hey, guess what, Barry was my 100th pattern added to ravelry!!  So that’s exciting!  So, I want to have some kind of sale-ish thing to celebrate, but since I just had a coupon code sale for my birthday less than a month ago, I’m going to try something different this time.  Let’s work together to get more project photos up for my patterns!

You put up a ravelry project page for any of my patterns, with at least 1 photo, or add a photo to a previously photo-less project page, and I will send you a personalized coupon code for 25% off any/all of my patterns!  But wait, it gets better!  Put up two projects with photos, the discount code goes up to 35%!  Three projects, and it goes up to 45%!  Whoa there!  That’s as high as I’ll go, but if you do put up more, then I’ll send multiple codes (so five projects = one 45% code and one 35% code) and then you can save one for later, or pass one on to a friend!

Ohmygosh and there’s still more!  To encourage good photos, I’ll be handing out some additional larger coupon codes for my favorite photos – this will depend on how many there are to choose from, but I plan on choosing my top 3-5 to receive free pattern codes (something like first place gets $12, second place gets $9, third place gets $6).  So shoot your things in natural lighting (if possible) and try to get it in focus and all that fun stuff ;)

This deal is only good for a few days – get your projects up by Monday night (west coast time) and you’ll get the codes.  I’ll send out the coupon codes on Tuesday (via ravelry message) – I should be able to see all the photos go up on my designer end, but if it’s Tuesday night and you haven’t received your code, you might want to shoot me a message to make sure I saw your project.  The discount codes themselves will stay valid for a long time (through the end of the year).

Barry in self-striping and tweed

So that’s that, now on to Barry!  Barry, like Maurice, has lots of variation options, but in different ways.  Barry is written for any gauge, and it’s custom sized to your head by trying it on (or measuring it) while you work the first part sideways.  So there’s no gauge swatching necessary, and you can pick out any weight to make any size!

Barry in self-striping and tweed

You can close up the sides with buttons, or by sewing up the seam, and you can choose whether to use the same colors as main and contrasting yarns throughout the whole hat, or switch which is which, or even incorporate more than 2 yarns if you want to!

Barry in garter stitch

The standard hat is slouchy, but the pattern includes modification instructions for a shorter, non-slouchy size if you prefer:

Barry in superbulky

There are also full instructions for making the garter stitch variation, like the red and blue one:

Barry in garter stitch

This hat is worked modularly with short rows, no picked up stitches, and no seaming if you make the buttoning version.  A yarn-carrying technique is used which prevents the need to break the contrasting yarn and weave in a zillion ends, so the pattern includes a step-by-step photo tutorial for that, as well as instructions for other techniques used.

Barry in self-striping and tweed

The hat is a bit on the complex side, as far as hats go, but it’s not hard, as long as you trust the pattern, read the notes, and just take it one step at a time.  It goes quickly since the first section takes the longest, and it grows bigger as it moves along, and then the second section rows get shorter as the hat grows, so it speeds up and then you decrease in for the crown and it’s finished, bam!  It really is a fun knit!

Barry in yellow

If you want to know details about each of my samples, they are all in the ravelry project pages – the main yellow sample is in wonderful Anzula For Better or Worsted; the self-striping+tweed is Classic Elite Liberty Wool and Berroco Blackstone Tweed (but I don’t recommend using these exact 2 yarns together because the weights differ too much – see project page for details); the garter stitch sample is Alpaca with a Twist Baby Twist; the short bulky sample is Brown Sheep Burly Spun and handspun.  Also check out my fabulous test knitters’ versions in the project pages, great hats!

Barry in garter stitch

Which reminds me, even though all my samples are a little bit on the girly side, this hat design is totally gender neutral, as you can see with Maiya’s fantastic Barry for her man, love it!!

Oh yeah, and you can wear the buttoning version different ways by unfastening some of the buttons (do the same with the seamed version by leaving a slit at the bottom when you sew it closed)…

Barry in garter stitch Barry in yellow

Barry in yellow Barry in yellow

Barry is part of my Short Stripes Trio, along with Maurice, and I’m currently working on Robin, so if my in-progress prototype goes well then I’ll start posting some preview shots (on twitter/instagram/tumblr) soon.  (The whole trio is $12; each pattern solo is $6.)

Barry in yellow

If you are knitting any of the Short Stripes patterns, come post about them in the knit-a-long thread of the leethal rav group!  Okay, that’s all I can think of to say about Barry.  I hope you like it!  Happy knitting!!

Barry in garter stitch

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