September 22, 2013

Fall pattern giveaway!! And lots of updated patterns!

Fall is officially here today and I want to celebrate with you!

leethal fall giveaway

Now through the end of the day (west coast time) Wednesday 9/25, use coupon code fallishere (either in your ravelry cart or through leethalknits) to get any one of these patterns completely free!!  No strings attached, one use per person, choose your favorite for some fall knitting!  Your choices are:

Lemmy Lemmy

Lemmy (ravelry / leethalknits)

Biratu Simple Biratu Shawl

Biratu (ravelry / leethalknits)

3 color Robin Robin in worsted

Robin (ravelry / leethalknits)

Barry in yellow Barry in self-striping and tweed

Barry (ravelry / leethalknits)

stripy cowl! long loop stripy cowl

Maurice (ravelry / leethalknits)

cabled Haka hat Cabled Haka hat+cowl

Haka hat+cowl set (ravelry / leethalknits)

Flying V's Flying V's

Flying V’s collection (ravelry / leethalknits)

Wobble Bass Wobble Bass

Wobble Bass (ravelry / leethalknits)

Flippable Flippable!

Flippable (ravelry / leethalknits)

Betiko - mystery pattern version Betiko

Betiko (ravelry / leethalknits)

Shapeshifter! Shapeshifter!

Shapeshifter (ravelry / leethalknits)

Twisted Ankles Twisted Ankles!

Twisted Ankles (ravelry / leethalknits)

cuff501 cuff304

Ten 10 yard Cuffs (ravelry / leethalknits)

big skoodlet! my bulky skoodlet Skoodlet!

Skoodlet (ravelry / leethalknits)

So you may be wondering, why these patterns?  There are all my newest ones up there at the top, and then a kind of random assortment of older patterns…

Well, around the beginning of the year, I updated my pattern pdf format (new fonts, different kind of layout, etc), so all the patterns I’ve released this year have been in the new format, and then throughout the year, off and on, I’ve been going through my old patterns and updating them.

For the patterns with the new format, you can now see pdf previews on the leethalknits webpages, the first 2 or 3 pages of each pdf, to give you more info and a peek at what the pattern looks like!  (Just click on the leethalknits links for any of those patterns above.)

old vs new leethal pdf formats

The new format takes up significantly fewer pages than the old, but it’s still designed to be easily readable on your screen – even on a phone screen, it’s pretty darn readable, by zooming in to one of the 2 columns, try it!  I always want to be screen-reading friendly, but for those of you who do print the whole files on paper, my new patterns take up much less paper :)

(These screen shots all show the old format to the left, vs the new format to the right.)

old vs new leethal pdf formats

And then, while already in the process of re-formatting layout, I’m also doing some heavy duty editing and updating, especially on my older patterns.  In the 6 years I’ve been designing, my pattern writing has evolved quite a bit, and looking back over the original versions of my early patterns is cringe-inducing for me.  The patterns themselves (like, how you knit them) are unchanged, but the details of the writing, and uniformity between the different patterns, is all being much improved with the new updates.

old vs new leethal pdf formats

So, the choices offered free are all in my new format.  Nothing but the best for you!  Happy fall!

(Remixed is a whole other issue, which I won’t get into now, still slowly in progress.  Talk about cringe-inducing; I’m really sorry to those of you patiently awaiting the ebook, it is coming eventually, I promise!)

Oh and, spread the word about the giveaway!  Grab that image up at the top to re-post places, if you want to.  It won’t last long, so make sure your knitting friends now about it before it ends!  And then be sure to post your leethal knits in your rav projects so I can see them, yay! :)

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September 11, 2013

Some events and news and stuff!

I have a few announcement kinds of things for you – first, for Portlanders, I’m having a trunk show this weekend!  At Sellwood’s brand new excellent shop, Yarntastic, on Saturday (Sept 14th) 2-5pm.  My stuff will stay on display throughout the week, so if you can’t make the official event on Saturday, you can still stop by and see the samples and stuff.  (But try to make it to the event, and say hi!)

adventure knit items!

The show will kind of focus on Adventure Knitting, and all eight of my sample knits will be there, but there will also be other designs, an assortment of favorites (my newest, Lemmy, will be there for sure), to get you excited about the start of cool weather knitting season!  Check out the Yarntastic group on ravelry to learn more about the shop.

Knit Fit!

For the broader Pacific Northwest area, a reminder, because I only mentioned it very briefly before, that I’ll be teaching Recycled Yarn Making, and hosting a superfun Game Knitting night, at the awesome Knit Fit! in Seattle November 2-3.

Knit Fit!

(That photo is of the Game Knitting night last year, which I realized I never blogged about!  So I will be doing that soon, showing you all the fun we had last year.  This year we’ll be game knitting to Seattle classic, Singles!)

start of a new project start of a new project

And now, something for anyone anywhere… I wrote a guest post for the Fresh Stitches blog that went up yesterday, and it includes a discount code for Adventure Knitting!  Good through Sept 15th, so go check it out, for the code and also to read me talk about my love of options in knitting patterns, and to see a crazy flow chart thing I made about Adventure Knitting choices.

A review of Adventure Knitting also happened over on the Knit Picks blog, so that’s supercool.

And, just moments ago, another Adventure Knitting write-up went up over on Alex’s Dull Roar blog – she made a crazy water bottle sleeve, with two different section 2 patterns for extra adventure!  (She also just released an ebook about becoming a designer, so check that out while you’re over there.)

And that’s all the news I can think of… I’m spending most of my time working on the big project I can’t talk about; those photos above are the start of another sample knit for that, which I am loving!  I’m doing a photo-a-day thing on instagram, so there are lots of random photos being posted for that, like many of my cat, and assorted daily stuff and things.  So that’s that, happy knitting!

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September 9, 2013

New pattern: Lemmy, first in new Bulk Trio!

Just as the weather is (sort of) starting to drop, here’s a big, squishy, warm, quick and bulky knit for you!  Lemmy (ravelry link) is written for any gauge, but it’s ideal for super bulky weights, or aran-bulky yarns held triple stranded.  The ends have big fat i-cords, which can be threaded through the eyelet holes in different ways, making it wearable in lots of different kinds of cowl and wrap configurations, fun!


This is the first pattern in a new leethal Bulk Trio (ravelry link), three patterns which will all work excellently with bulky and/or super bulky yarns!  The second and third patterns (Wizzö and Mikkey) will be released in a few months, probably around December and January, no set dates but definitely during the winter season.  So, if you pre-order the trio, you’ll get Lemmy right now, and you’ll get the second and third patterns automatically delivered to you as soon as they’re released.

Bulk Trio!

Lemmy is a cabled cowl/wrap (and it can be made as a scarf or headband as well) with eyelets throughout the cable design, allowing the i-cords to weave through it in different ways.  There are two different widths, which can vary greatly depending on your yarn weight /gauge, and it can be made in pretty much any length you want, as you can keep repeating the middle section as many times as you like (regardless of gauge).  The i-cords can be made in a contrasting color, for an optional design feature, like you see in my white sample here.

A few pattern details:  The whole pattern is written, and the middle (repeat) section is also charted.  There is a photo tutorial for triple stranding your yarn as you knit, to make things as easy as possible!  There is detailed sizing info, and I think the pattern is adventurous beginner friendly – there is only one simple (2 over 2) cable, and the pattern is pretty basic, nothing crazy happening.  You just need one circular needle in your size choice, and you can knit the i-cords on the circular (so you won’t have to buy multiple different kinds of needles in crazy super bulky sizes; you can also use straights plus a pair of double points for the i-cord if you prefer).

You can see a preview of the first few pdf pages on the webpage here!


It can be made wide and short, for a cowl like my green sample, wide and large like my big white sample, kind of medium width and long-ish like my orange sample, which can be worn in lots of different cowl and wrap styles.  Or, you can venture outside my sample pieces and make it narrow and extra long for a long scarf, narrow and short as a headband, or however you can envision your ideal version!

My wonderful test knitters made a wide variety of different types, like a small one in bulky weight on size US 11 needles measuring 8×24 inches, a long scarf in super bulky weight on size 15’s measuring 7×96 inches, and lots that are similar measurements to mine but with different gauges, for different looks.  (Thank you test knitters, you are the best!!)

This pattern is great for making multiple times with totally different kinds of finished objects, especially because it can be a SUPER quick knit in the extra super bulky weights!


As for my samples, first, there’s my orange one, which is in aran weight yarn (it’s Cascade Eco+ which is labeled as bulky weight, but it totally looks/feels/acts like an aran weight, so I call it aran) held triple stranded.  I used size US 19 needles for a somewhat loose gauge of approx 3 sts per 2 inches / 5 cm (after blocking), and I used almost the whole skein (478 yards, so it’s approx the same as 160 yards / 145 meters of super bulky weight yarn).  The finished measurements are 52 inches / 132 cm long, 13 inches / 33 cm wide; I worked 4 middle sections total (the first, then 3 more repeats), and the smaller width.  You can see more photos on my rav project page.





My white sample (which was my first prototype, with the contrasting i-cords) was knit in Patons Classic Wool Roving held triple stranded on size US 36 needles, for a gauge of approx 5 sts per 4 inches / 10 cm; almost 3 full skeins, which are 120 yards each, so approximately the same as 120 yards / 110 meters total of extra super bulky weight yarn.  The extra long i-cords were made with Lamb’s Pride Bulky, also triple stranded, almost the full skein for super long cords.  This is the smaller width option (which is actually very wide because of the gauge), and I worked the middle section twice (so the first time, then 1 more repeat); the final measurements are 51 inches / 130 cm long, and 16 inches / 41 cm wide.  You can see more photos on my rav project page.





My green sample was made with Brown Sheep Burly Spun super bulky weight yarn (single stranded) on size US 13 needles, for a gauge of 2 sts per inch / 2.5 cm – I used one whole skein (132 yards / 121 meters), knitting the second i-cord until the yarn ran out, which was about 10 inches longer than the standard recommended i-cord length.  This one is the wider width, and just 1 middle section worked (zero repeats), for final measurements of 31 inches / 
79 cm long and 14.5 inches / 37 cm wide.  It can’t be worn in so many different styles like the others, but it makes a great cowl!  You can see more photos on my rav project page.




So that’s Lemmy!  Happy September, hooray for fall knitting time!

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