March 31, 2009

a couple tutorials

quicky post before my friend gets into town… just want to show you the last couple of tutorials i did for craftstylish.  my last button post was a super fun, kid-friendly project – pipe cleaner button displays!

pipe cleaner button sculpture! pipe cleaner button sculpture!

as i said in the post, this is a craft project to bring out your inner-child-crafter. I felt like I was rediscovering what it was like to make things for fun as a little kid, with nothing but the simple bendy pipe cleaners, a pile of buttons, and my own imagination!

pipe cleaner button sculpture! pipe cleaner button sculpture!

i made 4 different versions while playing around with this project, and had a really fun time doing it!  hope you try it and have fun too!

pipe cleaner button sculpture! pipe cleaner button sculpture!

and then today’s post blends the button theme with the new crafting green theme – recycled cotton art yarn, with buttons and beads spun in!

recycled cotton art yarn recycled cotton art yarn

you can also do the project with wool (or other fibers) instead of cotton, like this yarn i made awhile back, which became this hat (rav link)…

recycled wool art yarn

this is a great spinning project if you just want to get used to using a spindle or wheel before making actual handspun. if you are already a spinner, this will be super easy, since all you’re doing is twisting recycled yarn, so it’s a good relaxing kind of project while watching a movie/tv. if you have never done any spinning, and you have access to a wheel (a friend’s or a local yarn store’s perhaps) then this would be a good way to see if you like it…

recycled cotton art yarn

i can’t wait to knit up this yarn and see how it looks! i love it!!

recycled cotton art yarn

and, because i have a feeling this week is going to fly by and i won’t be posting again till it’s over – don’t forget handmade nation this weekend! they just added a third screening on sunday!  i’m so so so excited about the whole crafty weekend!  hope to see you there!

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