May 7, 2010

April 13th – 20th photos

It’s about time!  Splitting these up into sections – this section goes from just after the April club was mailed out and my focus turned to full time moving-related work, up until the day before my brother got into town…

13th + 14th – Packing/moving errands day – boxes, tape, etc were purchased and serious packing started.  I wanted to devote some focus to my car before the move, since I hardly ever drive (I fill up my 10 gallon gas tank once every 3 or 4 months) and I know I’ll have to start driving more now that we no longer live walking distance to so many places… so, I started out by washing it, then I took it in for a check up to make sure nothing major was wrong with it (nothing was! yay!) – this photo shows what happens when you pretty much ignore your car in the rainy city of Portland: plants take root!

0413 0414

15th + 16th – Packing packing packing!  Both in my studio:

0415 0416

17th – Spent some fun crafting time embroidering an octopus on some baby overalls for my friends’ son, who is due in less than a month!


18th – Caitlin and Patrick’s baby shower!  Portland celebrated with us by giving us several afternoon hours of super nice weather, yay!  Notice Susan‘s amazingly delicious vegetarian pigs in a blanket (or, pigs in blankets?):


19th + 20th – These 2 days were pretty much spent packing all day again, not so photogenic – exhausted Banzo is much more picture-friendly!  And, the 20th was the day we signed the final papers on our house!

0419 0420

Well that’s it for now – I’ll probably do the next photo-a-day set tomorrow, then the final set, up to the present, on Sunday… then next week hopefully I’ll have time to post some higher quality content!  I’m actually working on a new hat pattern!  (At least a couple of weeks till that’s released though.)  Actually, it’s going to be a tutorial for a new knitting technique (hopefully new – I’ve never seen it in a pattern before, but I’m always afraid when I think I’ve invented something new, that it’s probably been invented several times by other designers and I just don’t know about it…) and then a set of hat patterns that use the technique.

I guess a smart thing to do would just be to ask you, my dear readers… have you ever read a knitting pattern that has a brim or a cuff that’s worked sideways, and the rest of the item worked in the round (hat, socks, mittens, etc), that uses a method other that picking up the stitches, or sewing the 2 parts together?  No spoilers yet for what my technique uses, but any feedback on this question would be oh-so-helpful!!

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