May 7, 2010

April 13th – 20th photos

It’s about time!  Splitting these up into sections – this section goes from just after the April club was mailed out and my focus turned to full time moving-related work, up until the day before my brother got into town…

13th + 14th – Packing/moving errands day – boxes, tape, etc were purchased and serious packing started.  I wanted to devote some focus to my car before the move, since I hardly ever drive (I fill up my 10 gallon gas tank once every 3 or 4 months) and I know I’ll have to start driving more now that we no longer live walking distance to so many places… so, I started out by washing it, then I took it in for a check up to make sure nothing major was wrong with it (nothing was! yay!) – this photo shows what happens when you pretty much ignore your car in the rainy city of Portland: plants take root!

0413 0414

15th + 16th – Packing packing packing!  Both in my studio:

0415 0416

17th – Spent some fun crafting time embroidering an octopus on some baby overalls for my friends’ son, who is due in less than a month!


18th – Caitlin and Patrick’s baby shower!  Portland celebrated with us by giving us several afternoon hours of super nice weather, yay!  Notice Susan‘s amazingly delicious vegetarian pigs in a blanket (or, pigs in blankets?):


19th + 20th – These 2 days were pretty much spent packing all day again, not so photogenic – exhausted Banzo is much more picture-friendly!  And, the 20th was the day we signed the final papers on our house!

0419 0420

Well that’s it for now – I’ll probably do the next photo-a-day set tomorrow, then the final set, up to the present, on Sunday… then next week hopefully I’ll have time to post some higher quality content!  I’m actually working on a new hat pattern!  (At least a couple of weeks till that’s released though.)  Actually, it’s going to be a tutorial for a new knitting technique (hopefully new – I’ve never seen it in a pattern before, but I’m always afraid when I think I’ve invented something new, that it’s probably been invented several times by other designers and I just don’t know about it…) and then a set of hat patterns that use the technique.

I guess a smart thing to do would just be to ask you, my dear readers… have you ever read a knitting pattern that has a brim or a cuff that’s worked sideways, and the rest of the item worked in the round (hat, socks, mittens, etc), that uses a method other that picking up the stitches, or sewing the 2 parts together?  No spoilers yet for what my technique uses, but any feedback on this question would be oh-so-helpful!!

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  • iambunnicula
    This is the pattern I'm working on right now. Check the brim- is that what you mean? I can't wait to see the hat: it sounds tres cool.

  • Lee

    Yeah, that's exactly the type of construction I'm talking about (sideways brim, round body) – that pattern calls for picking up the stitches to work up from the brim, same as every other hat design of that kind that I've come across. Many knitters might prefer that method to my technique, but I don't like picking up stitches, so I'm excited about my way! :)

  • Aww, thank you for taking the time to embroider the awesome octopus in the middle of packing. We love it :)

  • The embroidered octopus is awesome.

    I've seen several patterns that pick from an edge and knit in the round for the rest of it. I'm working on a pair of wristlets now where I have to pick up a bunch of stitches and that's the only thing holding me back from getting on with it. Can't wait to see your method.

  • I've done lace edgings (on a pi shawl) where you work the edging sideways to the live stitches of the main piece, and you're essentially binding off at the same time, but that's just incorporated into the joining of the edging.

  • Erin

    A lot of shawl patterns work a sideways edging by k2tog an edging stitch with the main body stitch all the way around. I think WordLily is describing this method, too. There's no picking up or sewing required!

  • Lee

    ok cool, that would be a way to do a similar design on a top-down hat, but my method is for bottom-up, so it's different… thanks for the feedback!!

  • Lee

    Cool! My method is for bottom-up hats (or mitts, socks, etc, starting with the cuff) so it's different – I was actually brainstorming how I might reverse my idea into a top-down design, and I was thinking about just what you're describing! Good to know that's already a common technique!

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