May 3, 2010

April leethal quick knits club!

Tea Towel

First of all, this post is much belated, so because of that, and because the May club mail-out date is later than usual, I’m extending the May club sign-up deadline through Wednesday (the 5th) – May’s theme is Home Decor, and I have some fun ideas brewing!  (Sign up for just May, or for a 3 month subscription at a discounted price!)

April Club - Everything

So, April!  Fruits + Veggies theme!  It was a fun one!  My favorite part is the spun yarn pattern – I managed (with much trial and error!) to design a mini produce bag with just 10 yards of yarn, a square of reclaimed vintage lace, and an extra little bit of recycled cotton yarn, plus a loop of t-shirt fabric for the handle.  With big needles, yarn-overs, and dropped stitches, it expands to hold a totally decent amount of fruit!  (in the pictures, it’s holding a lemon, an apple, an orange, 2 tangelos, and a lime):

mini produce bag mini produce bag

That spun recycled yarn is double stranded orange cotton, yellow lambswool, and a couple secondhand threads (green + orange), all spun and plied together – it’s called Trees Keep Growing:

Spun Yarn Closer

And then to complete the bag, everyone got the square of lace, t-shirt loop, and extra bundle of orange cotton:

Bag Making Stuff Yarn Plus Pattern Extras

The dyed yarn pattern was a bit different this month – included were 4 fruit+veggie dish scrubbie designs (well, 3 really, because the orange and the tomato are the same shape) and the members get to choose which 2 they want to make.  The yarn was divided into color sections with one end starting with red, to knit up either a strawberry or a tomato, and the other side starting with orange, to make either a carrot or an orange, and green in the middle for both leaf tops:

fruit + veggie dish scrubbies

This yarn was kind of nuts to dye – after balling up the whole bulky sweater worth of yarn, I decided to skein it all together as one gigantic skein, to make the dyeing easier – but it made the washing, drying, etc, much harder (wetter and messier!)…

Balled Yarn Skeined Yarn

But, it worked, and everyone got a 15 yard chunky mini-skein with 5 yards of red, 5 of green, and 5 of orange – called If it is Growing:

Dyed Yarn

The main extra crafty goodies were a kind of embroidery kit – a sheet of paper with drawings of a bunch of different fruits + veggies, a piece of fabric (like a mini tea towel), and a sheet of carbon paper for transferring:

Embroidering Stuff

Using a pen (or a mechanical pencil with no pencil sticking out, my favorite method), with the carbon paper blue side against the fabric, on a hard surface, trace the drawings you like, how you want them on the fabric, and tah dah – transferred!  Then embroider over the pictures however you want… or you could trace over them with fabric paint pens, or get creative with some other method…

Embroidery Transfer

And the final extra bit of fun – everyone got 2 of these fruit+veggie blank greeting cards.  I got them at Scrap reuse center (also where the carbon paper came from); the photography is by J. Christie Studio:


A complete April club package:

Full Club Package

And all the stuff hanging in my kitchen (I love how useful this club kit was!):

All Kitchen Stuff

A note to anyone interested in these patterns – sometime in July the last 4 months of club patterns will be released in an ebook, and separately (like the first 4 months were), so that’ll include the earmuffs + earflaps, cuffs, picture frame + photo patch, and these 2 designs!

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