December 9, 2009

Assorted stuff all related to the holiday season…

Busy busy week!  Thankfully, I’m pretty much healthy (though this cough won’t leave me!) but I’m frantically trying to get all this stuff ready for Crafty Wonderland on Sunday, so no time for blogging.  Except to share a few things with you real quick now!  I had this idea way back when we first heard Knittn’ Kitten was having a rough time, but then we started that project series and I put this idea on hold, till now….

kitten tags

For the holiday craft show season (and in the future too), for Portland crafters who use materials from The Kitten in your items – I made a sheet of tags that say:

handmade with materials from The Knittn’ Kitten!
Portland’s craft thrift store
located at NE Glisan + 76th!

Print out the sheet (from the full size jpg here or the pdf here) on cardstock or photo paper, cut up the tags, punch holes in the corners, and tie them onto your items!  Or you could print them onto label paper and stick them onto items.  Let your customers know about our favorite local shop of awesome!

Here’s a random holiday-gifting-related thing… Anyone who is buying a copy of Game Knitting as a gift – if you burn the ebook onto a disc to gift it, you can print out this CD cover (full size, which is 5×5 inches) to slip into the case:

Game Knitting Cover For Discs

Other ideas: you could print out the table of contents to put in the back cover; print out the first couple of pages to fold up and put in the case…

crafty wonderland!

I’m so super duper ultra mega excited about this new project I’ve been working on the last few days; it’s not ready to release online quite yet, but I will be revealing it for the first time ever at Crafty Wonderland!!  I’ll give you a few hints… it’s embroidery-related! it’s game/puzzle-related! it’s cheap (under $10) and great as a gift for crafters!  I’m hoping to reveal it online and release it for sale to all around the beginning of next week.


If any locals are interested in what else I’ll have at Wonderland, pretty much everything that’s in my online shop, plus a bunch of new printed shirts, sweatshirts, and a couple of printed recycled tote bags, lots of photographs (trios of 4×6’s, and 8×6’s in 8×10 mats), plus that one new scarflet pictured above, and possibly some new mitts if I magically have time.  (by the way locals, Trillium has some of my scarflets in their shop!)  I’ll have custom ice cream earmuff/headband kits too – meaning, all the flavor scoops in a bowl for you to put together a custom kit with you choice of flavors!  Still tons of work to do before then, but I’m really excited about it!!

update 12/10:  I forgot, I’ll also have a bunch of hat and ninja mitt knit kits that aren’t in my online shop yet!

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