December 24, 2008

bad movie bingo!! for sale now!

update 2/10/09: the official bad movie bingo website has just gone up!!

bad movie bingo!

ok if you follow me on twitter you’ve been hearing about this for a long time now, and i wanted to release it much earlier, but i’m happy to at least have it up by xmas (barely!) so you could play it during the holiday if you want to.

bad movie bingo! bad movie bingo!

bad movie bingo is a game that pete invented, and then pete and i together made it a reality!  i’m so so so happy that it is totally done now and i can play it, instead of partly playing it while trying to come up with more cliches to fill in all the boxes.  i think we did a pretty good job, and pete is great at coming up with movie cliches, so it’s really fun just reading the boxes.

bad movie bingo!

the game comes in two different versions: romantic comedy and action/horror, and you can make as many reusable cards as you want for any number of players.  also included are building instructions, playing instructions, and an envelope to hold the game cards.  above you can see what you need to make the game, in addition to the pdf file of course, and a printer – you need paper and/or cardstock, scissors (and a paper cutter helps), clear, glossy packing tape, a glue stick or 2-sided tape, and optional thin cardboard (like cereal boxes).  and to play, you just need the cards and dry erase markers for each player.

bad movie bingo!

if you wanted to make this game as a super last-minute xmas present, or a new years gift, you could include dry erase markers with it for a complete game set!  i gave the game to each of my brothers and my parents as an early present yesterday, and they all really loved it.  we played it last night (on the movie jason x) and it was super duper fun!!  ben totally won with 5 bingos at the end, and i had zero!!  it all depends where the boxes fall…

so, the pdf file costs only $2!  quite a deal i must say, for hours and hours of endless fun.  i wanted to keep the price low so that everyone who wants it can get it and the fun can spread to all!

it will be sold through pete’s website normally, but i don’t have time to get it up there for a few days, so for now, this is the only place to get it.  the way it works is that you buy it by clicking the link below and i email you the pdf file (which is 6.7mb) as quickly as possible.  i’ll try to get it to you within a couple hours, especially if you get it tonight, but i can’t really guarantee anything quicker than 24 hours.  i’ll be flying back to portland tomorrow (xmas day) so i won’t be online between about 4pm and 10pm ish probably.

ok, click here to buy:

happy holidays!! hope everyone is having a fabulous week! and, enjoy!!

update 2/10/09: the official bad movie bingo website has just gone up!!  check it out and comment or email us with your recommendations so we can add them to the list!

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