August 16, 2008

belated tour wrapup and new yarns!

remember the tour de fleece? remember how i said i planned to make one skein per day to put in my shop? yeah that didn’t happen. that first week i was sooo into it and made so many rad yarns, i guess i drained all my energy and ran out of steam to keep it up. i did keep spinning through the tour, i didn’t fail completely, but i spun mostly little trial mini-skeins to try out new fibers or techniques. the whole 2+ weeks after that first week i spun one skein for sale, and one single that’s still on the bobbin waiting to be plied. ok so here is my first week:

tour de fleece week 1!

and here are the 2nd and 3rd weeks combined:

Tour de Fleece after week 1

(that is the same yarn at the end of week 1 and beginning of week 2 – i spun the single on day 7 and navajo plied it on day 8.) highlights… i spun 100% bamboo for the first time, navajo plied – it’s that bright turquoise shiny mini-skein. spun 100% cotton (organic) for the first time, freaking hard! that 26yards of 2-ply cotton took me about as long to spin as maybe 100yards of 2-ply wool. but i like how it turned out, it’s pretty. and i practiced spinning balanced singles with some insubordiknit dyed wool, i really love how that one turned out!


the only tour yarn i’ve knit with so far was the scraptastic skein i spun for myself in the first week.


as for the yarns i spun to sell… only one of that big batch sold so far, the scraptastic purples flufforama, and it was made into this beautiful scarf by Lynne:


so that means most of those tour yarns are still up for grabs, and these two yarns have just been added to the shop today:

unevenplied01.jpg beadedthreadplied06.jpg

that second one took me way long to spin, with all those loops and beehives and beads!! i was hesitating to even sell it, so i set the price pretty high to make it worth it to me… if no one grabs it and i think of a project i want it for, i’ll keep it for myself! the first one is super fun too – i plied in unevenly on purpose, switching the tension back and forth between the singles, so there are tons of wrapped sections, i think it looks awesome!!

i have some other fun new things coming to the shop soon, and an announcement about my yarn for sale locally in pdx! just need to edit a ton of photos first…. happy saturday, and if you’re in portland, hope you’re handling this heat better than i am!!

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