November 15, 2008

big leethal shop update!

most of my friday was spent updating the leethal shop, and it’s finally done!  tons of new printed shirts are in, a bunch of new shirt blanks for custom print jobs, and lots of new colored vinyl bowls!  some of my favorites:

shirt131.jpg shirt171.jpg

shirt231.jpg shirt181.jpg

rbowlc736.jpg rbowlc727.jpg

rbowlc729.jpg rbowlc730.jpg

and this new hat!

hat031.jpg hat032.jpg

i would love feedback on the shirts (and everything else) so i know which designs i should focus on, what styles/colors/sizes i should look for when thrifting, etc.  i made sure to get bigger women’s sizes for this batch, so my variety is a bit better now…

oh yeah, i almost forgot! crafty wonderland on sunday went well, i had a huge space!  i got to display all my shirts on my clothing rack (yay ikea!) and all my accessories and everything on my shelves, and still plenty of room for my yarn and my photography…


wonderland2.jpg wonderland1.jpg

i didn’t sell tons, since it was still a bit far away from holiday gifting time and i’m guessing people are saving up for that time of year, but i did sell these two shirts that never had a chance to been seen in the shop:

mixershirt.jpg plaidshirtcloseup.jpg plaidshirt.jpg

so far, the button-down styles seem to be the most popular, so i’ll plan on doing more of those for my next batch.

oh, one more thing, and i’d love feedback on this too… for my next stenciled screen printing design (which is what the “i’m a baller” is), i’m thinking of doing “respect the needles, tame the yarn” on shirts. yeah?

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