June 20, 2009

black sheep ’09!

so much fun at black sheep gathering yesterday! but first things first… baby goats! (the sound isn’t important, so turn off your sound now if you want.)

i think we were told they’re 4 weeks old. oh so cute! but ok besides that…  fiber!

black sheep gathering '09 black sheep buys

we looked at braid after braid of pretty fiber, and skein after skein of yarn, and i carried around that massive mesh bag full of this:

black sheep buys

i went for lots of small amounts of all different colored dyed fiber, to use bits in my spinning for stripes and many-colored yarns.  this gave me the most variety and the best deals…

black sheep buys black sheep buys

black sheep buys black sheep buys

  • 7 different colorways of wool from reflection farm, 1 ounce of each (not sure what kind of wool, probably a blend?)
  • 100% merino in 4 different multi-colored colorways and 3 different solids, approximately 1 ounce of each from eugene textile center
  • 5 “puppy” batts (about .5oz) and one bigger mini-batt (1.5oz) from schildt ranch in all different colors
  • 3 ounces of dyed locks from the blackberry patch

black sheep gathering '09

and then there were the sheep… some very silly sheep, with some verrrry silly voices! hah!

black sheep gathering '09

and the goats!

black sheep gathering '09

and more baby goats!

black sheep gathering '09

and just one more… (you can see more animal shots here.)

black sheep gathering '09

and in case you didn’t believe me about the silly voices: (turn the sound on for this one!)

for lunch we went into downtown eugene and ate brown slices in our lotus delight.  then on the way home we stopped in salem for some blizzards (yumm strawberry cheesequake!)…

eugene02 dairy queen in salem, or

…and some thrifting!!

value village in salem, or value village in salem, or

where i found some crafty stuff!  lots of buttons (yay!), a knit/crochet book from 1972 and a pretty good pillowcase set:

value village buys

and then today i felt super inspired to spin, of course!  so spun for a total of about 4 hours, and 360 yards, in the form of 2 skeins of 2-ply (one 86 yards and one 34 yards)…

spunsingles spunonthebobbin

and am totally in love with that one – half alpaca, half all different assorted dyed wools, mostly dyed by me, with a few messy cocoons and beehives thrown in the mix for fun!  i don’t get to keep it though, it’ll be added to the shop once it’s washed and photographed.  and then i did a mini-skein for myself with all the different merino colors from eugene textile center.  the merino was kinda weird to spin, but i don’t have too hard a time with it as long as i’m spinning it thick and thin and not worrying about consistency… if i was trying to make a perfectly even yarn i would probably hate merino.  anyway, it was fun!

spuncloseup spunyarns

so now i’m looking forward to spinning a lot more!  i just ordered a bunch of undyed wools (bfl, shetland, merino, merino/bamboo blend, icelandic, corrie blend) from spunky eclectic, so once i get that i’m sure i’ll be doing tons of dyeing, followed by tons of spinning! and perfect timing, with the tour de fleece right around the corner!!

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