June 23, 2008

black sheep gathering!


so i went to black sheep gathering in eugene on saturday, my first ever fiber festivaly type thing. oh my goodness it was awesome. we were all so exhausted by the end of the day, it felt like spending a day at disneyland! we left at 8am, spent about 3 hours checking everything out and buying some stuff, took a lunch break in downtown eugene to clear our heads, then went back for more shopping and to say hi to the animals, staying till they closed at 5.


i spent my entire budget, and got some really amazing deals, being really good about buying no yarn, just fiber! about 4 lbs of various fancy pretty assorted beautiful fiber! to be exact:


from top left, across three rows…

  • alkanet root and cream of tartar and alum (for natural dyeing)
  • 2oz tri-color organic cotton
  • 6oz corridale wool roving
  • dyed bamboo: 4oz turquoise, 2oz red and brown, 1oz gold
  • 1oz hemp
  • 5oz charcoal/black/brown scrap wool
  • 1lb white/grey/brown/yellow/green superwash wool
  • 4oz brown merino cross top
  • 4oz blue face leicester top
  • 6oz undyed romney wool locks in many shades
  • 6oz dyed mystery wool locks in a million colors!
  • 5oz dyed romney wool locks in a million colors!

i’m so excited to try all these new fibers i’ve never spun before! and my plan for those gorgeous dyed locks is to blend some with undyed alpaca. in my head it looks fabulous…


oh, speaking of my alpaca – i finally got a cheap scale and weighed it all! drumroll… i have approximately 33 pounds of alpaca!! oh yeah!


are you loving the black sheep animal photos? that blond guy above is named stephen colbert! don’t alpacas look weird when freshly shorn? well there are many many more in my black sheep gathering flickr set.


ooh and i have 4 new ninja mitt kit yarns for sale in the shop! two variegated, two 2-color, one of them spun. my personal favorite is the watercolor sunshine, the first one pictured:

knitkitmitts091.jpg knitkitmitts084.jpg knitkitmitts061.jpg

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