August 1, 2008

blog improvement!

ok so here’s the thing. i know my blog has been not-so-awesome for awhile now; i have not been living up to my “do stuff!” goals of making this blog an inspiring collection of project ideas, causing everyone who comes across it to want to go out and, you know, do stuff! because of everything i’ve had going on, for weeks at a time the blog has been nothing but leethal store announcements, and that is no good. so i’m afraid i’ve lost readers, or that readers have kind of stopped paying attention even when i do post projects.

soooo, my point of course, i am now making a major effort to turn this all around. i have some fun projects lined up, some giveaways, lots of maybe-ideas… what i want to ask of you is, what do you want to see on do stuff!? i’m going to list a bunch of subjects i could try to make regular posts and if you could take a minute to comment to let me know what you’ve love to see here, that would be so fantastic and hopefully help me to make this blog a great source of diy inspiration! here it goes:

clothing projects – stuff like the shirt sleeve skirt post, assorted clothing reconstruction/embellishment… i do have a series of projects/designs based on a common theme planned, which will start later tonight or tomorrow, but i could do more shorter (not full tutorial) posts if you want – like, “hey look i made this” kind of posts.

food-related – i am not much of a foodie person, but i do occasionally bake or make interesting things in the kitchen. i’ve thought about posting about food here before but haven’t done so yet…

book-related – not full on book reviews, but kind of like the post i did on cosy’s book a few weeks ago. like, a project i made from the book and a little blurb about the book itself. of course, this would be all different crafts and things, not just knitting.

heads up about my threadbanger posts – i could do a quick post here each week letting you know what i posted on threadbanger, just to let you know in case it’s something you’d want to check out.

portland places/news – i don’t know how big of a percentage of my readers are here in pdx, but is there interest in more portlandy posts?

home decor/origanizing ideas/etc – my apt is too small and super messy, so i’m always trying to come up with new ways to keep things in semi-order. i have a couple things i’m planning on posting about, but i’ll put more focus into that if there’s interest.

photography-related – i do have a background in photography and i collect old cameras and stuff, so i could post random little photo how-to’s, links to fun projects and ideas, that kind of thing…

yarn porn – pictures of yarn i spun or dyed, pretty much for the sake of looking pretty. (i doubt using that word on my blog could possibly bring me more spam comments than i already have!)

random fun/personal stuff – things like flickr games, meme thingys, stuff like that.

ok i think that’s enough of a list to give me an idea of what to focus on – now pleeease let me know what you want to see! i hope i haven’t scared/bored too many people away with my lack of interesting posts in past months. stay tuned for fun stuff, i promise!

and just so this isn’t a pictureless post, here are my first two hat projects from that japanese hat book i showed you. the first one, made from sweatershirt pieces, is an exact pattern from the book:

sweatshirt hat sweatshirthat2.jpg

and my second one is my own design, based on that design from the book. same kind of shape structure, but the center/top shape is a rectangle and the middle section is triangular. it’s made from t-shirt pieces. i think it has potential, made with fabric other than t-shirt…

tshirthat6.jpg tshirthat2.jpg

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