October 4, 2008

blogging news and hair and food!

my first Craftstylish post is up!!  the secret’s out!  i’m doing a series of holiday gift project posts, every week from now through december, starting with the ones that will take months to complete, working up to the quicky last-minute gifts.  i wanted to start with something knit sweater related since that’s the most classic long-term handmade gift, so my first post is a tutorial on unraveling an old sweater and prepping the yarn to knit into a new sweater.  in the next few weeks there will be some projects i’m really excited about; i’ll let you know when they’re up!

finished yarn unravel

and some more exciting news… check it out, me on thursday afternoon and then me a few hours later:

before after

if you’ve already seen it on flickr and commented, thanks for all the nice words!  i really love it!  it’s soooo much different from how my hair has been since i was 6 years old – it’s always been somewhere between medium and long. and, i’ve been dyeing it some shade of red/orange/purple for the last 4+ years, so it’s weird to see my natural color!  (planning to leave it natural for a week or two, then experiment with a new color since it’ll be easier to dye now!)  now i need to make a bunch of new earrings!!

self portrait

something i forgot to include in my post a few days ago… i wanted to express my love for this plush by Hine Mizushima! check out the resemblance!

Hine Mizushima plush  me out shooting

and lastly, i want to post some food photos!  since i started working from home, i’ve mostly been really terrible about food, not wanting to waste time on prep or spend money on quality ingredients.  i’m trying to get better, and this week was awesome because my friends kate and woods weren’t able to pick up their farm share veggies, so star and i went and got them and got to keep a bunch for ourselves!  and, i get to keep going for the rest of october!  i’ll be eating great this month!!  and maybe once i get in the habit, i’ll start buying better stuff regularly…

tofu scramble with eggplant and red + green peppers:

tofu scramble

farm fresh scrambled eggs, and toasted cheddar with yellow tomato and fresh basil:

eggs and tomato sandwich

grilled eggplant and basil with tomato and cheddar on slightly toasted hazelnut bread:

eggplant sandwich

yumyumyumyumveggiesyumyum….. i have a food flickr set where i’m sure i’ll be posting lots more farm fresh meals!  now, back to work on a mystery deadline project that is extremely exciting but i can’t share for a few months, boo secrets!

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