April 2, 2010

Book Giveaway #5: Manga Cross-Stitch

Here’s my last book giveaway of the week, and definitely the most specialized one – Manga Cross-Stitch: Make Your Own Graphic Art Needlework, by Helen McCarthy:

manga cross-stitch

This book needs to find a very specific home, with a needle crafter who is a huge manga fan – I know you’re out there!  I think it’s awesome that such a specialized book got published in the first place, and it’s a super nice book!  If you’re a manga fan but have never tried cross-stitching, this book will go through all the basics to get you started with the craft, including lots of simple and complex stitches…

manga cross-stitch

I know basically nothing about both cross-stitch and manga, so I can’t get into much detail for you, but it seems like a great book with everything you could possibly want to know about making custom manga designs with a needle and thread on canvas.

manga cross-stitch manga cross-stitch

Oh yeah, and there’s a CD!  From the publisher’s website: “Also included is a CD with hundreds of unique manga designs. On the CD are charts for printing out and stitching. Plus, the software included lets artists create their own personalized manga designs by creating their own color palettes.”

manga cross-stitch manga cross-stitch

To enter to win this book, comment here either telling us your favorite manga character that you’d love to stitch, or sharing a cross-stitch project that you’ve done (either just say what it is, or link to a picture).

I’ll pick a winner (at random) on Monday (April 5th) around 3pm.  I’m sorry, but I need to limit these giveaways to within the US to keep my shipping costs low.

(Since I’m giving away 5 books this week, and I really want each of them to go to a home where they’ll be used and enjoyed, please only comment to win the books that you want.  If this book doesn’t appeal to you, see if some of the other books are more your style, and only comment on those – thanks!)

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  • OMGGGGG are you serious? XD I would love this.

    I'd love to cross stitch Totoro, or the kitty from Azumanga Daioh.

  • lesleyd271

    OOOO I would love this!!!

  • Amber

    So random – I was just cross stitching a subversive design the other day and my friend wanted to know if I could do some Japanese anime for him! And is that Sailor Moon on the cover??!?!?

  • yippeeee! this book looks amazing!! I may just need to scoop it up regardless but thank you for the contest!! Happy Weekend! xo

  • aggiepanda

    I would die for this book! I cross stitch all the time and watch anime while i do it. WORD!

  • Hey, that's totally what I need to get back into cross-stitch. I'm hooked on xxxHolic, so it'd be all about Watanuki & Doumeki. Or a foray into anime for Kino, a character of serious awesome. Kino & Hermes, her talking motorcycle, would make a great piece!

  • Courtney

    I want to cross-stitch Evangelion characters…Shinji or Rei! What an awesome concept!

  • My daughter is learning how to cross-stitch and she is just starting to read graphic novels and some Manga. I would love to surprise her with this.

  • iambunnicula

    Wow… this is really wild.
    I'd say, my favorite manga characters to stitch would have to be either Miles Edgeworth from the Ace Attorney/Perfect Prosecutor series (oooh, he's hot. Even if he is just a manga character.) Or the weird and wonderful Kisuke Urahara and Kon from Bleach. Kon would be especially cute… :-D

  • Oh wow, I am amazed this book even exists! I would want to stitch Totoro, Sailor Moon, and that awesome Robot in the last photo you took!

  • wendywallach

    My daughter is really into Manga so i would love this for her. My favorite character is Sailor Moon.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  • mizzelle

    I love cross stitch and manga, so this book is like made for me. My first impulse would be to stitch Sai from Hikaru no Go. Also picturing the elaborate detailed artwork of someone like Kaoru Mori (Emma) in cross stitch would be fun to adapt — difficult but would look amazing!

  • OMgoodness, this is SO AWESOME! I would choose Ponyo from the new Studio Ghibli movie “Ponyo” (http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/ponyo/) She's the sweetest, most adorable little girl!! *^_^*

  • Wow, that would be so appreciated in my house. We combined geekery and needlecraft with great regularity!

  • Lee

    Wooo you're the winner! Congrats!! I'll be emailing you soon to get your address…

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  • Lil_demon121

    i would like to stitch beck mongolian chop squad it would look real nice and it will feel awesome for me to be able to create it.

  • please can you say me if you have some totoro inside ?

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