April 21, 2009

book review: the anti 9 to 5 guide

ok i’m going to try to make book reviews a regular thing for reals, starting today.  i plan to review a mixture of all different diy books, both new and old, knitting and other craft genres, and anything else i’m excited about that i want to share with you!  (some with giveaways!)  but first, here are the reviews i’ve done on the threadbanger blog, since i won’t be reviewing these book again here, but they are some of my favorites, so be sure to check them out!

you can see my review style from those – i do reviews to tell you what i’m excited about, share with you my favorite parts/projects/elements, show some examples.  the point is to show you enough so you should be able to tell whether the book is for you, not to be critical of the books or anything; i just want to show you what i like about them!


for my first book review here on do stuff! i’m going to branch away from craft books and tell you about the book that played a big part in my quitting my day job and going for my dream career!  in the anti 9 to 5 guide, michelle goodman writes about molding your own work schedule and figuring out how to make money doing what you love in a way that makes you feel like you can totally do it!

i read this book the first time on the clock at my day job when i was first starting to make a little money with my leethal business, was just starting my blog, figuring out how to move forward, and it was so inspiring!  that was back when we still lived in california, and i think the motivation i felt from reading this book also played a part in making the move to portland happen!

then i re-read chunks of it while on the clock at the same day job up here in pdx, after putting in my notice, so excited to be making it happen!!  the parts about organization really help me, since that’s the hardest part about working for myself, both organizing my time and my space (and i know i’m not alone in that).  and the book is full of practical tips and checklists, for a nice blend of pump-you-up inspiration and keep-your-perspective reality checks.

anti 9 to 5 covers all kinds of work possibilities, not just working at home, self employment type work.  check out this book if you are considering any kind of non-traditional work schedule, as it covers:

  • figuring out what you’re passionate about
  • breaking into your dream industry
  • making time to do your pet project on the side
  • flex work schedules
  • working from home
  • being your own boss
  • work that helps others
  • feeding your wanderlust
  • working in stereotypically “male” professions

i recently got michelle goodman’s follow-up book, my so-called freelance life, which is a great one if you’re a newbie freelancer like me!


check out her website, with links to buy both books, and tons more great info in blog form!!  i am forever thankful to michelle for putting her experience and her talent into creating these books, as i am sitting here on my couch writing this review as part of my “job” now, before heading into my studio to sew a skirt “on the clock”, while a year ago i was behind the counter of my retail day job, daydreaming that possibly someday i might be somewhere close to where i am today!

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