July 6, 2010

leethal quick knits club patterns vol.2!

It’s out! You can now knit anything and everything from my January-April club pattern sets!  $3 for a month’s worth of 2 patterns, or $6 gets you the whole EIGHT pattern ebook!!  (on ravelry)  The 23 pages include…

leethal quick knits patterns vol. 2!

January’s Afterthought Earflaps and Pinwheel Earmuffs (original blog post):

Afterthought Earflaps Pinwheel Earmuffs

February’s Argyle Cuff and Bolt (original blog post):

cuffs01 bolt04

March’s Cabled Frame and Camera Patch (original blog post):

Cabled Frame Camera Patch

April’s Fruit+Veggie Scrubbies and Mini Produce Bag (original blog post):

fruit + veggie dish scrubbies mini produce bag

Sorry if I sounded all advertise-y but I’m sincerely excited about releasing this ebook!  I really love a lot of these designs so I’m happy for the exclusivity to be over and now anyone who wants them can get them!  Yay!

You can find and buy everything on my site here, or on ravelry here.  Happy knitting!

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June 29, 2010

Major leethal.net and leemeredith.com updates, fun!

Well, this stupid sickness has much delayed my knit design work, but luckily finishing my website updates required slightly less energy, so I got it all uploaded yesterday!  Some of this stuff had been in progress for several months, so I’m so happy for it to be public, but there are some other more minor updates still to come in the near future!

updated leethal.net!

So, the two major things you’ll notice on the blog and on any page within leethal.net are the new headers and the new drop-down menus.  There’s also a new link to a search leethal page in the blog menu to make that easier – there has always been a search bar on the leethal.net home page (since the new site went up about a year ago) but now there’s an obvious place to click here on any blog page, hopefully helpful!

updated leethal.net!

Anyway, I’m really excited about those drop-down menus!  A lot more work than I’d expected them to be, with my limited understanding of css and javascript (code is from here), but so totally worth it!  Now you can basically get to any page within leethal.net from any other page!

And, the headers… those were a sudden burst of inspiration that happened right after the summit last week… I love headers that look crafty and real (like here and here and here for example) so I made mine kind of as analog as I could – these are the photographs I took that got edited to become the header, with different photos plugged into the frames for each leethal section:

DSC_3423 DSC_3442

And then, there’s some new content!  Finally, photography prints are now for sale in the leethal shop!  I put together these photo trios and matted prints way back over two years ago, and had many of them for sale on etsy for awhile, but etsy and I don’t really get along, so I’d been planning this update for quite some time… There will be further updates to this section, as you can see eluded to on the page, but for now – affordable artwork, trios of 4×6’s or matted 8×6’s for $15!

updated leethal.net!

Other more minor update – I separated my knitting patterns into ebooks and single patterns, since there’s kind of a big difference, and I have more ebooks coming soon, so it seemed like a good idea.  You can still browse through them all together on the same page, but now in 3 separate categories: ebooks, single patterns for sale, and free patterns.  Oh, and I keep forgetting to say here – my ravelry designer page is now viewable to non-ravelry members!  So, that link is in the patterns drop-down menu also, for easy clicking.

updated leethal.net!

And gigantic update #2 – brand new leemeredith.com!!  This one was a loooooong time coming, always pushed down on the to-do list, until finally I had a burst of inspiration from somewhere and just went ahead and built it!  My superold photo portfolio that used to live at leemeredith.com still exists (in major need of updating!) through this new page, but now this page makes a heck of a lot more sense to who I am now.  Through this home base, you can click over to leethal.net, do stuff! blog, photo portfolios and shop, my twitter, my flickr, me on ravelry, bad movie bingo, me on blip.fm, and more…

new leemeredith.com!

And after some extreme coding frustration, I was eventually able to get my blog’s feed (and twitter and flickr feeds) to show up in the drop-down menu on the page, yay!  I don’t know if it was worth the effort, but I wanted to make it happen and I did, so I was happy about it!

new leemeredith.com!

Oh, if any of this stuff looks super different (bad) on your screen, or doesn’t work or something, if you could let me know what browser you’re on and what the problem is that would be excellent – I’m on a mac with firefox and safari, so I’m just hoping everything works out fine in other systems…

Ok that post was much longer than I thought it would be… hope you enjoy the new stuff!

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April 5, 2010

New Stitch Sets, Kits, and Spoils!

Oh my gosh new connect-the-dots stitch sets!!  Wooo!!  New in the shop are Sea Creatures, Ocean Abyss (plus a special Under the Sea 10 pack option!), and Rock Instruments


…plus, kits!!  There’s a 3 Set Kit, and an Ultimate 5 Set Kit!  (scroll down close to the bottom)  Kits come with a hoop, needle, and assorted colors of embroidery floss (from Knittn’ Kitten, the reason I bought so much the other day).  When ordering a kit, you can choose whether you want each set packaged normally, or have them all shuffled together for maximum mystery fun!  Also, you fill in a box with which sets you want; if you wanted to be even more surprised, you could write something like “anything except for dinosaurs,” or “sea creatures and surprise me for the rest!”

new stitch set Kits!! new stitch set Kits!!

The Ocean Abyss set is my personal favorite of the new sets – creepy creatures of the deep sea depths!  The example is an angler fish:

Angler Fish! Angler Fish!

I’ve also done a huge makeover to the spoilers page – now, all the extra example pictures are over there, plus you can click to see pictures of mystery images that I’ve stitched from each set!!  So if  you’re super curious about what other creatures, craft tools, cameras, etc, the sets have to offer, you can click to spoil just one at a time and still keep some images a mystery!!


Want a bit of detail about how the actual stitching works?  Basically, you can stitch up the sets however you want, but they come with an instruction sheet with 3 different ways to connect the dots.  The second way is the how the drum set above was done – by making long back stitches between each number, then tacking them down after they’re all connected, you can make the lines curved and make the picture neater.  Below, that method in progress:

In-progress stitching! In-progress stitching!

Then the stitches were tacked down with a contrasting, variegated thread.  See how the tentacles are all curvy?


The main other method is short back stitches, which means only one step instead of two (no going back over the whole thing a second time), but the lines will generally be more choppy, from number to number, since you’re not going back over it to neaten it all up.  (For the record, I like this way best – I like it looking a wee bit choppy/un-perfect and I much prefer one step to two steps!)  This one was done that way:


Another example of the long stitch method, tacking the lines down curved – and you can see in the tail part how you can decide to tack together lines, or separate them, if they’re close together…

Angler Fish!

The yellow/green fabric angler fish at the top is done in the short backstitch method.  Oh, another thing, I don’t have matted sets of the new themes yet – I should have them in a couple weeks probably.

I’m thinking about some way of selling the sets on paper, with instructions for transferring the designs onto any fabric (I need to do more experimenting to figure out the best ways – see Sea Creatures spoil picture two for an example), so you can stitch them onto clothes and stuff… can’t decide whether it would be best to sell the physical paper prints (maybe as postcards), or pdfs so you can print them out whatever size you want… either way, the puzzle element is a little lost in this format, since I’d want to tell you what each design is since you’ll be transferring to clothing and stuff… ok what do you think?  Any interest?

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March 27, 2010

Month of leethal Giveaways!

So all the house-buying stuff has been going super well, and now our moving date is exactly one month from today!  That means many things, a major one being that I need to de-stash!  I also would like to make an extra bit of moving-expenses money, so I’m kind of combining these needs into a leethal giveaway sale!

giveaway stuff

I’ve created a giveaway page in the shop (which you can click to from the top of the shop home page, or the photo box on the leethal home page), full of various pieces of recycled sweaters and other fun crafty gifts, and if you place any order from my shop (that totals at least $9) you get to choose one – I pay shipping on the gift, you get some fun materials to craft with!

Want some ideas for how you could use these sweater pieces?  Here are some projects/tutorials I’ve made!


Felted sweater jewelry! For this project, it’s best if the sweater pieces are very felted (technically, fulled) to avoid any unraveling.

my new cardigan! 13white9

Use sweater pieces in bigger recycled sweater projects, as buttonbands and/or pockets, like the ones in my cardigan or vest.

bluessleeve1.jpg csleeve011.jpg

No tutorial for these, but coffee cup sleeves are easy to make, functional, and have tons of room for creative embellishments!


I’ve made tons of hats with felted and un-felted sweaters – this hat tutorial for the one above shows how to make a kitty hat with a sweater that doesn’t felt (only difference between a felted sweater is that there can’t be raw edges that will unravel).  I did a post on craftster many years ago (pre-blog) with a bunch of recycled material hats… Here are a few more examples below – the triangle top fabric on the left is one of the giveaway options:

yellow sold hat hat031.jpg leethal monster hat!

And one last how-to by me – also a looong time ago on craftster, I did a silly little tutorial for these felt boots:


You can find more recycled sweater projects in a Threadbanger roundup I did awhile back… I know I once saw a how-to for making a purse with a sweater yoke (which would be perfect for light pink piece three down on the right) but I can’t find it – if anyone knows what I’m talking about, you could post a link in the comments…

bead baggies

And then my other crafty giveaway option is a baggie of beads, which came from Knittn’ Kitten!  I have an alternate motive with this option of sharing a piece of my most favorite craft store with a few of you far away from Portland who aren’t lucky enough to be able to shop there.  Each baggie has a bunch of beads, mostly glass, all in pairs, so they’re great for earrings.  The reason I’m de-stashing so many of these beautiful beads is that I keep buying bags of them, use 2 for a pair of earrings for myself, and the rest of the bag sits there since I don’t really do any other bead projects, so now I get to spread the bead goodness!

easy 2-bead earrings easy 2-bead earrings

I did a tutorial for these simple 2-bead earrings, a good beginner project… Each giveaway baggie also includes some cheap earwires to play around with (the same kind I used in this pair and these) and a few eyepins.

If you were being observant at the top of this post, you may have noticed some books in the back of that giveaways photo – that’s because leethal’s month of giveaways will include some raffle-style blog giveaways as well!  This week, Monday through Friday, I’ll be posting a book a day to give away!  4 are knitting books, one is another kind of craft book, all ones I’ve been given and haven’t used, so I want them to go to new homes where they’ll be appreciated and used!

And one last thing, for you, my dear blog readers… I’m extending the shop giveaway to pattern sales (on leethal or ravelry) for anyone who reads this and contacts me about it – if you purchase $12 or more worth of pattern pdfs, through April 17th, email me (leemeredith at gmail dot com) with your gift choice and your mailing address, and I’ll send it your way!

I just found out from Heather this morning that she declared April Stashbusting Month!  So, I didn’t know it when I planned my giveaway month, but I’m totally participating in busting my stash (though I doubt I’ll be doing much stash crafting this month!) – play along and make things with your stash stuff! Yeah!

leethal printed shirt

I almost forgot – I added a bunch of new leethal recycled, printed shirts (and a couple sweatshirts) to the shop!  They were made back in December, finally online now… I’m working on more shop updates, so throughout the next couple of weeks I’ll be adding more stuff for sale, and probably adding more to the giveaways page too (I’ll let you know about both here on the blog), but then after the move, I’ll probably be taking certain things that haven’t sold out of the shop for good.

leethal printed shirt

I think that’s all for reals… Happy giveaway month!

March 16, 2010

Some website updatey stuff!

argus stitching

Ok, first of all, my new Cameras stitch set is available, and to celebrate, here is an extra camera design that didn’t make it into the set!  Click the image below to download the full size version, print it out (100% size is 4×6 inches), and find out what camera it is!  (Ok, it’s not that much of a mystery, but it’s fun still!)

Camera Connect-The-Dots

I’ve been all motivated the last few days with website updating! I’ve been into reading all the comments that came in from my survey a little while ago, and I made a couple of changes based on people’s suggestions…

Someone had this idea – “it would be cool if your front page was more like a shop window, in that the displays changed often (maybe by season, or bi-monthly)…” – and I started thinking about that a bit and really liked it!  I already had the 6 featured things that I changed seasonally-ish, but I wanted to make it pop more and also make it easier to to change often…

new leethal.net homepage

So now there’s this big photo at the top, which I plan to change about once a week (or 2), to whatever i’ve most recently made/released/been working on or just a photo-of-the-day that I really like, or whatever seems to fit… And then below that are 4 square photos of “featured stuff” which I’ll also change, but not as often.  Instead of those being set categories like before (they used to be “featured shop item, featured pattern,” etc), they are just photos with no text so I can change them to anything I feel like featuring.  Of course, all the photos link to whatever is shown for easy navigation.

leethal home page

And then I got a few comments about my shop being confusing (like I find the shop side of the site hard to navigate. There’s too much information on a page and it’s hard to see and sometimes find again what’s there.), which made me realize that having the shop home page featuring items from every category the way it used to probably made things too busy and I needed to simplify that.  So I changed the shop home to match the patterns and yarn home pages, with just square photos for each category, for hopefully easier navigation.

new shop homepage

If other things about the shop are confusing, I would love more feedback to make it easier!  (Or, about anything at all in the site that’s confusing.)  I’m planning on further simplifying in the future – I’m thinking about phasing out some things (hats, accessories, prints…) so I might be taking things out of the shop soon (and/or having sales!) and cutting back the shop pages.  (Side note, if there’s something you want, it might be a good idea to grab it – the whole house buying thing is motivating me to get organized, clear out some stuff, and I might be taking things out of the shop if they don’t sell by the time we move…)

about leethal page

I also did a bunch more updating this morning, and my about section is now up to date (that was on the to-do list for months!), and some other random things here and there that needed to be done.  I’m going to try to be more on top of updating, really I am!  Still need to get to the yarn section, and get the March club photos and info up… Oh yeah and I also got the new dyeing tutorial up on the tutorials page...

tutorials page

One of the reasons I’m showing you all these updates is another bit of feedback I got – Since I pick you up on the feeder I don’t notice changes to the website.  Maybe an occasional “Here’s what’s new on the site” or a featured area of/button on the blog would make me think about clicking though. I figure this is probably the case for lots of you, hence the site-update filled blog post!

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January 22, 2010

New and Improved Connect-the-Dots Stitch Sets!

squirrel on pinkish

You may have noticed, since I first released my connect-the-dots stitch sets in December I haven’t really been mentioning them – well that’s because I’ve been working on a major format update for the last month!  (Oh yeah, I actually did mention them back here, but I said I’d be blogging about it later, so now is later!)  The sets are now being printed by Spoonflower, so the fabric and the printing are both higher quality than my original home inkjet printed numbers onto thin recycled fabric.

piles of stitch sets!

The regular sets are linen/cotton blend canvas, in assorted colors, and are now 6×6 inch squares, which means you must use a 5″ embroidery hoop.  The pictures themselves are 4×6 inches or smaller, so they can be framed in standard 4×6 frames if you want.  The fabric has a great, subtle texture, as you can see in the close-up shots; it’s thick and sturdy, and if you want to wash it that will soften it up a bit.

unicorn on green

I seem to like these yellowy-green shades for my example stitching, but they are semi-rare in my color assortments – the most common color types are light neutrals, blues, and yellow/oranges, with a fair amount of pinks, light purples, and greens.  If you order a set and want certain colors, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.  (I could make sets in a certain color genre, like neutrals, or shades of blue, but I can’t get too specific with what I have in stock.)

blue triceratops

The matted sets are pretty much the same as the original kind, since the Spoonflower fabric used for them is the quilting weight cotton, which is about the same thickness as the recycled fabric I was using, but with higher quality printed numbers.  The update with the matted sets is that I now have 6 fabric pattern options to choose from, at the bottom of the page.

matted on orange flowers

A couple other minor changes from when I first released them… I no longer offer pdfs of the sets.  They weren’t popular, so I’m thinking about saving them up for a future connect-the-dots ebook perhaps… not really sure yet though.  And, I used to have the total number counts in the corners (as you can see here) but I changed my mind, thinking it’s not useful enough and it looks bad up there, so those are gone now.

piles of stitch sets!

So now I have the 4 different sets: Cryptozoology, Craft Tools, Woodland Creatures, and Dinosaurs – each with 5 pictures total, 1 shown as the example, and 4 remaining a mystery (unless you want to spoil it).  The example images are generally the ones that are most obvious in dot-form, so the other 4 are more mysterious.  Most of the sets have a range of difficulty levels, meaning some of the pictures have fewer numbers for simpler shapes, and some have many more numbers for more complex shapes, which I think are the most fun!

Ok I think that’s all the info I’ve got… now that the format is all figured out, I’m excited to make more sets!  (some I have planned for the future include: musical instruments, cameras, sea creatures, something food-y…..)

Oh yeah one last thing, just want to give a big thanks to Evil Mad Scientist Lenore, who first brainstormed the idea of having the sets printed by someone like Spoonflower, over beers at Kennedy School when meeting up turned to crafty shop-talk, as it often does!

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December 16, 2009

Connect-the-Dots Stitch Sets!!

Here it is!  My new project I’ve been devoting my time to for the last couple of weeks instead of making any new hats or anything else for holiday shows, and I’m so happy I did!!  I once again combined my loves of crafting and puzzles/games, as I’ve done many times before, yay!!

unicorn with decoration

It’s connect-the-dots stitch sets, which you embroider from number to number to reveal the mystery pictures!  Each set includes 5 images with a common theme, 1 of which is shown as an example (unicorn for the Cryptozoology set, pincushion for the Craft Tools set), the other 4 remaining a secret until you stitch them up! (I try to choose the image which is most obvious in dot form to be the example, so the others are maximum mysteries.)

There is a spoilers page where you can read the secret image identities (by clicking spoil it on each set) – useful if you might want a set as a gift and want to check what it includes, or if you just hate surprises!

regular set

Sets come with stitching instructions (3 different methods, or you can do your own thing) and the photo example; regular sets are printed on 8×10 inch pieces of fabric (assorted colors) as you see above, and matted sets are printed on 4×6 inch fabric pieces, then sewn onto matching patterned 8×10 pieces (below).  All fabric (and photo paper and packaging) is 100% recycled!

update 01/22/10: the format has changed a bit, see the update post for details.

matted set

Sets are packaged in recycled envelopes with windows to show the colors and set theme (thanks to Scrap for recycled envelopes and label paper, yay!):


So then once you stitch between the numbers and have your picture, you can add your own stitching decoration to make it your own!  I added some french knots as pin tops to this pincushion:

pincushion with decoration

My good buddies Caitlin and Star came over for a movie night last week and were awesome to do some stitching while watching; then they both took home their pieces and kept on stitching up fabulous decorations!!  Caitlin’s unicorn alone, and with beautiful french knot roses (photos by Caitlin):

caitlin's unicorn pre-decoration caitlin's unicorn closeup

And Star’s unicorn, walking on rainbows!!  Yeah!  To show how you can personalize your stitching, I’m adding the example images stitched by different people to the stitch sets page – if you have an example picture I can add, you can either email it to me, or put it up on the leethal flickr group!

star's unicorn

For a better idea of how it works… here is the piece of fabric you start with:

regular prints

Then you can stitch it in one of a few different ways – this one below is an unfinished version of the way my unicorn and pincushion at the top were stitched, as well as Caitlin’s unicorn.  After making these long stitches, you go back over them and tack them down.  (Note: the numbers will never be printed on patterned fabric like this in the sets for sale, only solid colors.)

pincushion unfinished

Or you can make smaller backstitches like this one below, which was also the way Star’s unicorn was stitched up.  (The instructions that come with the sets go into more how-to detail.)


So that’s how it works!  Other important things… there are just the Craft Tools and Cryptozoology [aka imaginary animals] sets at the moment, but making the images is my favorite part, so I already have about eight more sets planned for the future, and will probably just keep releasing new ones every few weeks or so!

PDFs of each set are available as well!  With the PDF, you can print out the connect-the-dots images onto fabric or paper as many times as you want (so, you could fill up your wall with different colored stitched unicorns, or make a mini-connect-the-dots booklet to give a friend, for example) – do whatever you want with the designs for yourself and for gifts, as long as you don’t use them for commercial purposes.  The files come with the stitching instructions like the sets do, as well as how to print onto fabric with an inkjet printer.

If you want to order a set for a Christmas gift, do so right away, as I’m heading out of town on Tuesday so I can’t ship anything last minute.  Not that shipping Monday guarantees arrival by xmas, but if you order it today, I can ship it tomorrow, so that should arrive in time.  I’ll also have some sets at the Scrap Bazaar on Saturday if you’re a local and want one!


Ok so now that you know everything you need to know about this new project, a couple more things….  I have to tell you how this concept came into being!  About a year and a half ago, Rachel (average jane crafter) was in Portland and I got to spend a day of crafty fun with her and Diane, hopping around town to places like Kinokuniya and Twisted.  All the craftiness immersion got us into some kind of silly brainstorming mode, and I don’t remember the details of the conversation, but Rachel and I threw out this concept of embroidered connect-the-dots.  I’d played around with making up connect-the-dots designs before, in my zine, and loved it, so I was way into the idea and wanted to do it, just didn’t know how.  I even tried it once way back then by tracing the numbers onto fabric with a fine-tipped Sharpie – it worked, but took forever!  So then several months ago I read a how-to for printing onto fabric with a normal inkjet printer and it clicked!  I could do that!  I brought the idea back up to the surface, but didn’t have time to fit it into my project schedule till just a couple of weeks ago.  It totally worked, and now it’s gone from this amazing brainstorm idea forever ago to a reality!  Hooray!!!!  And I am forever grateful to Rachel for coming up with the concept with me!  Woooo!


And now that you’ve made it through to the end of this post, I want to offer you a free connect-the-dots design!  It’s a bit of a weird one (I like experimenting) so it’s not great for stitching, but it looks cool on paper – the numbers create a kind of scribble design around the image.  I’ve put this puzzle on the back of my new business cards too!  You can click over to the full size image file to print it out, or if you prefer, you could load it into a photo editing program and connect the numbers with the line tool.  Have fun!!  (oh, and if you do enjoy this, let me know in the comments here or on the flickr page and I’ll know to keep offering more free designs if you like them!)

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December 9, 2009

Assorted stuff all related to the holiday season…

Busy busy week!  Thankfully, I’m pretty much healthy (though this cough won’t leave me!) but I’m frantically trying to get all this stuff ready for Crafty Wonderland on Sunday, so no time for blogging.  Except to share a few things with you real quick now!  I had this idea way back when we first heard Knittn’ Kitten was having a rough time, but then we started that project series and I put this idea on hold, till now….

kitten tags

For the holiday craft show season (and in the future too), for Portland crafters who use materials from The Kitten in your items – I made a sheet of tags that say:

handmade with materials from The Knittn’ Kitten!
Portland’s craft thrift store
located at NE Glisan + 76th

Print out the sheet (from the full size jpg here or the pdf here) on cardstock or photo paper, cut up the tags, punch holes in the corners, and tie them onto your items!  Or you could print them onto label paper and stick them onto items.  Let your customers know about our favorite local shop of awesome!

Here’s a random holiday-gifting-related thing… Anyone who is buying a copy of Game Knitting as a gift – if you burn the ebook onto a disc to gift it, you can print out this CD cover (full size, which is 5×5 inches) to slip into the case:

Game Knitting Cover For Discs

Other ideas: you could print out the table of contents to put in the back cover; print out the first couple of pages to fold up and put in the case…

crafty wonderland!

I’m so super duper ultra mega excited about this new project I’ve been working on the last few days; it’s not ready to release online quite yet, but I will be revealing it for the first time ever at Crafty Wonderland!!  I’ll give you a few hints… it’s embroidery-related! it’s game/puzzle-related! it’s cheap (under $10) and great as a gift for crafters!  I’m hoping to reveal it online and release it for sale to all around the beginning of next week.


If any locals are interested in what else I’ll have at Wonderland, pretty much everything that’s in my online shop, plus a bunch of new printed shirts, sweatshirts, and a couple of printed recycled tote bags, lots of photographs (trios of 4×6’s, and 8×6’s in 8×10 mats), plus that one new scarflet pictured above, and possibly some new mitts if I magically have time.  (by the way locals, Trillium has some of my scarflets in their shop!)  I’ll have custom ice cream earmuff/headband kits too – meaning, all the flavor scoops in a bowl for you to put together a custom kit with you choice of flavors!  Still tons of work to do before then, but I’m really excited about it!!

update 12/10:  I forgot, I’ll also have a bunch of hat and ninja mitt knit kits that aren’t in my online shop yet!

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November 29, 2009

New pattern and kits: Double Scoops!

earmuffs10 headband08

It’s my new leethal pattern and kits!!  Woooo!  This one has been a seriously long time in the making, so I’m super exciting for it to be released for all to see!!  Double Scoops is a dual-purpose pattern for either ice cream earmuffs or a headband – and for the custom kits you can choose from 16 different hand-dyed ice cream flavor yarns!  (check out all the flavors on the kits page)  The pattern pdf is available on its own for $4 (through my shop or ravelry), and kits range in price depending on the specifics – online kit orders include a copy of the pdf as well.

earmuffs11 kit01

The earmuffs are made with two 2 scoop cones – mine are pistachio, vanilla covered in extreme sprinkles, black cherry chocolate cheesecake, and spumoni!

earmuffs08 earmuffs12

These ties are twisted, and the top piece is braided.  And the lining is my handspun 100% alpaca! So warm and cozy!

alpaca lining earmuffs03

The headband is two 3 scoop cones connected at the top – mine are orange cream, rainbow sherbet, vanilla with chocolate fudge, rocky road, neapolitan, and strawberry:

headband15 headband09

The ties here are braided, and the lining is the gray-blue 100% cotton:

headband13 headband16

So, you want some back story?  Way back in I think early summer of 2008, my buddy Amber asked if I could custom knit her some ice cream cone earmuffs, to proclaim her love of ice cream to the world all winter long.  What a genius idea – thanks so much to Amber for that original concept!!  So it got me brainstorming about custom dyeing yarn for her cones, which then got me thinking about turning the whole concept into kits!  Well I made her pair, which turned out ok, but not quite how I’d envisioned them… I tried putting cables in the tops to look like soft-serve swirls, but that was kind of a fail.  And I used seed stitch for the cones, which did not look like waffle cone texture. And I crocheted the back lining on around the outside, making an outline and further distorting the ice cream shapes.

ice cream earmuffs ice cream earmuffs on me

I put the project up on ravelry, and got almost no response, so I got a bit discouraged and put the whole idea on hold while I pursued other designs.  Well a couple of months ago I decided to pick it back up, do some redesigning, and get it out to you by the holiday season.  That process started with a big batch of 8 ice cream dyed yarns!  So fun!

Ice Cream Yarn! Ice Cream Yarn!

My initial redesign included Barbara Walker’s Long-Slip Textured Pattern for the cones, and rounded tops.  After finishing the earmuff pieces, I brainstormed up the headband idea – adding one extra scoop to each and joining them at the tops.  (The flavors you see below are, left to right: lighter rainbow sherbet, berry chocolate swirl, mint chip, mocha fudge, spumoni, orange cream, blueberry cheesecake, and raspberry.)

firsttryearmuffs01 firsttryheadband08

So I made a complete headband, with merino/angora/cashmere blend lining, crocheted the pieces together, then decided the design wasn’t quite complete.  The final design is basically the same, except with reverse stockinette ridges at the bottoms of each scoop to look more scoop-like, and the top scoops are rounded in more.  Sadly, I like the flavors in this first no-good headband (as well as the fancy lining) much better than my final headband!


And (after a twitter poll) I decided sewing the pieces together is the better way to go, but I still included crochet directions in the pdf in case anyone prefers, which looks like this.  It makes the edges thicker, which you may or may not like…

firsttryheadband04 firsttryheadbandedge

As for the kits, they include scoops of yarn in your choice of ice cream flavors, coffee-dyed wool for the cones, and your choice of back lining yarn, packaged in some kind of clear, recycled container (from Scrap), with the pattern booklet, marked with the custom kit contents on the back.  I have a bunch of these containers pictured below, but they don’t have lids, so I’m not sure how to close them up; today I scored with some tennis ball containers with lids, which are super perfect like they’re made for ice cream knit kits!  But, the thing about keeping my packaging recycled, those will run out and I’ll have to find something new, so packaging is definitely subject to change.

kit04 kit

I’m glad I got this released before December 1st, since a kit would make a fun gift for a knitter, and finished earmuffs or a headband would make a great (relatively quick to make) gift for someone silly like me who would wear such a thing, or for a kid!  As Pearl shows us:

pearl05 pearl02

Links all together in one place for you:  kits are in the shop, the pattern page on leethal.net, and the ravelry pattern page here.

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November 11, 2009

Portland sale and project, and yarrrrn!

Portlanders!  Now that Halloween is over, we’re into that season, and this Saturday is the Trillium Artisans Holiday Sale!!  Sale not as in craft fair type sale, but as in everything is 20% off all day sale!  That’s a big deal since everything at Trillium is handmade by local artists/crafters, using at least half (usually much more) recycled materials, with great attention to quality and awesomeness!!  I sell my recycled yarn knit kits and recycled sweater scarflets through Trillium, and I plan to drop off some brand new items before the sale!

trilliumyarn05.jpg stripeytrilliumscarflet2.jpg

Also, it’s their 10 year anniversary, which rocks; and also, you get to meet the artists and drink wine and eat snacky goodies!  And one last also, when Trillium says “eco-friendly, fair trade gifts” they seriously mean it!  Hope to see you there!!

trillium sale

A note for non-Portlanders or anyone who can’t make it to the store – Trillium has a great etsy shop too!  You can find a couple of my mitt kits there, and tons of other fabulous stuff!

Next up (also for locals)… it’s the last week of free Knittn’ Kitten project sheets!  This one is by Bridget Benton and makes fabulous use of the doilies you can find at the Kitten!

Doily Projects Doily Projects

Bridget says:

This project sheet was inspired by a scarf pattern I saw in Generation T: Beyond Fashion by Megan Nicolay and by all the awesome crochet-adorned garments in, yes, Crochet Adorned by Linda Permann. I can’t crochet, but I can sure as heck buy crocheted doilies from the Knittn’ Kitten, and experiment with 100 ways to get them off the couch and onto my clothes . . . I heartily encourage you to do the same!

There’s also this bonus t-shirt project – love it!!

Doily Projects

Soooo, now that all the projects have been released at the Kitten, you can be expecting a free (to everyone) ebook with all of them coming soon!!  Wooo yay!  (Give your thanks to Diane for putting it together!!)

Famous Yellow Belly

Hey look I spun yarn a couple weeks ago!  Haven’t really been spinning at all since Tour de Fleece (except spun recycled for the club, and that dirty alpaca), so it was fun to make this skein!  It’s destined to be knit into an Elizabeth Zimmermann snail hat, for Cosy’s snail hat along, but super belated (oops, better late than never)!  Those were both ravelry links – see Cosy’s blog post about handspun snail hats here.  So, it took me 4 1/2 months to spin the yarn for the project, so I’m guessing the hat won’t get done till ’10 at least, but it’ll be super fun to make a project just for me, just for fun!

Famous Yellow Belly

Oh yeah, the yarn!  It’s spun with Spunky Eclectic bamboo/merino blend in the Sumac colorway, and a batt from the Traveling Rhinos fiber club.  Spun so that the colors matched up a little when plied (for blendy stripes), beginning and ending with the yellow/brown bamboo blend, with the many colors of assorted wooly goodness in the middle.  I named it Famous Yellow Belly after a Tara Jane O’Neil song.  Hoping it knits up beautifully!

Razzle Dazzle Rose

Oh yeah, this yarn talk just reminded me that I added some new colorways to my cuff kit selection! I really love this crazy one, that I named Razzle Dazzle Rose (after a Camera Obscura song), and struggled to resist keeping it all for myself! Same yarn, different angle:


Then there’s Ocean Breathes Salty (named after a Modest Mouse song, but really named for the Sun Kil Moon cover of the song, which feels like the yarn):

Ocean Breathes Salty

And Promises In the Dark (Pat Benatar song) is a dark charcoal over-dyed with subtle green and blue:


Yay yarn! Really hoping to get some new mitt kits in the shop soon too! Right now though, I’m hard at work on a secret project (which involves hand-dyed yarn)! I was hoping to release it this week, but it needs more work to get perfect, and with the November club shipping on Monday, it probably won’t be announced till late next week. But it’ll be super duper cool and worth the wait, really!

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July 27, 2009

Tour de Fleece wrapup!

Tour de Fleece is officially over!  And I rocked it!  I totally succeeded at my goal, which was to either spin, dye, or unravel every day of the tour – I spun or dyed fiber every day, with the only exception being that I flipped a day of rest with the previous day due to my schedule (and on the other day of rest I spun anyway).

Tour De Fleece 2009

So you can see details about my first 4 yarns on my week 1 post, and all of the yarns’ names and my tour stats if you click on the mosaic. I want to show you all the rest of them, but I won’t get into process stuff for them all, just my favorites or the ones that have interesting processy things…


Day 6:  I’m so proud of this one! Coil-filled thread plied, striping between shades of blues and greens.  I plied it on 2 thin threads instead of 1 thicker one – a regular sewing thread type, in variegated green colors, and a weird stretchy nylon (I’m guessing) thread in light blue, found unlabeled at Knittn Kitten.


So first I spun the striping single a bit overspun, a bit thick and thin, then I plied it on these 2 threads, adding in anchored coils randomly and often.  I also held the thread apart at several random points – spinning the stretchy blue thread around the outside of the wool, with the sewing thread inside, for some extra fun bits.  I love this yarn so much!  (Ease Your Feet In the Sea: 104 yards, 4 ounces)


Day 6 (also):  This was one of my only recycled yarns spun during the tour – it’s 2 strands of 100% cotton, with bits of yarn and thread scraps spun in throughout!  To make this yarn, I spun each strand of recycled cotton (well, several strands held together because that’s how most commercial cotton sweaters are knit) separately to put twist into it, adding the scrap bits into them while spinning.  I did that by sticking the tips of the scraps in between the cotton strands, spinning them all together, then sticking the other end between the strands.  Then I plied the 2 twisted cotton singles together, sometimes adding extra wraps around the ends of the scraps to hold them in tightly if needed.  (Blindsided: 170 yards, 5.6 ounces)


Day 10:  This is a basic striping single, spun with 100% BFL wool (suuuper soft!) in warm shades of brown, coffee-dyed, and smaller bits of blue.  Love how it turned out!  (Starfish And Coffee: 135 yards, 2.4 ounces)


Day 12:  I’m loving navajo plying more and more each time I do it!  This was my first navajo plied spun for the shop, now that I feel comfortable enough with the technique, and I’m super happy with the yarn!  I used mostly naturaly shades – browns, blues, greens – with 1 stripe of orange and 1 of red for some pop!  (Melody Of Certain Three: 76 yards, 3.2 ounces)


Day 13:  Bulky 2-ply, with lots of dark shades of grey, blue, green, purple, brown, red… and of course a little bright orange thrown in for good balance!  (In This Dark: 63 yards, 2.8 ounces)


Day 14:  A very experimental skein, this yarn stripes between dark/neutralish shades of wool – brown, grey, (dark) red, blue, green – which are broken up with long coils of uncarded alpaca dyed in candy colors (light blue, green, orange, yellow, red).  The coils are fuzzy and messy due to the nature of the uncarded alpaca, and will really pop when knit up amidst the dark wooly shades!


To get this yarn, first I spun a single, a bit overspun, striping between the wool, switching to small stripes of the alpaca randomly, in the middle of the wool colors.  Then when plying, I just thread plied as usual until I reached an alpaca bit, at which point I anchored the coil by wrapping the thread around the wool, then coiled the alpaca, just like the small coils in that top yarn, anchoring the other end when it switched back to wool.  Oh I also added more interest in the coils by adding some granny stacks, as explained in Intertwined. Like I mentioned in my first spinning processy post, if you want to learn about all these techniques, I highly recommend both that book and Insubordiknit’s DVD!  (Rainbow in the Dark: 80 yards, 3.3 ounces)


Day 15:  Another super soft striping single – this one is made up of different wools, including lots of BFL and some soy silk/wool blend.  Mostly lightish shades of blue, green, orange, and brown, with a couple bits of darker brown and green.  (Perfect Afternoon: 122 yards, 1.8 ounces)


Day 17:  Rainbow-tastic!  This 100% alpaca yarn stripes between yellow, green, blue, purple, red, and orange, with some blending between each color.  Some colors are longer than others (not much green, lots of red and orange…); I think this will knit up beautifully!  I made this one by separating out the 6 shades across my couch, then splitting each color approximately in half – I could have weighed the halves, but I didn’t want them to be exact.  I spun each single the same, starting at one end of the row of dyed fiber, through each color, then I plied them together as usual.  Because the color sections were approximately the same, but not exact, the colors overlapped plenty to make each solid shade, but they all overlapped with the neighboring colors more or less, so the stripes will be blendy, just how I wanted!  Yarn success!  I hope this yarn ends up with someone who will knit something awesome to wear with pride!  (Psychic Rainbow: 65 yards, 2.2 ounces)

day20yarn05 day20yarn04

Day 20:  Coily thread plied, similar to the top yarn, with all superduper soft BFL and South African Fine wool!  (Bridges and Balloons: 66 yards, 2.2 ounces)


Day 22:  This bulkylicious single was spun with 2 different colors/fibers held together at all times – mostly different wools (including a bunch of black shetland and merino), with some organic cotton (so hard to spin!), some bamboo, and some hemp!  All different colors in here, but the black gives it a darker look than most of my yarns.  I’m getting better at controlling the weight of my singles (usually I kind of let the fiber be the weight it wants to be), and this is a pretty successful (balanced and nice looking) bulky single yarn!  Still thick+thin, which I like, but averages out at a bulky weight.  (Big Day Coming: 116 yards, 4.3 ounces)


Day 23:  And my last yarn of the tour – soft, lofty, colorful 2-ply!  Similar to my Coughing Colors yarn I spun right before the tour, but a bit finer, and softer due to using lots of BFL, South African Fine wool, and soy silk/wool blend.  Like that other yarn, and also like Spiraling Carnival and others, I plied it unevenly for coily wrapped bits like you can see below.  (Especially in the blue and the green in the middle.)  I love that technique, though I don’t see other spinners doing it…


The other cool thing about this yarn is the way I did the colors – 1 single is long stripes of color, blending a little bit (I think it goes brown, grey, green, blue, red, orange), and the other single is short stripes of all different, non-blending colors.  So when it’s knit, it’ll stripe the short stripes on the long stripes blending base – hard to explain, but it’ll look cool!  I really love this one!  (Summer and Lighting: 112 yards, 2.9 ounces)


In case anyone’s interested – a couple of these are in the shop now, and a couple more will be added soon.  Hooray Tour de Fleece!!  Yay Star for starting the whole thing!  Star rocks everyone’s socks off!!

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July 23, 2009

new leethal.net is up!

Wow I can’t believe it’s up!  2 months+ of serious work, it’s a weird (good!) feeling for it to be done!  Well, not done done, it’ll always be a work in progress, always new stuff to add, but it’s up and you can see it!!  There’s so much going on, I’m dividing it into a few posts throughout the day – first, the new site in general, next will be about the new quick knits section!

new leethal header

You can click around and see for yourself, so I won’t tell you about obvious things (and there’s also the stuff I talked about last week).  Pleasepleaseplease let me know if you notice any typos, errors, broken links, weirdness, confusing anything, something looks weird on your browser, etc.  This was so much work spread out over so much time there’s a really good chance I missed some mistakes somewhere…

One fun new thing – free leethal wallpapers!  I’ll be adding more soon, then whenever I feel like it; there are not many photos yet, so I’m hoping to add more of those over the next few days…  The tile patterns are from photos or scans, made into boxes that will tile seamlessly on your desktop!  They’re meant for personal use only – if you want to use one as a website/blog background or anything else public, please credit me and link to leethal.net, and please let me know, thanks!

new leethal wallpapers

Something random you may have noticed – it was always part of my leethal branding (or something, branding is weird) that everything throughout my site and blog was lower-case, but I’ve decided to re-brand that aspect.  There’s still lots of lower-case throughout leethal.net (including “leethal” which I always spell lower-case), but for the most part sentences and names and things are capitalized and the blog will be too, starting now.  More professional, dontcha think?

Moving on, here are some aesthetic comparisons between the old and the new sites, just for fun…

oldleethal01 leethal.net

Home page – the new home page not only works as navigation to any section of the site, but it has some featured stuff, my twitter feed, and a search bar!

oldleethal02 leethal shop

Shop – after designing the new site, I really hate how the old shop looked!  Most exciting thing about the new shop: click the pictures and see!  Also new, an info section and a feedback page!

oldleethal12 leethal yarn

Patterns and Yarn – instead of smooshing everything knit-related into one single page, I’ve given patterns and yarn each their own section, with every single pattern getting its own page, and each type of yarn getting a page with big photos!  The only problem is that old links to patterns will direct to the yarn section, and old links to handspun for sale to the yarn gallery (handspun is for sale in the shop now).  But I think navigation is easy enough that it’s obvious where you should go to find what you’re looking for.

leethal favicon

Another thing I’m excited about – I’ve added a favicon to leethal!  That’s that little icon you can see in the url bar, or the tab, or the bookmark, depending which browser you’re using.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me in Firefox because of the cache or something, but it does show in Safari, and it shows in Firefox when I go to the old leethal.coloredlights.net address as you can see above.  Also, I don’t know how to put it in the blog because that’s php which I don’t know…

Speaking of coding, I feel pretty accomplished to have gotten so far in css!  A few months ago I knew absolutely nothing about css, and now I’ve made a pretty lengthy stylesheet for all of leethal, it’s error free, and I feel like I could totally go into any style sheet and know what it’s talking about! Yeah!

Ok that’s all for now… except, if you’ve ever gotten leethal yarn and knit it into something, be sure to add photos to the flickr pool or send them to me, so I can link to your creation from the yarn page! Woo!

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July 2, 2009

yarn and fiber and weaving and knitting, whoa!

first of all, after getting all pumped up about spinning after black sheep, i did a spinning roundup on threadbanger to help people get started;  i was so happy to see it mentioned on the craft blog!  hopefully it’ll inspire many to at least try out a spindle…  i hope to have lots of handspun posts over the next month, with tour de fleece starting on saturday, so i hope you like yarn photos!  my plan for this year, since last year i started super strong then i lost my momentum and barely spun for the second half, is to either spin, dye, or unravel sweaters for recycled yarn, every day of the tour.  so basically, something related to yarn-making, instead of only spinning.  that way i think i’ll keep it up!

2-ply alpaca and wool colors

these are my two new yarns in the shop!  it’s been so long since i’ve had new yarn up!  i’m super happy with these two, the top one being half alpaca and half striping colors of wools, with some messy cocoons and beehives thrown in for extra fun; and the bottom being all different kinds of dyed wool, including some soy silk/wool blend, striping blendy stripes between the colors.  i named it spiraling every color because there are just so many colors, i couldn’t choose a name, or something… the top one – snow flowers – was named by pete!

super colors 2ply yarn

in other fibery news, i’ve done so much wool dyeing recently!  during about 5 days before and after black sheep, between doing stuff with pete’s parents, i managed to dye all this:


you can see close ups of it all here; these are some of my favorites below.  on the left is all the bfl from crown mountain farms i got at black sheep last year (yeah it took me awhile to get to it, i wanted to save it until i felt like i knew what i was doing more…).  on the right is some weird superwash pencil roving-ish wool, also from black sheep last year, and the chunky braid is south african fine wool from hello yarn – love the colors i got in all these!!

farmbfls2 superwash+africanwools

and then i really like this one because it’s so different from my usual dye colorways – it’s fun to venture outside your norm! it’s a grey base (wool blend from spunky eclectic) with different dark shades of purple, blue, and green – it doesn’t photograph well, but you get the idea.


i loved seeing all the hanging braids at black sheep, and we were talking about wanting to have braids hanging in our homes, so i figured out a way to do it!  it looks pretty silly in real life, over in a corner where the kitty can’t reach, but i feel like having some visible dyed wool will inspire me to spin more!

hanging fiber

those are, in order left to right, dyed by me, merino from black sheep, next 2 dyed by me, spunky eclectic romney in sangria colorway, dyed by me, spunky eclectic merino/bamboo in sumac colorway, and last 2 dyed by me.  yay color!

hanging fiber

now that i’ve dyed through a bunch i’ve fiber i’ve had for a year+ i can get dyeing on the big box of fiber i got from spunky eclectic!  i got small-ish amounts of a bunch of different fibers to see what i like best and order more of my favorites!  and speaking of buying fibery stuffs, i took advantage of twisted’s sale of the week the other night and got 6 different colors of louet riverstone chunky!  i only planned to get 2 or 3, but there were so many gorgeous colors, i couldn’t stop grabbing them!  what they will become is a bit of a secret, but it will be colorful!!

louet yarn

and hey check it out – weaving!  i finally made the pocket loom that came with craft:08 and started playing!  it’s totally fun, and i’m loving how it looks!  i’m using pieces of different wools to make a crazy stripey scarflet type thing, i think.  if you don’t have the craft magazine, you can download the loom here – be sure to print it on the thickest cardstock you have.  the cardstock from the magazine is a bit flimsier than i’d like; if i get into it, i plan to try making one with thicker cardboard.  as david said when i was playing at knit night, my heddle is not rigid!


and a close up:


oh and, what about knitting? you may ask… oh yeah i’m doing plenty of that too!  i actually have many patterns in some form of development at the moment (something like 8+) and i’ve been working on something invloving handspun because of my spinning obsession, but i’m thinking about putting that one aside to work on something potentially summer-friendly to try to release soon-ish, if it works out.  we’ll see…


this is a peek at my handspun project, which was knit with this yarn which i spun during tour de fleece last year – i lovvve how the stripey colors knit up!!

and i’ll leave you with something non-fibery.  i just have to share with anyone who will listen my extreme love of a cd i bought the other day.  i rarely buy new music anymore, on my self-employed non-salary, but i splurged at music millennium and bought the new portland cello project: the thao and justin power sessions and i just can’t stop listening to it!  i am a huge fan of thao, but i had never heard of justin power, and now i love him too!  i’ve never seen portland cello project, except accompanying laura gibson at her cd release show, but now i need to see them!  can’t recommend this album enough!

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May 25, 2009

ten 10 yard cuffs, part 2: kits!

they’re up! 10 yard cuff kits! a little later than planned because it took freakin forever for that huuuge shop update, but i’m so excited about them!!  so, here’s the deal…

10 yard cuff kits!

a standard kit comes with one mini-skein and 2 buttons, for making one cuff.  so $10 gets you 10 patterns, 10 yards of hand-dyed recycled yarn, and the vintage/recycled buttons to match.  they are packaged together using a piece of recycled cardboard and cotton yarn, which comes off the booklet easily.

10 yard cuff kits!

by default kits come with the printed pattern booklet (which has all the same content/photos as the pdf, and is printed in color on 100% recycled greenpix photo quality presentation paper), but you can choose to get the pdf emailed to you instead if you prefer digital.  (getting the pdf means you can view it on any computer if you save it in your email, you can print it out as many times as you need, and only the pages you need, no risk of loosing the book, and it’s much easier for me, but the booklet means it’s more of a real kit, so it’s the way to go for gifts, or if you’re a zine collector…)  if you want the pdf in your ravelry library, or if you’ve already gotten it, you also have the option of buying the kit without the patterns – meaning the mini-skein and matching button pair only.  this option also means you can get one full kit, then extra no-pattern kits to make more cuffs.

10 mini-skeins

and speaking of making more cuffs, there are also 3 cuff kits.  ordering a 3 cuff kit means i will choose 3 different yarns for you, but you can let me know if you have color requests.  a 3 cuff kit is packaged all together like this:

3 cuff kit

then there’s the 10 cuff super kit!  it’s called super for a reason!  you get 10 mini-skeins (mostly different, probably a few overlaps), each with a different pair of matching buttons, the pattern book, and a pair of vintage knitting needles, all packaged together in a handmade or recycled gift bag or box!  i made up 3 bags today with recycled fabrics – you may get bags like these, or maybe you’ll be surprised with a whole different kind of package!

10 cuff super kit gift bag 10 cuff super kit gift bag

as for the needles – i used size 10 needles on all the cuff samples, but i know i’m a tight knitter and many would be better off with 9’s or 8’s.  the 10 cuff kits will have needles sized 8, 9, or 10, so let me know if you have a preference (although i can’t make guarantees about what i’ll have on hand).

10 cuff super kit gift bag 10 cuff super kit gift bag

the shipping prices are included in all cuff kits (the silly reason for this is that i really wanted to sell the ten 10 yard cuff kits for $10 even, hah!) and i don’t have options for international shipping on my site.  here’s info pasted from my shop’s home page: my shop is kind of lo-fi so i don’t have shipping options for outside the states – i will ship anywhere, but i may have to bill you extra after you order if necessary. the easiest thing to do is to email me with international shipping inquiries before ordering and i can send a bill for your total. thanks! so, the same goes for the cuff kits – it’ll probably be just an extra dollar or two (more for 10 cuff kits); just email me and i’ll send a paypal invoice.

10 mini-skeins

one other thing – because the yarn is all hand-dyed by me on a small scale, not all mini-skeins will be alike, since the dye sometimes hits only one side of the skein or the other.  so, a cuff i knit with a yarn may have more or less of a color than the skein you get in your kit; every mini-skein is unique!

if you have any questions or special requests about any kit stuff, feel free to email me, or comment here, and i’ll get back as soon as i can.

leethal bracelet knit kit

also added to the shop today, which go hand in hand with the cuff kits, are a bunch of new bracelet kits!  all the same yarns as the cuff kits, on a smaller scale, good for if you just want a tiny sample of the yarn, or if you’re a super new knitter – the bracelets are a great first project!

leethal bracelet knit kit

the new bracelet kit patterns are now printed on the same fancy recycled greenpix photo paper as the cuff books, with color photos (they used to be all black and white).  i’m a big fan of that paper!  (for full disclosure, a few of the kits are still the old booklets that i had left from before, so there’s a slim chance new orders could get old booklets.)

leethal bracelet knit kit

yay knit kits!  hope i didn’t forget anything important…

oh one last thing… i am starting to work on a big website makeover, which will include a shop redesign.  i have a few specific plans, but i could definitely use any suggestions you might have.  any constructive criticism of the shop would be great, so i know how to make it better when i redo it. thanks!

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