December 14, 2008

monster hats galore! and more!

well the weather here in portland was very distracting today, but i’ve finally finished my big leethal shop update with the hats (and one pair of ninja mitts) that are left after my three holiday shows.  funny thing – last year people kept asking me if i had any kid’s hats, which i did not, so this year i made three of them, and sold none.  so, new in the shop are 3 kid size hats, and 4 adult size hats.  and some of them are special!

velcro eyes hat! velcro eyes hat! velcro eyes hat!

first, and most special, velcro eyes!  this is a concept i’d been planning on trying out for at least a year and a half (i remember pete and i brainstorming about it before moving to portland) and i’ve finally made it a reality!  the hat has velcro squares, and comes with 3 different eyes, which you could also mix and match if you wanted.

velcro eyes hat! velcro eyes hat!

the hat comes with a drawstring bag to hold the extra eyes, and a little loop sewn into the tag that the bag can hold onto for safe keeping.  i’m so excited to have finally made one of these, and i have plans to make even more elaborate velcro designs!

stretchy monster hat! stretchy monster hat! stretchy monster hat! stretchy monster hat!

and then there’s this one! it’s super duper stretchy (spandex blend!) so it’ll fit pretty much anyone (comfy on my 22″ head) and it’s long, so you can wear it floppy, folded up and down for an eared monster, or folded up and under for a plain eared hat. or there’s that last option!

floppy ears tie hat! floppy ears tie hat! floppy ears tie hat!

and i love this one! it’s an alpaca blend, wide and floppy, with braided ties hanging from the points.  it looks super cute tied back behind your head, or you can cover your ears and tie it under your chin!

leethal monster hat! leethal monster hat!

and there’s a good old fashioned monster hat! (and it’s a fancy one, with lots of hand-stitching!)  and here are the 3 kid’s hats:

kid's size leethal hat! kid's size leethal hat! kid's size leethal hat!

oh and the ninja mitts!  i made three pairs at the last minute on friday, and two of them sold on saturday, yay ninja mitts!  i love ’em, i’m so glad other people do too!

cabled ninja mitts! cabled ninja mitts! leethal ninja mitts!

ok so the thing about ordering stuff, any stuff, from my shop – if you want me to ship it before xmas, i have to get the order by noon (west coast time) on tuesday (the 16th).  i’m leaving for california on wednesday, and planning to take everything to the post office tuesday afternoon, so if i get your order after that i won’t be able to send it until the 27th when i’m back in town.

sorry to have a blog post all about my shop, but there will be a couple fun posts coming soon, i promise!

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December 6, 2008

hats! and more hats! yeah hats!

handmade nw show

quicky post tonight before i get some sleep for the 100th monkey twilight sale tomorrow… the handmade nw show on tuesday went ok, not exactly busy (why tuesday? hmm) but i got lots of good feedback and decided to focus on hats for the upcoming shows.

if you’ve been following my stuff for awhile you might remember last holiday season and before i had a bunch of monster hats (like this one and this one and this one) but then after they sold out last year i never got motivated to make new ones.  i got into the yarn making and other things and took a break from the hats.  well i made a few new ones for the tuesday show, and they got more attention than anything else, so i got excited to make more, and that’s just what i spent the last two days doing!  here’s what i created yesterday and today:

hats for sale

grey monster hat kids pointy eared hat green floppy hat

there are a few kid sized hats this year – that’s something i was kind of lacking last year.  and then these are the 2 that i had on tuesday that i still have:

blue striped monster hat kids glasses hat

and i sold this one on tuesday morning, about 10 hours after i finished making it!  luckily i did make sure to take a few pictures before the show.  it looked so great on the girl who got it – it fit her head much better than mine, i’m so glad she got it!

yellow sold hat yellow sold hat

ok so the thing about these hats… they are not going up in my shop until both shows are over – 100th monkey tomorrow (saturday 12/06) and SCRAP next saturday.  so if you’re in portland and you want a hat, be sure to make it to one of the shows and hope it’s not gone yet.

for everyone else, i will be posting them for sale on my site on sunday the 14th (or possibly even the night before), then blogging about them as soon as they’re up.  you’ll have to act fast if you want anything for a holiday gift because i’m leaving to california on the 17th, so i’ll need to get your order by the morning of the 16th to get it mailed before i leave.

a few of the new hats have super special things about them that i’ll keep a secret for now. (like, different ways to wear them…)  i am really excited about these hats!  yay hats!

one more thing… wanna see a supershort video of garbanzo?!  here she is pretending to be an awkward statue:

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November 24, 2008

frame tutorial and some other things i made


craftstylish tutorial of the week: multi-photo frame!  i really love this one, it turned out exactly how i wanted it!  don’t you love it when a project comes out of your head and becomes a finished product just how you pictured it? yeah!

12.jpg 13.jpg

also, a couple new handspun yarns in the shop! it was my first time spinning since we got kittyhead. i had been dreading it because i imagined she would go kitty-crazy and pounce at my hands and the fiber and it would be disasterous… but, no! nothing like that!  she was totally cool about it!  she just watched the wheel go round and round for awhile, then got bored and went to sleep.  (she’s also fine now when i knit too, unless she’s in super crazy mode, but mostly she leaves me and the yarn alone, yay!)

scraptastic alpaca striping single

so there’s another “scraptastic” yarn, which will knit up super fun, similar to this one (knit by me) and this one (knit by lynne).  and a self-striping single, which i plan to do much more of – this one has some sections that are pretty variegated, and some more solid.  i think it’ll knit up pretty cool looking.

oh and getting back to garbanzo for a minute, want to see the kitty castle i built for her?! i made two separate parts – a scratching post with a flat top that she can sit on:

kitty post kitty post

and a 2-room house thing made with 2 boxes partially covered with carpet samples, with a hole inside connecting the two and multiple holes on the outsides for playing.  she loves this one!!

cat castle cat castle cat castle

they are both made with all recycled materials – the carpet samples are from scrap, as are the tubes making up the inside of the scratching post, and the boxes are from a printer and from my halloween costume.  put them together with a bunch of hot glue and some staple gun action, and it’s a kitty castle! hooray!

banzo kitty post

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November 21, 2008

new new new stuff!

respect the needles. tame the yarn. photoboothshirt1.jpg

new shirt design(s) in the shop!! respect the needles, tame the yarn! yeah!  on the clothing page of the shop, you have to scroll down below all the block printed shirts, down to the screen printed section, where you’ll find seven of that one and five new baller shirts!  this is my favorite new one that i really want to keep for myself:

shirt351.jpg shirt352.jpg

i was doing a lot of experimenting with multi-colored screen printing, and this one turned out amazing – unfortunately, the photos really don’t capture how it looks.  there’s a thin white outline around the blue print, making it pop in a really nice way on the soft green background.  here are a couple more:

shirt321.jpg shirt361.jpg

and the reason i said design(s)?  i re-carved the baller stencil so it doesn’t have the big solid center in the ball.  what do you think?

baller-stencil.jpg shirt301.jpg

and a couple more of those:

shirt271.jpg shirt292.jpg

if you like either of the designs, but none of the sizes/colors of shirts i have, there are custom shirt blanks on the bottom of the clothing page, and i have about ten more that i hope to have up tomorrow.  (i charge $20 for a custom screen printed shirt – just email me about the details of what you want.)

in other news… i got a new computer!  wooo!  it’s SO much faster than my 4.5 yr old powerbook!  and photo booth is way too much silly fun…

photoboothme16.jpg photoboothbanzo1.jpg

photoboothbanzo7.jpg photoboothme4.jpg

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November 15, 2008

big leethal shop update!

most of my friday was spent updating the leethal shop, and it’s finally done!  tons of new printed shirts are in, a bunch of new shirt blanks for custom print jobs, and lots of new colored vinyl bowls!  some of my favorites:

shirt131.jpg shirt171.jpg

shirt231.jpg shirt181.jpg

rbowlc736.jpg rbowlc727.jpg

rbowlc729.jpg rbowlc730.jpg

and this new hat!

hat031.jpg hat032.jpg

i would love feedback on the shirts (and everything else) so i know which designs i should focus on, what styles/colors/sizes i should look for when thrifting, etc.  i made sure to get bigger women’s sizes for this batch, so my variety is a bit better now…

oh yeah, i almost forgot! crafty wonderland on sunday went well, i had a huge space!  i got to display all my shirts on my clothing rack (yay ikea!) and all my accessories and everything on my shelves, and still plenty of room for my yarn and my photography…


wonderland2.jpg wonderland1.jpg

i didn’t sell tons, since it was still a bit far away from holiday gifting time and i’m guessing people are saving up for that time of year, but i did sell these two shirts that never had a chance to been seen in the shop:

mixershirt.jpg plaidshirtcloseup.jpg plaidshirt.jpg

so far, the button-down styles seem to be the most popular, so i’ll plan on doing more of those for my next batch.

oh, one more thing, and i’d love feedback on this too… for my next stenciled screen printing design (which is what the “i’m a baller” is), i’m thinking of doing “respect the needles, tame the yarn” on shirts. yeah?

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October 22, 2008

oregon zoo photo fun!

picture post!  pete’s parents took us to the oregon zoo a couple days ago – it’s a great zoo!  both pete and i are spoiled by the san diego zoo, so we hadn’t bothered checking it out, but wow!  all the animals seemed happy, big spaces, and i know they do a lot of good research and stuff, so yeah, check it out!


giraffeface.jpg giraffelegs.jpg


beaver1.jpg beaver4.jpg


baboon2.jpg chimphelping2.jpg


sealion3.jpg polarbearstalking.jpg


turtle4.jpg weirdofish.jpg


you can see all 79 (!) of my zoo photos on the flickr set.

also, 2 new scarflets (cashmere and angora!) and one new hat in the shop!

scarflet042.jpg scarflet044.jpg

scarflet034.jpg hat024.jpg

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October 11, 2008

it’s scarves and hats weather!

quick post tonight – just want to share some new stuff i’ve been working on!  now that it’s getting chilly up here i got inspired to make myself a felted sweater neck warmer with a neato wood button i got awhile back, then i embellished it cosystyle:

myscarf1.jpg myscarf2.jpg

it turned out so well – super comfy, warm, and cute – that i made a couple more for the shop!

scarflet021.jpg scarflet012.jpg

and then this morning i had some hat inspiration out of nowhere and i started designing patterns for a new hat design.  it took me two failed tries, but on the third version i got it right!  it’s super big and floppy, great for sheilding glasses from portland drizzle!

hat011.jpg hat012.jpg

i’m currently working on a second hat of the same design, but with thick, warm felted lambswool.  so those three items are up in the shop already, and hopefully i’ll be adding another batch of fun stuff in a couple more days.  yay!

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September 25, 2008

leethal clothing!! wooooo!

whew, it’s up! my brand new leethal store clothing page!! so far you’ll find 12 printed shirts, plus 6 blank shirts and 1 skirt for custom printing! i plan to soon add lots more blanks so you can get the prints you want on the shirt/skirt you want!


every item has a hand-printed “made new by leethal” tag and the original brand logo x-ed out!!

shirt033.jpg shirt093.jpg

here are some of my favorites!

shirt061.jpg shirt081.jpg

and some more! there are many shirts for guys and for kids!!

shirt031.jpg shirt071.jpg

there are lots of details about the clothing, custom ordering, etc on the side bar of the clothing store page. i’m so excited to be branching out into this area; you know how much fun i had doing all those printed shirts for my brothers and for pete! i hope some of you are excited too, i’d love for this to be popular!

ooh ooh and also, because i’m getting all the original shirts at the goodwill bins (at around $1.50 per pound), and since i’m printing a bunch at a time to keep my work time per shirt somewhat low, i’m selling them pretty darn cheap! finished shirts are only $12 each, and custom orders are $16 each!

in celebration of this new leethal category, i’ll be throwing in some fun little extra stuff with all orders (not just clothing) in the next few weeks! (like: buttons, fun greeting cards, maybe samples of yarn, stitch markers, etc…)

also, many thanks to robyn and holly for the spam plugin suggestion! i’ve plugged it in and switched it back so you won’t have to register to comment, so comment away!

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September 9, 2008

new yarn and iron artist!

a couple things…. i just put up 2 new handspun yarns for sale! beaded alpaca sky:

beaded sky yarn

and bulky september leaves:

felty handspun

i will be selling all kinds of neato stuff this saturday at the scrap iron artist event, on se 2nd + salmon. should be a fun time!!

SCRAP Iron Artist logo

i’m working on a small line of leethal re-made clothes! if you like the shirts i printed for pete and paul you just might want to stay tuned for when i post whatever’s left after iron artist is over.

not leethal related, i’ll have a super exciting post coming soon, maybe sunday, i can’t wait! i’ll leave it a surprise for now, but if you follow me on twitter you might be able to guess, if you’re clever…

ok for now, i’m back to work work work, but don’t worry, it’s fun crafty work!!

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September 5, 2008

stitch markers and fun personal news…

recycled paperclip stitch markers

a couple things… i am now making my recycled paperclip beaded stitch markers in 2 sizes: for size US17 and smaller needles, and size US10 and smaller. and, i have these photos with labels on each marker, so you can order a specific stitch marker!

recycled paperclip stitch markers recycled paperclip stitch markers

so if you want a specific marker, just order from my yarn page, then send me a quick email (leethalkoala at yahoo dot com) letting me know the number on the picture. and i am definitely taking custom orders for no additional charge – just tell me what color(s) and/or specific beads you’d like, needle size, etc, and allow a couple extra days for me to make it/them. also, if anyone wants a bunch of markers (like, 4 or more), i’m willing to drop the price to $3 each. just let me know and i’ll send a priced invoice.

ok enough leethal shop stuff. moving on… in case you haven’t seen on my twitter/flickr/facebook already, pete and i are engaged! it doesn’t seem like a huge deal, since we’ve been together over 3.5 years now, and we’re not planning on actually getting married for quite awhile, and i’ve basically planned to spend my whole life with him since our 1 month anniversary, pretty much… but it still feels like kind of a big deal…

hey look!

the proposal itself was a bit silly, fitting for us, and he used a temporary super blingy fake diamond ring so i could pick out my own ring. since i might be wearing it for a couple years before switching to the wedding ring, i wanted to pick a good one. which meant: comfy (i’m not used to rings since i haven’t worn any regularly since high school), unique, not too big and not too small, not too much color since i am always covered in colors… i spent hours looking at rings on etsy, considering many, like this and this and this and this and this and all of these(!)… but the main problem with anything online was i wanted to try it on, make sure it fit well and was comfy for me. so i ended up finding this perfect ring at a jewelry shop off hawthorne (by buffalo exchange), which i assume is by a local portland artist (although i forgot to ask!) and fits great and is the perfect size and i looove it!!

both rings my ring

oh and by the way, the whole ring thing in general is pretty silly… pete joked about getting me a ring that said “support the patriarchy.” i always thought i didn’t care about all the standard social procedures, figured we’d just kinda say, hey let’s get married sometime, ok, and not bother with an engagement ring at all. but, once he actually did propose in a semi-official way, i realized all this stuff is kinda fun and i did want a ring. so, eh, i won’t over-analyze it, i’m not doing it to show that he owns me, i’m doing it because i love him and jewelry is fun, so there patriarchy. hehe…

and definitely don’t expect wedding photos anytime soon. i want to wait to start the married part of my life until my whole career situation is a little less scary, until things are further off the ground, and until we can see buying a house in the visible future, hopefully…. hey if you want to help, check out my shop! ok that was shameless, i admit it…

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September 2, 2008

new extra fun buttons!

now in the shop: recycled portland map buttons! they come from se portland walking maps found in mass quantity at scrap. since i have many maps, i am happy to take custom portland location button requests!

recycled map buttons

the map is basically se out to 112th, but there is a little ne and a bit along the west side of the river. these are the approximate boundaries…

  • north: broadway/hancock
  • south: pioneer cemetery/rockwood/johnson creek
  • west: waterfront park/willamette park/riverview cemetery
  • east: 112th

so, if there is a park/garden/bridge/etc or any specific intersection within those boundaries that you’d want a button of, to show your neighborhood pride or your favorite spot, just let me know. for custom buttons i’m charging $3 for the first one, then $1.50 for each additional button when ordered at the same time.

here’s how it’ll work: you email me (leethalkoala at yahoo dot com) and tell me what spots (intersections, park names, whatever) you want. i’ll check out the map to make sure i can do it and let you know, then i’ll send you a paypal invoice for whatever the total is (no shipping charge on buttons!) and make them and send them out asap. easy peasy!

here are the two custom buttons i made for myself – the intersection where i live, and one of my favorite portland spots, knittn’ kitten on glisan+76th. as you can see, a button of an intersection won’t necessarily have the name of either street on the button (i don’t live on center). but you’ll know where it is!

my pdx buttons

as for non-custom buttons. most of the buttons i’ve made are parks, the rest are gardens, bridges, and a few other random spots. 1 button is $1 and i’ll pick a neat one, or you can get a set of 6 for $5, and i’ll pick a good variety (probably something like 4 parks, 1 bridge, 1 garden or something, all with different looks).

and the other new button set in the shop: respect the needles, tame the yarn!


most people probably don’t know what those words came from… well i can’t exactly tell you here on the blog, but it’s a play on a quote by frank t.j. mackey (tom cruise’s character) in magnolia, one of my favorite movies. you can find the quote on this page if you want to. my weirdo sense of humor thinks it’s really funny to take a vulgar, misogynistic quote by a vulgar, misogynistic character and turn it into a silly knitting phrase. hopefully there are some knitters out there with weirdo senses of humor like me…

i print the buttons out on white paper, then i color some with colored pencils, so i’ll gladly take color requests! when you order the set, just send me a quick email letting me know what color(s) you’d like.

there’s one more new store update coming soon, but for now i need to get to work on some secret projects!! oooh you’ll find out soon enough…..

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August 31, 2008

new patches and kits in the shop!

first real quick, if you’re in the portland area, i just want to let you know my zine is restocked at powell’s on hawthorne (it had been sold out for a long time, and is still out downtown), newly stocked at guapo comics, and still stocked at q is for choir. in case anyone local wants to take a look… (of course, if you’re not local, you can just buy it through me)

leethal recycled fabric coffee patch! leethal recycled fabric tea patch! leethal recycled fabric beer patch!

i just added about 15 new clock kits (scroll to the bottom of the page) and a bunch of new patches! wooooo! here is my blog post about both my patches and clock kits from the time of the first batches. and here’s what the clock kit mini-zines look like:

clock kit zines

and a few of my favorite new clock faces:

leethal clock kit! leethal clock kit! leethal clock kit!

as for the patches, i made a top-stitched version of each different design, including the ones at the top, and these:

leethal recycled fabric tape recorders patch! leethal recycled fabric shoot patch!

i made a bunch of new “i’m a baller” patches too, but they sold out at the zine symposium! i’ll try to make more soon! all clock kits and patches are assorted recycled fabrics, printed by me with my hand-carved linoleum blocks.

also new in the shop, 2 different overdyed merino bracelet kits! the one that’s just called “overdyed brown” is dyed with bits of green and blue, which only shows up in short spots, making a cool subtly-variegated brown yarn. the dark red is the same original brown merino, overdyed with lots of red, making a nice deep solid red yarn.

knit bracelet kit - overdyed brown merino knit bracelet kit - dark red merino

the other 2 bracelet kits, which are variegated yarn, normally cost more because of the multi-colors, but i’ve put them on sale for the same as the others because i have a bunch of them and want to make room for new colors. they are a bulkier weight wool blend, one dyed pastelish shades of blue, green, and bits of orange, and the other is shades of purples and (purpleish) red.

variegated knit bracelet kit variegated knit bracelet kit

(because those are older kits, the buttons are hiding underneath the yarn, so you’ll be surprised!)

ok that’s all for now, but there will be more shop news tomorrow, and hopefully another tutorial very soon!!

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August 23, 2008

portland 1 year anniversary and zine symposium!

oh man, sorry the blog has been slow going, i’ve had my third skirt tutorial almost-ready for days now, but haven’t had time to finish and post. hey guess what, today was our 1yr in portland anniversary day, yeah! but before i get to that, i have something important to tell all my portland readers:

i’m going to be selling leethal goodies at the portland zine symposium this weekend!! i’m totally nervous because i’ve never even been to the zine symposium before, but i’ve heard lots about it and wanted to go so badly last year but it was happening about a week earlier so i wasn’t quite up here yet. so i don’t really have any idea what it’s gonna be like. there were so many people wanting a table that i got cut to a half-table, so i’ll be sharing with a mystery person, and pete’s working, so i’ll be alone with my social awkwardness. and i don’t know what kinds of things people want to buy, so in addition to zines of course, i’m bringing almost all my leethal inventory except for (full-size) yarn (i am bringing bracelet kits).

ok jumping around a little more… last week i sent off my samples for the september sampler, which consisted of: bracelet kits, stitch markers, coffee/tea/beer patches, and button duos. and also ten media samples, which were “leethal goodie bags” stuffed with: a bracelet kit, “i’m a baller” patch, “shoot!” patch, and a leethal button. sooo, when i was making all the samples i made lots of extras of everything, which will be with me at the zine symposium and then up in my shop next week.

so check it out, new stuff! and new versions of old stuff! new bracelet kits with merino yarn – from a brown sweater overdyed dark red, and overdyed with bits of green and blue. and i changed the way i do my bracelet kit packaging! i discovered an amazing, life-changing tool called a dental floss threader which makes it super quick+easy to thread yarn through buttons, so now i’m putting the buttons on the outsides of the kits instead of hiding them under the yarn. (unfortunately, i’ve just used up the last of the cardboard letters and scrap has no more, so more package redesigning will be happening with the bracelet kits…)
bracelet kits

i also changed my patch “packaging” – i’m now paperclipping the patches to my little patch paper, with one bead on each paperclip to dress them up!

patches for samples

and my brand new patches, shoot!

shoot patch

new button sets!!

needles/yarn button duos

and a new collection of recycled portland map buttons! (more details about the new buttons when i get them up in the shop…)

recycled portland map buttons

so if you get a chance to come by the symposium, be sure to say hi! and now onto some portland 1 year reflections…. the year went by so crazy fast, i really cannot believe it’s been a year, but then in other ways, i’ve accomplished a lot and feel totally at home here. some things i/we planned to do super soon after moving that didn’t exactly happen as planned…

we thought we’d get a cat right away up here, and we’re still catless. but… i have “kitty day” on my ical for sept 17th and we are definitely getting one, it’s a set plan now instead of just “we want a cat someday…”

we were supposed to have a road trip up to seattle from california in february ’07 that ended up in a scary snowed-in adventure, so we planned to make it up there asap once we moved, and i’ve still never been! but… we have a definite plan and place to sleep (thanks amber!!) and everything for this coming wednesday-thursday!

lots of other places i’ve wanted to check out for the last year, like astoria and olympia (but we’ll go there on wednesday) and canada! pete still needs a passport for that one, but hopefully we’ll get to astoria super soon…

our place is still far from being as organized as i’ve wanted it to be, but that is a problem that will be resolved before kitty day comes, since i can’t have yarny stuff etc out everywhere anymore. that’s something i should have dealt with way before our 1 year point though, like getting art up on the walls, but that’s just how i roll.

umm we both still have california driver’s licenses, that’s pretty lame. i hate being carded. that will be a pretty easy fix once i just get my butt to the dmv.

issue #2 of do stuff! i really thought i’d have at least one more issue, if not several more, released by now, but no. i really do plan to release another. really, i promise! also zine related, i had planned to join the iprc right away, and i just joined on monday!

ok enough of that list. a list of what i have done would be much much longer, so i won’t really attempt that one, but the major things include: quit the day job and am self-employed!! woooo!!!! registered leethal so it’s an official business in oregon (did that pretty soon after moving), joined trillium artisans (still plan on a whole post about that, soon!), made a bunch of superawesome crafty fabulous friends and have a bit of a social life (which i didn’t have in long beach during my time between college and portland), became a spinner, became a published knit designer…. lots of other crafty things, i’ll stop the list now. in conclusion, yay portland! we love you!!!!

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August 16, 2008

belated tour wrapup and new yarns!

remember the tour de fleece? remember how i said i planned to make one skein per day to put in my shop? yeah that didn’t happen. that first week i was sooo into it and made so many rad yarns, i guess i drained all my energy and ran out of steam to keep it up. i did keep spinning through the tour, i didn’t fail completely, but i spun mostly little trial mini-skeins to try out new fibers or techniques. the whole 2+ weeks after that first week i spun one skein for sale, and one single that’s still on the bobbin waiting to be plied. ok so here is my first week:

tour de fleece week 1!

and here are the 2nd and 3rd weeks combined:

Tour de Fleece after week 1

(that is the same yarn at the end of week 1 and beginning of week 2 – i spun the single on day 7 and navajo plied it on day 8.) highlights… i spun 100% bamboo for the first time, navajo plied – it’s that bright turquoise shiny mini-skein. spun 100% cotton (organic) for the first time, freaking hard! that 26yards of 2-ply cotton took me about as long to spin as maybe 100yards of 2-ply wool. but i like how it turned out, it’s pretty. and i practiced spinning balanced singles with some insubordiknit dyed wool, i really love how that one turned out!


the only tour yarn i’ve knit with so far was the scraptastic skein i spun for myself in the first week.


as for the yarns i spun to sell… only one of that big batch sold so far, the scraptastic purples flufforama, and it was made into this beautiful scarf by Lynne:


so that means most of those tour yarns are still up for grabs, and these two yarns have just been added to the shop today:

unevenplied01.jpg beadedthreadplied06.jpg

that second one took me way long to spin, with all those loops and beehives and beads!! i was hesitating to even sell it, so i set the price pretty high to make it worth it to me… if no one grabs it and i think of a project i want it for, i’ll keep it for myself! the first one is super fun too – i plied in unevenly on purpose, switching the tension back and forth between the singles, so there are tons of wrapped sections, i think it looks awesome!!

i have some other fun new things coming to the shop soon, and an announcement about my yarn for sale locally in pdx! just need to edit a ton of photos first…. happy saturday, and if you’re in portland, hope you’re handling this heat better than i am!!

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