August 12, 2008

Mr. Pointy: the hat of many faces!

cotton3.jpg blendy2.jpg

ohmygosh it’s a new knitting pattern! woo hoo! i have been working on this pattern, on and off, since april! upon finishing my first version, it wasn’t at all what i had imagined/planned, so i was kind of disappointed and put it aside… but once i adjusted to what it had become, i grew to love it! so i made another, testing out the pattern, in cotton this time for summer. and when that one was finally done about a week and a half ago (started it in june and had to keep putting it down to complete other more time-sensitive projects) i decided a couple pattern elements needed to be retested and i knit another! luckily i got the third one done in about a week, blocked it over the weekend, and stayed up late into the night last night completing the 6 page pdf!!

hat sneaky preview cotton1.jpg

ok enough back story, on to the hat! it’s not my usual, i’m branching out from the whole short-rows, knit-flat thing, back to my knit-round hat roots. this is a crazy asymmetrical design, with a different number of stitches between each point, giving you a variety of positioning options when wearing it. increases and decreases form a wavy pattern in the stripes and points along the edge; and yes, mr. pointy is a buffy reference!

hats square

here’s all the essential info, copied straight from the pdf:

Size: adult. (fits my 22inch head well, but the hat gets blocked, so it will block to fit slightly smaller or larger adult heads)

Yarn: about 90 yards of any yarn ranging worsted to bulky.

yarns I used:
3-color blues hat – Uruguay Chunky by Queensland Collection (merino/alpaca/silk blend, bulky weight)
2-color blue + brown – Nature Cotton by Araucania (thick + thin cotton, worsted weight)
blendy blue + purples – my own hand-dyed recycled (alpaca/acrylic blend, worsted weight)

Needles: size US 9 16″ circular, a set of size 9 double pointed, and a crochet hook size appropriate for your yarn.

You also need 10 stitch markers total – 5 of one type/color and 5 of another type/color. And a balloon for blocking.

Gauge: 4 sts/inch after blocking. (again, the hat gets stretched and blocked to fit, so exact gauge isn’t super important, as long as it’s close.)

Skills Needed: just basic knitting with increases and decreases, in the round on circulars and dpn’s; basic crochet – single crochet stitch with increases and decreases.

the pdf itself is 6 pages full of high-quality color photos, with the actual pattern contained on one page so you don’t need to print all 6 pages. i think/hope i explained all the elements of the making of the hat in enough detail, but you can always come to me with any questions you might have.

pattern pdf cover

and, this glorious pdf is for sale for only $3! you can buy it right here, right now, by clicking this link. or, through ravelry by going to the pattern page. or through my patterns+yarn page. i’m sorry i can’t make it free, it took me way too freakin long, and i’m doing this for a living now. so i’ll super appreciate every single copy that sells!!

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July 21, 2008

new leethal recycley fun stuff!

pile o' melted needles

so you may have seen my threadbanger post a couple weeks ago about melting vintage knitting needles into jewelry… well, if you don’t want to try it out yourself, i now have my store stocked with necklaces and bracelets!

aqua needle bracelet needle bracelet with marker charms red needle bracelet

each necklace comes with a custom matching recycled paperclip + vintage beads stitch marker pendant, and the bracelets are made to hold stitch markers like charms, making them super useful for knitters.

red needle necklace aqua needle necklace yellow needle necklace

i’m keeping the prices low because, well to be totally honest, i have broken a couple already… they don’t break super easily, but they do snap if you’re not careful, so yeah… i’m hoping low prices will prevent any angry customers.

another thing that worries me a little is this incident. from what i can gather, someone out there believes that this needle bracelet idea is their original concept, which is totally ridiculous because it’s the same thing as toothbrush bracelets, which of course have been around forever, and no one can claim they invented the concept of melting plastic. so… by selling these, i am most definitely not saying they are my idea (although, i have not ever seen needle necklaces anywhere), and i am encouraging people to make their own, but throwing some up for sale for anyone who would rather just buy one cheaply from me instead of diy-ing it. just like my record bowls, same thing, diy if you want to, buy from me if you don’t. yeah? hope that’s cool with everyone!

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July 8, 2008

all kinds of wooly goodness!

tour days1+2 skeins

well the tour de fleece is off to a great start! i spun those 4 on the first 2 days, 2 each day, and then this one yesterday:


and i love all of them! woo! all 5 are for sale now, see the yarn page for yarn details and stuff.

crazysingle5.jpg bulky2ply5.jpg

yumyumyummy yarnnnnn!

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July 4, 2008

diy rebellion and fibery things

in celebration of the 4th, i did a short post yesterday for threadbanger about revolutionary knitting, and i want to get into it a little more here. i’ve been reading a lot about the history of knitting and spinning lately (here and here and here and here and more) and one of the most interesting parts to me was the role knitting played in the colonists’ fight for independence against britain. with a ban on imported british goods, women organized huge spinning and knitting groups, struggling to keep the colonists all clothed and warm without the help of british yarn or clothing. they were fighting to proove they could sustain themselves on their own work and creativity.

i don’t know about you, but i feel a connection to this concept thinking about today’s diy culture, particularly with regards to clothing reconstruction. to me, buying used clothes at thrift stores and making them your own is a total revolt against consumer culture, unfair labor, commercialism, and uniformity. we may not have the same kind of unjust ruling nation to rebel against, but we definitely have malls, sweatshops, and, well, boringness to protest through our own diy revolution!


and now in fibery news… last week pete was out of town for a couple days and i took advantage by dyeing up tons of fiber! (he hates the smell of vinegar and wet wool, isn’t he crazy?) this was in preparation for tour de fleece!!

tour de fleece

i’ll be spinning in the tour every day starting tomorrow through july 27th! also in prep mode, i splurged and bought intertwined (gorgeous!) and spinning designer yarns. i plan to try tons of new art yarn techniques, so exciting! so if all goes well, you’ll be seeing about one skein per day of new leethal handspun yarn for sale, probably bunched together in big updates once or twice a week.

blurry alpaca rainbow

for now, i do have one new yarn up! this one is 100% alpaca, hand-dyed rainbow colors, 2-ply, 125 yards! that’s a lot of yardage for me, usually my handspun skeins are around 50-80 yards. it’s a crazy, lumpy, bumpy, thick+thin, weird self-striping yarn – it’ll start at one end with solid purple, then blend to solid blue, then it’ll be a blue/green blend, then green/yellow, yellow/orange, and yellow/red at the other end, ending with a tiny bit of red/orange.

blurry alpaca rainbow

to tell you the truth, it’s not at all what i was going for… i spun the two singles, each striping all six colors of the classic rainbow in order, thinking i used approximately the same amount of fiber for each color in each single. so the vision was, each color would ply with itself to make a solid, and blend with the other colors on each side a bit, to make the full rainbow spectrum, all blendy. but, i was wrong in my fiber estimates, probably because i spun each single on different days, so the resulting yarn is much more arty and unique… but, i think it’ll knit up awesome, i really hope i get to see whatever it becomes! (i’m envisioning an amazing earflapped hat with wide stripes, someone make it happen!)

ok i have tons of other stuff i want to share with you, it’s been building up. so i’m planning to (hopefully) post more often, at least 2-3 days a week, to catch up and then stay caught up. hope everyone is having a fun 4th!

June 23, 2008

black sheep gathering!


so i went to black sheep gathering in eugene on saturday, my first ever fiber festivaly type thing. oh my goodness it was awesome. we were all so exhausted by the end of the day, it felt like spending a day at disneyland! we left at 8am, spent about 3 hours checking everything out and buying some stuff, took a lunch break in downtown eugene to clear our heads, then went back for more shopping and to say hi to the animals, staying till they closed at 5.


i spent my entire budget, and got some really amazing deals, being really good about buying no yarn, just fiber! about 4 lbs of various fancy pretty assorted beautiful fiber! to be exact:


from top left, across three rows…

  • alkanet root and cream of tartar and alum (for natural dyeing)
  • 2oz tri-color organic cotton
  • 6oz corridale wool roving
  • dyed bamboo: 4oz turquoise, 2oz red and brown, 1oz gold
  • 1oz hemp
  • 5oz charcoal/black/brown scrap wool
  • 1lb white/grey/brown/yellow/green superwash wool
  • 4oz brown merino cross top
  • 4oz blue face leicester top
  • 6oz undyed romney wool locks in many shades
  • 6oz dyed mystery wool locks in a million colors!
  • 5oz dyed romney wool locks in a million colors!

i’m so excited to try all these new fibers i’ve never spun before! and my plan for those gorgeous dyed locks is to blend some with undyed alpaca. in my head it looks fabulous…


oh, speaking of my alpaca – i finally got a cheap scale and weighed it all! drumroll… i have approximately 33 pounds of alpaca!! oh yeah!


are you loving the black sheep animal photos? that blond guy above is named stephen colbert! don’t alpacas look weird when freshly shorn? well there are many many more in my black sheep gathering flickr set.


ooh and i have 4 new ninja mitt kit yarns for sale in the shop! two variegated, two 2-color, one of them spun. my personal favorite is the watercolor sunshine, the first one pictured:

knitkitmitts091.jpg knitkitmitts084.jpg knitkitmitts061.jpg

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June 16, 2008

thank you gift sale!!

alpaca5.jpg leethal stitch markers buttons trio envelopes momsgreenearrings.jpg

ok sale time! this is my lee-quit-her-day-job-and-is-stressing-about-making-it-work free gifts with purchase sale! anything you buy from me will make me feel better about becoming a full time freelancer and small business owner, so i am thanking you with free stuff! the sale will run through the weekend of july 6th, that’s almost 3 weeks. here’s how it works, there’s a mini-gift list and a super-gift list.



you spend $10+, you get to choose a mini-gift. you spend $30+, you get to choose a super-gift.

my leethal store and etsy shop both count, i’ll combine order totals. i’ll add pdf purchase dollars as well. for example, if you order $12 from leethal, $15 from etsy, and $4.50 from ravelry, your total is $31.50 for a super-gift.

depending on your total, you can get multiple gifts, for example: you spend $20, you choose 2 mini-gifts. you spend $40, you choose 1 super-gift and 1 mini-gift (or 4 mini). you spend $60, you choose 2 super-gifts (or 1 super and 3 mini). if you spend $30 and prefer 3 mini-gifts, go for that.

all orders will come with a few leethal buttons, including those less than $10, so everyone gets a gift! the only items not included are pdf downloads alone, since i’m not mailing you anything.

the point of these gifts is to thank you for your support, so if you support me by posting about this sale in your blog, and you make a purchase, you get to choose one additional mini-gift, even if you spend less than $10.

shipping is not included in order totals.

all this giftyness choosing will be done by email. after placing your order, email me at leethalkoala at yahoo dot com with your gift choices.

additional gift info:

mini-gift photo can be any picture you see in my flickr or my photography website; 4×6 print will be a high-res inkjet print on recycled epson pro-quality luster paper. super-gift photo trio can be any set you see here; photographic prints (not inkjet) are on high quality fuji matte paper; trios come in custom handmade envelopes.

alpaca fleece is not cleaned, but spins up very well uncleaned, then washes up beautifully. 1 ounce is a small ziplock bag stuffed full; 4 ounces is a gallon size bag stuffed full.

custom earrings means you can choose the color(s) and style type, using my previously made earrings as examples of what i can do, but specific beads may not be available.

oh, and i can do custom orders, like custom dyed yarn, but prices are higher on custom stuff, and it’ll take awhile, like a few weeks. gifts will apply to custom stuff too.

any questions? happy shopping! thanks!!

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June 15, 2008

tons of new leethal stuff!

huge leethal store update, woooo! finally, all the fun stuff i made for the alberta art hop a month ago is up for sale.  lots of cuffs, a bunch of colored mini record bowls, and much much more!  and i’ll be posting about the superfun sale tomorrow morningish. here are some of my favorite items:

cuff044.jpg sewhat141.jpg csleeve022.jpg sewhat153.jpg

rbowlc725.jpg cuff023.jpg cuff074.jpg headband022.jpg

album031.jpg cuff052.jpg rbowlc723.jpg watch064.jpg

and there’s a new handspun for sale on the yarn page!

berries in nature dyedroving1.jpg

there are a few items i sold at past craft shows that never made it onto the site that i really loved and want to share with you now… i’m definitely going to use elements of these designs in future items!

trianglehat1.jpg trianglehat2.jpg

bluessleeve1.jpg patchscarf2.jpg patchscarf3.jpg

hey did anyone knit in public yesterday for worldwide knit in public day? kate and i did! not that we don’t all do it all the time already, but you know, “days” are fun.

me knitting on wwkip day! wwkip day

kate wearing mitts kate's mitts

those mitts were knit with my spun recycled yarn! fun times!

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June 8, 2008

long-awaited patterns+yarn page!!

ok ok ok it’s done at last! these last few weeks have been weird and hectic and up and down but things are finally winding down and i’m able to get some real work done. i’m so excited for this webpage to be up and running, all my patterns and yarns together in one convenient place for your browsing pleasure!

yarn webpage

all pdf downloads are through ravelry, so the for-sale patterns download instantly instead of you having to wait for me to email them. i think i explain everything clearly, but if anything on the page is confusing please let me know. like, the handspun is for sale on the page, but the rest of the yarn has links to the kits page because i want to give the choice of the kit or the yarn alone.

leethal stitch markers

and a new thing: recycled paperclip stitch markers! all made from paperclips donated to scrap (meaning they probably would have been thrown away otherwise) and assorted vintage beads. only $3.50 each! (below the for sale yarn on the new page)

and just to let you know, i will be (finally!) finishing up a huge shop update later this week (probably thursday or friday) and announcing my (somewhat belated) lee-quit-her-day-job sale! it won’t be a normal kind of sale, it’ll be superspecial! instead of things being cheaper, i’ll be giving away freeee stuff with every order. but, if you want to buy anything now, don’t let that stop you, because if you do buy something (besides a pdf) between now and the actual sale start-date, i’ll email you and let you know what your freestuff options are, so you’ll get in on the sale a lil early. (since i was planning on already having it but haven’t been able to finish the update yet…) and i’ll give you a hint, you’ll have several freestuff options: knitting-related, spinning-related, and a couple neither-related for the rest of you.

ok enough of that leethal store stuff. i am planning on having some real crafty content on this here blog once i have my schedule more organized. there will be tutorials and other fun stuff, i promise!

hey and, thanks so much to everyone for the supernice comments regarding my day job quitting!! the kind words really help me in my freakout stressy moments!

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May 22, 2008

my photos, now for sale!

microphonetrees on filmlong beach, californiachippewa falls, wisconsinblack and white film, wisconsin

so the super stressiness continues for a little while, hopefully my big store update will happen next week after my last day of work on monday. for now, new thing: my etsy shop is now for my photography! i made 37 of these photo trios for the art hop, and also 33 matted 8×6 prints, and now i’m slowing putting them up on etsy, one or two a night. the trios are each 3 4×6 prints in a handmade envelope, perfect for framing together on a wall, great for gifts… i’m trying to get my work out there in an affordable way – i like the idea of selling 4×6 prints, like mini-art.

art hop photos

i’ve put all the trios into a flickr set so you can see all the sets that aren’t yet on etsy. if anyone has an interest in buying a not-yet-for-sale trio you see on flickr, just email me (leethalkoala at yahoo) and you can buy it straight from me. (they’re all $15 + $1 shipping.)

oh and, this week’s threadbanger roundup is inspiration boards! get inspired!!

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May 8, 2008

just some updatey random stuff

well, first of all, i apologize for being such a horrible blogger lately. i’ll be trying to be much more regular soon, with plans for lots of tutorials and fun stuff. my official last day of my day job is memorial day, the 26th, and i’m so excited, but also so stressed out and worried… hopefully all that will calm and when this new self-employed chapter of my life starts everything will be happiness.

i am optimistic. yeah!

but for now, things are slow going. my store update, that was supposed to happen asap after crafty wonderland almost a month ago, never happened. and now i’m devoting every waking moment to preparations for the alberta art hop, so it’ll have to wait till after that.

oh yeah, that’s an announcement. i’ll be selling leethal recycled stuffs, as well as lots of photographs, at the alberta art hop on the 17th. yay! stop by and say hi!!

so, after that, there will indeed be a big fat leethal store update, as well as some form of a lee’s quitting her day job sale! stay tuned!

and, almost done, so close, but it’s taking a lot of time, is a new “yarn” page of, in which all my yarn and knitting patterns will be found in one convenient place. you’ll be able to link to, buy, and/or download all of my patterns, and see all of my yarns, both for sale and taken (or made for me to keep), handspun and recycled hand-dyed. it’ll be yarntastic!

hey, anyone in portland looking for a job? pete has some pretty damn sweet job openings at his store, which is guitar center in beaverton. they’re looking for what some people still call “door girls” – yeah guitar center is a really sexist company, but listen to this. you’d get to sit at a booth at the front of the store and do whatever the hell you want (knit, draw, read, you name it) and just say hi to people when they come in and make sure they don’t walk out with anything when they leave. if i was looking for a new day job to replace the old one, i’d grab it. get paid to knit for 8 hours a day, fuck yeah!

also, if you’re looking for a job working in a music store, they’re seriously attempting to make the store less of a boy’s club and want some creative women rockin’ out and selling music stuff – if you might be interested, just email pete at pbanjo244 at gmail dot com for more info or you can go to

the company i’m leaving is desperately seeking new hires too, but i wouldn’t wish that kind of torment on anyone who reads my blog.

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April 25, 2008

Craft pattern podcast!!

it’s a Craft filled day! last night i got the new issue in my mailbox, woo! then, today my short-rows wavy hat pattern pdf was released as the new Craft Pattern Podcast!! awesomeness!!

i do want to make one little correction note about natalie’s blog post – this particular hat was designed using commercially available yarns for wider accessibility since i put it into the world as a free pattern, not my recycled hand-dyed. hand-dyed yarn would look excellent with this wavy hat pattern, however, and i love that natalie linked to my kool-aid dyeing tutorials. i would love love love to see someone use the self-striping dye method and knit it into the wavy hat, i think it would look superrad!!


my spiral stripes hat set is the one that uses my self-striping dyed yarn, and you can get that pattern set in a kit with yarn and stitch markers. and on a side note, that spiral hat pattern set, and also my ninja mitts $1 pattern, are now available through ravelry! yay!! and you don’t even have to be a ravelry member to buy them – you can just click this link for the spiral hats, or this link for the mitts. (my store update is coming very soon to make the pattern-buying process easier!)

oh and one more time, in case you are coming to my blog after seeing the craft podcast – if you happen to be in portland, i’m teaching a class on the wavy hat at twisted on may 4th+11th. yeah! see the twisted site for details.

ps – did anyone notice in that orange hat photo i’m wearing my “i heart craft” button? yeah i do!!

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March 4, 2008

new variations on the spiraling stripes hats!


so i wanted to try out a few different yarns on a spiraling stripes hat, to see how they knit up, with plans to show an example of how you can turn this kind of hat into a stash-busting scrap hat by striping between multiple yarns. well, the majority of the yarn i used for this hat was a bit bulkier than my normal spiral hat yarns, which caused the hat to be much wider than expected, making it into a slouchy, kind of beret-style hat!


so that experiment led to more! and now i’ve added a new page to the pattern pdf with these variations. i’m posting all the info from the pdf page here, so if you already bought the pattern you’re not missing anything, but if you’d still like to have it all together just let me know and i’ll send you the new version. i also lowered the quality of the pdf a little so i can send it through yahoo (now it’s 8mb instead of 10+) – i can’t see any quality difference when i look at it so i think it’s cool. anyone who makes pdfs out there – what quality do you make them? i’m new to these whole pdf thing…


so here is all the new slouchy modification info, pasted from the pdf:

To make your spiral hat into a slouchy style version instead of fitted, you basically just need to make it wider – so easy! The brimmed versions should stay put just fine, but the no-brim style might need a crochet trim to bring it in around the bottom. Here are some specific ways to make a wider, slouchy hat…

Use fatter yarn. When your gauge goes from around 4.5 stitches/inch to around 4 stitches/inch, this causes a significant width difference in the wedges – around 1 inch wider per wedge. This means you can knit the pattern exactly as it’s written and end up with a slouchy hat if your yarn is on the bulky side. This hat was knit from the clockwise spiraling no-brim pattern, using mostly yarn that got a 4 stitches/inch gauge:

slouchyscraphat1.jpg slouchyscraphat3.jpg

Add more wedges. Just keep knitting wedges until the hat is as slouchy as you want – 2 extra wedges works very well (so 11 wedges total). This hat was knit using the counter-clockwise no-brim pattern, 11 wedges instead of 9, with 2 rows of single crochet around the bottom to bring it in so it stays on a head. It did need to be blocked, which just meant wetting it, squeezing it dry in a towel, and drying it flat as shown in the picture.

slouchyhat2.jpg slouchyhatblocked.jpg

Make each wedge a little wider. Add one extra rows 1+2 repeat to each wedge, increasing the overall width of the hat. This hat was knit using the clockwise straight brim pattern, with one extra repeat per wedge, everything else exactly the same. It can still be pulled down over the ears, and the garter stitch brim holds it on in the beret-style, so no extra shaping is needed.

3colorspiralberet3.jpg 3colorspiralberetdown2.jpg

and…. Color Variations:

Instead of using a self-striping yarn, you can give your hat a different look by using 2 or more solid yarns. Use 3 rotating colors and switch between them at the top, between each wedge, for wide spirals. For this method, the clockwise-spiraling styles are recommended. Or make a scrap-busting many-colored hat, each wedge using a different yarn. You’ll need approximately 10 yards of each yarn.

Or use 2 colors and switch every two rows, along the bottom edge of the hat, for a more stripey look.

As shown above, a variegated yarn won’t show the spiral design clearly, but it does make for a cool swirly look.

so that’s the pdf page. a few other notes, things i learned from my experimentation. i recommend going with the clockwise versions for any slouchy style hat you want to make, the shaping just seems to work better. i don’t have an example to show you of that 2 colors striping every 2 rows idea (i’ve tried it, but in hats that i can’t show you yet, secret hats!), but it does look awesome, trust me. i think this striping style looks rad with the counter-clockwise spirals, but it’ll work with any of the designs. if you try any of these ideas, i wanna see!!

oh yeah, one other thing! those braids… when i switch colors at the top between wedges, i cut the yarn around 6 inches, and then when the hat is done i’m left with 18 or more ends. braiding them together like that not only looks cute (i think), but it also means no ends to weave in (none!).

(the pattern pdf is right at the top of my store’s main page for easy access, and of course there are kits too!)

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February 27, 2008

new recycled kit yarns in the shop!

treehugger1.jpg sunkenseatreasure1.jpg pixisticks1.jpg

new yarns in the shop!! 7 new kits total. the 4 pictured on the ends are all for spiraling stripes hat kits, and the 2 in the centers are for ninja mitts kits, but of course they can all be purchased alone if that’s what you want. and of course all the pattern pdfs can be bought alone also.

the 3 top yarns are of my new “spun recycled” variety, which means they are multiple recycled yarns spun and plied together. they all include some part angora (details are in the shop descriptions). i am really in love with these yarns – it’s so hard to put them for sale, but i have so much yarn already, i can’t rationalize keeping yarns that are meant for the shop. but maybe a few of them, if they don’t sell within a few weeks, hmm…… yumyumyum yarn…..

tangerine-ocean3.jpg greentea-cream2.jpg mint-jam1.jpg

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January 30, 2008

a week in the oc

man, time flies, i keep meaning to post more often… well… quality over quantity? if i don’t have anything good to say it’s better that i don’t crowd your blog reader with pointless entries? oh well… so… i’m taking a trip down to california to see my family, for a whole week! my first time down since i moved up here in august, i’m excited! there will be lots and lots of knitting, and watching bad tv (can’t wait for lost!) and movies and not working!

this means if you order anything besides a pdf file while i’m gone it won’t be mailed out until probably thursday feb.7th. i will have my laptop with me (of course!) so i will be able to email pdfs, but they might be a little late, maybe. just a warning.

i realized today that it’s right around my one year blogiversary (haha i just typed yarn instead of year, shows where my mind is!) – my actual first post was 1/22, but that one didn’t really count, so i’m counting my 2nd, more substantial post as my actual blog day, which was 2/1. since i’ve gone through so many life changes since then, it feels like it was longer than a year ago when i was struggling with that wordpress code, trying to customize the look, with my limited code knowlegde… those were some frustrating times! sigh, memories…


i also wanted to say that there is one new mitt kit yarn up in the shop, a variegated skein. and i do have one more all dyed and dried, but just haven’t had a chance (or the light) to take photos yet. i figure there’s no rush since i wouldn’t be able to ship it out till next week anyway. that one will be two color striping.

oh yeah, i got my new lens!! that’s what i used for that yarn shot, and many more yarn shots that i haven’t gotten up on flickr yet. i reshot a bunch of the yarns in my shop with better light, so i’ll be trying to get the photos switched over soon. it’s a rad lens! woo!

hey is anyone doing hat attack?? it’s a hat knitting battle thing where you have to try to “kill” your partner by knitting their hat and getting it to them before you receive a hat first, killing you. sounds like fun!! there’s a ravelry group for it, but you don’t have to be a raveler to join! i’m pretty sure the deadline for signing up is feb.6th and it starts when they pattern is revealed on the morning of feb.9th. yay hats!

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