December 31, 2007

anyone else but you

whoa i’m back! sorry i kind of disappeared from blog world – i got a horrible cold that lasted 2 weeks because i couldn’t rest to get better due to long hours at the day job… blah… but now i’m just about healthy, have 3 days in a row off (!) and plan to get catching up on all the things i had planned to do before xmas. here’s a quick little post, and then after i get through some emails and stuff i’ll be back on the blog.

has anyone seen juno yet? we saw it last night, i liked it a lot. the ending scene felt strangely personal to me, since i recorded this song for pete about 2 and a half years ago. i am not a musician, but i wanted to make a song for pete since i loved his songs to me so much, so i learned this super basic easy guitar riff (is that even the right term? riff? i don’t know what i’m talking about…) and then i wrote most of my own lyrics and used a few of my favorite lines from the original song, and recorded it with my internal laptop mic with garage band, so you can hear my hard drive spinning (loudly at the end). so yeah, it’s very silly, but it makes me smile.

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December 5, 2007

oh holiday season, never enough time for everything

ok so i keep wanting to post and i keep not having time and i need to be sleeping so i’ll make this semi-quick for now. first, the reason i’ve been keeping so busy, i’ll be a vendor at the SCRAP bazaar on saturday, which should be a super fun event. everything for sale will be made from mostly recycled materials, and there will be a bake sale too. if you are in the area, definitely stop by! and if i have never met you, introduce yourself, i’d love to meet some of my blog-readers!!

i was shocked to get home tonight and see 3 out of my 4 2-color textured hat kits sold! exciting! but don’t worry if you were interested, there will be many more to come. i already have 2 more skeins dyed and ready for saturday, and a couple more planned to be done in time for the bazaar. i will put up whatever doesn’t sell in my store saturday night or sunday.

and then i have another hat kit planned to be finished and announced next week! it will be a very cool one, you’ll see! and also, a free blog pattern is in the works for as soon as possible, probably after saturday. just a little last-minute-holiday-gift kind of pattern. then there is another free hat pattern i keep putting off – i’m thinking that one will be kind of a christmas present to you, very close to the 25th. i have gift crafting to worry about too ya know!

i’m going to see debbie stoller at powell’s tomorrow (wednesday) night – any portland knitters planning to be there? i’m kind of excited, i’ve never been to a knitting book event, gosh i love powell’s.

on a completely random unrelated-to-anything note… pete is going to be playing keyboards in a guitar-center-employees band at their company holiday party sunday night, for their beaverton vs clackamas battle of the store bands. they are playing journey’s “separate ways” and he just showed me the original music video. i just had to tell you, if you’ve never seen this video and you feel like laughing nice and hard, i recommend it. oh goodness. so funny.

lacyneckwarmer6.jpg lacyneckwarmer4.jpg

oh yeah i did have one other thing i wanted to mention. i’m thinking about doing neckwarmer knit kits with smaller amounts (like 40-50 yards) of fancier yarn, or a couple different yarns for stranded knitting. i made this to try out the idea, but it’s kinda weird. so i guess i’m just wondering if there is any interest in the whole concept… the kits would have a more unique pattern like this one and a much more simple pattern option, and would come with the buttons too.

i hope everyone is having fun this season and not stressing too much about gift making/buying. and try to buy handmade, of course! yay!

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August 7, 2007

fare thee well

moving to portland mix cover

i finished my moving mix! it’s very specific. it’s about living in califonia my whole life, deciding i want to try someplace new, making plans to move away with pete, choosing portland, finding a new home with him, a bit about adjusting to the new weather, and optimism about the future, with tints of sadness about leaving my family (a feeling which has greatly increased over the last week). it was interesting to watch the mix evolve, i’ve been gradually putting it together for over a month… oh, and i shoved in as many bands as i could from portland (or the more general pacific northwest), sticking to songs that fit.

moving to portland mix tracks

  1. california – mates of state
  2. california uber alles – dead kennedys
  3. why you’d want to live here – death cab for cutie
  4. let’s get lost – elliott smith
  5. motion suggests itself – pavement
  6. here we go – jon brion
  7. goodbye california – jolie holland
  8. goodbye song – the moldy peaches
  9. portland, oregon – loretta lynn
  10. movin’ on up – the jeffersons
  11. portland – rainer maria
  12. a place called home – pj harvey
  13. i feel like going home – yo la tengo
  14. far away, by my side – peter bjorn and john
  15. you’re my only home – the magnetic fields
  16. where love goes – the robot ate me
  17. and it rained all night – thom yorke
  18. come wind come rain – vashti bunyan
  19. modern girl – sleater-kinney
  20. float on – modest mouse

(the cover is a photo i took in the stumptown coffeeshop, with an added “moving to portland” coffee, priced 8.07 as in august ’07)

i can’t make music, but i can make mixes!

goodbye, goodbye, california
goodbye to your waving trees
to you succulent wind
and all my friends
fare thee well

-jolie holland

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February 15, 2007

correatown contribution

angela correa, of correatown, the low standards, and les shelleys, was rad to contribute a recipe + drawing to the zine. a black and white photocopied version is in the zine, of course, so i am posting the full-color version for all to see here.

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