February 26, 2013

Rose City Yarn Crawl and what I’m up to these days…

Hey Portland people, and everyone traveling to Portland for this weekend’s Rose City Yarn Crawl, I want to let you know I’ll be making a few appearances throughout the weekend and I’m excited to be a part of this whole thing!  Yeah!

Flying V's Either/Or

Besides having some patterns in the prize basket mix, I’ll be having trunk show events at both Twisted and Wynona Studios!  First, on Thursday afternoon 12:30-2:30 at Twisted, I’ll be part of a co-trunk-show with my good buddy and designer extraordinaire Star Athena!  I’ll have with me lots of assorted leethal knits pattern samples, and I’ll be there to answer questions, explain how my crazy things are constructed, talk about anything you want, etc, yay!

Wobble Bass Junction

Then later on Thursday, I’ll be at Wynona (in Oregon City) to bring in trunk show items and to hang out at the Thursday night knit night 5:30-7, so come by there for some casual knitting times and recycled yarn shopping!  “Recycled yarn shopping?”, you might be thinking…  Yes!  Wynona specializes in recycled yarns, so my Remixed patterns are a perfect fit!  All my Remixed samples which were made from recycled yarns (which is most of them!) will be on display throughout the yarn crawl weekend, and print format versions of all Remixed patterns will be available!  (Print format Remixed patterns are a brand new thing, by the way, so if you happen to work at a yarn shop or want to tell your LYS about them, they are available wholesale through Deep South Fibers!  /end side-note.)

Freewheelin' Rumours

And then, on Saturday 4-7 I’ll be back at Wynona for the official Remixed trunk show event!  So I’ll be hanging out, available for questions, to explain pattern stuff, talk about my use of recycled yarns, etc… I hope you can make it to one or more of these events!!

orange stripes Gentle on My Mind Wild is the Wind

(All of those above photos show pattern samples which will be at one or both of the trunk shows!)

Barry peek Barry peek

And for all of you lovely readers, I want to show you a peek at what I’ve been working on lately!  If you follow me on twitter/tumblr/instagram you’ll have seen some peeks at the next design in the leethal Short Stripes Trio – Barry!

peek at Barry peek at Barry

I’m now finishing up the final sample, with yet another variation, and I’m hoping to release the pattern 1 week from today, if all goes well.  I won’t talk about it in detail here, but here you can see a few of the different options and how it’s super versatile, like Maurice.

Barry peek

If you love what you see here, you’ll automatically receive this pattern the moment it’s released if you get the whole Trio (on ravelry here), which will include Maurice right now, and Robin will be the final pattern in the future.  All stripy short-rows accessory patterns.  Yum!

Barry peek Barry peek

We’re doing a Short Stripes Trio knit-a-long over in the leethal ravelry group (which has just surpassed 800 members, woo!), working on Maurice now – you can come and go at any time, post photos of patterns from the trio as you make them, and we can all knit short rows and stripes together, fun times!  Some beautiful Maurices are being made!

Barry peek

And with that, I will leave you to get back to my work on Barry!

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February 6, 2013

New pattern: Maurice! A third of the Short Stripes Trio!

New pattern, and new collection concept!  Today’s cowl pattern – Maurice – is part of a pattern trio, with the second and third patterns on their way within the next couple months…

stripy cowl!

This idea developed when I started brainstorming about a design concept that I wanted to play with in different ways, but not let one single design get too out of control complex, like I can tend to do sometimes.  I wanted to try to steer myself to design slightly more simple patterns, so I figured if I planned three different designs around one idea, then I could really explore that idea, taking it in three different directions.  Three seemed like the perfect number, enough room to play around, but not too many designs so that I’d get bored with the idea by the end.

long loop stripy cowl self-striping stripey cowl

I’m loving the trio concept so far.  I actually first started on a completely different trio, when the concept originated, which is still in the works, but then I got sidetracked by wanting to play with short rows and stripes, and the leethal Short Stripes Trio was the first to actually come to be!

small cowl

So, there will eventually be three accessory patterns, for three different objects, each featuring short rows and stripes.  There will be some overlap with techniques and themes, but the three designs will definitely stand out on their own… and chances are, if you like this first one, you’ll like all three!


The way the trio collection functions is:  Maurice is currently available, alone for $6, or as part of the trio for $12.  Buy the whole trio now, get Maurice immediately, and have Barry and Robin delivered straight to your inbox as soon as they’re released.  (All three patterns will be $6 individually.)

long loop stripy cowl

And yeah, with the naming, “trio”, get it?  I’ve done way too much brainstorming about future trio pattern names!

self-striping stripey cowl

Moving on to Maurice specifically… as you’ve been seeing, it’s a cowl that can be made in three different versions – narrow, wide, and long loop.  All the versions can be small, medium, or large, and there are lots of detailed modification notes for making any size you want in any gauge you want.  The pattern is written for a recommended gauge of aran weight yarn at 3.25 sts/inch, but you can use the mods to use any yarn you want!

small wide stripy cowl

The striping pattern is designed to stripe between two colors in each section, and you can stick to the same two colors for the whole thing, or switch to new contrasting colors for each section.  The narrow cowl and long loop versions have two (symmetrical) sections, and the wide cowl has three (asymmetrical) sections.  There are also modification notes for working with colors in different ways, if you want to really do your own thing!


There are also photo tutorials included for carrying yarn neatly between short rows, and switching yarns to avoid holes.  Once you get the hang of that stuff, after going through the repeat pattern once or twice, it becomes a really easy, quick, fun knit!  I had no problem making 5 samples because they were such fast moving tv/movie knitting projects, and I’m not a fast knitter.  (Actually I made 6, because my first pattern for the long loop version wasn’t right, but I liked the wrong sample too much to frog it – I’ll put that up as a rav project after I weave in the ends and take photos…)


I made samples of the narrow version in small and medium, the wide version in small and large, and the long loop in small;  a bunch of awesome test knitters made a wide variety of different versions, several with modifications, so check out the rav projects to see those!  Thank you so much, my fantastic testers!!


That’s about all I can think of to say about Maurice… the yardage estimates and other details are all listed on the pattern page.  I’m currently working on the second trio pattern and I’m really excited about it – I should be to the point where I can start showing you sneak peeks (on twitter, instagram, tumblr) within a couple days!


(If you’re reading this by February 11th, my birthday coupon code is still valid, so you can save 31% off Maurice or the whole Short Stripes Trio!)

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