December 11, 2016

Knit kits! And other stuff! Yeah!

Kits! I now have kits! Just barely in time for last-minute holiday gifting, they are mostly small quick knits…

kits! kits!

All kits are with recycled yarn, some of it hand-dyed, and everything else you need except the needles. There are five different kit types. First, light-switch plate cover (pattern info):


I just knit up a new one in this tweedy yarn, love it!

kits! kits!

A kit comes with enough yarn, the pattern on cardstock, and a switch plate. Some of the yarns are self-striping, and some are speckley variegated.

kits! kits!

The other two small kits are for pen tube bookmarks (bookmarks that hold a pen on the outside of the book/sketchbook, pattern info) and lapel flowers (pattern info). All the small kits come with a leethalknits I’m a baller pin, just for fun.

kits! kits!

The pen tube bookmark kits come with enough yarn, and a button.


kits! kits!

And the lapel flower kits come with three tiny balls of yarn, enough to make one flower, and a pin back.


kits! kits!

And then there are some bigger kits. The cuff kits include eight balls of yarn, each with two buttons, so you can make eight cuffs from the Ten 10 yard Cuffs pattern collection.


Each kit is packaged in a recycled tennis ball container, and includes the pattern as a high quality booklet with lots of photos of the ten cuff pattern options.

kits! ten 10 yard cuffs!

And lastly, Double Scoops ice cream earmuffs kits! (I used to sell these on my website a few years back.) Each kit includes four mini balls dyed to look like ice cream flavors, a coffee-dyed yarn for the waffle cones, and a larger ball for the lining.


The earmuffs look like this, but your flavors will be different, and your straps will be the color of the lining:


There are three kits in the shop, with different flavor options, so you can choose your favorite!


In other news, the final hat for the VIP club is being knit right now, Jalouse! And I just sent out a new treat for club members, connect-the-dots holiday cards. Pictured below is a couple of cards made by pasting the connect-the-dots print outs onto reclaimed blank greeting cards. If you join the club before the end of the year, you’ll get all six hat patterns, 20% off all my patterns, and the treats!

leethal VIP club hat #6 connect-the-dots holiday cards

Some of the VIP hats could make good last-minute holiday gift knits – the new one is for bulky weight, Provocateur (below, left) is for worsted or aran weight, and Vanguard (below, right) is for any weight, pictured here in bulky:

Provocateur Vanguard

Mokia is for any weight and has tons of options so you can definitely knit up a quick version – below left is an aran weight textured one, and right is a bulky weight cabled one:

Mokia Mokia

Some other patterns that could be fun gift kits are Incenter and Directrix from In Triplicate! The full 9-pattern In Triplicate collection is only available till the end of the year!

Incenter, by Lee Directrix, by Lee

Here are some other patterns of mine that could be perfect for quick gift knits… Twist on a Classic are super quick bulky fingerless mitts, made with stretchy sideways garter stitch and a perpendicular cable, all modularly constructed:

Twist on a Classic mitts

Haka is a fun and easy bulky hat, which can be made with or without the cables:

cabled Haka hat

Lemmy is a larger item but can be made with super mega bulky, like this sample made with three strands of bulky weight held together:


Barry is for any gauge, so it can be made very quickly, like this bulky sample:

Barry in superbulky

All my Remixed patterns are for any gauge, so they can be made pretty quickly; pictured below are samples of Wild is the Wind, Rumours, Rejuvenation, and Either/Or, all in bulky weight:

Wild is the Wind Rumours Rejuvenation Either/Or

Siskiyou isn’t so super quick, but it’s worsted weight so it’s not too bad, and is good for a giftee who likes trees:

Siskiyou hat

For a more specific gift, Warren was designed for the metalhead (or fan of supernatural/evil kinds of stuff) in your life, and Andrew can be made with or without secret hidden pentagrams:

A peek at the Dark Trio pattern coming later this week! There will be an evil version + a chaotic version, for those who don't want satanic symbology on their heads ;) Andrew mitts

Lastly, I have a new fabric design up on Spoonflower! It’s a repeating pattern of interlocked k‘s, hand-drawn:

fabric from my pattern design!

It’s a pattern I designed for my intro to Typography class a few months ago; the final design was filled in, but I scanned it when it was just the outlines, and put it over a yellow background. And I’ll leave you with this in-progress shot of projects from that graphic design class – I’m about a month away from starting the official graphic design program, exciting!

When my teacher saw my rough draft last week he said "I apologize in advance for how much your hand is going to hurt next week." It's now next week and I accept his apology. Still so much more to go!

Happy holidays!

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December 11, 2015

New pattern PDF: Insta-hat! Plus, Remixed poster!

(Temporary note: buy this now, by Sunday, for 50% to be donated to charity! See my previous post for details.)  New pattern re-release!  Insta-hat, now in re-written PDF format:


If you follow me on Instagram (or other social media), you’ll probably remember the mystery knit-a-long I posted for free last December, as a holiday gift to followers – the pattern was this Insta-hat, and those original Instagram posts still exist (links are on the ravelry and leethalknits pages).


The brand new PDF is re-written to be easier to follow (as a normal pattern instead of split into mystery KAL posts), extra sizing info added, some embellishment options added, new photos were taken, it was professionally tech edited… So now it’s a high quality normal for-sale pattern, but the price is extra low ($4) since it’s an upgrade of the existing free Instagram pattern.


The hat is a quick knit, in bulky weight, with easy lace repeat patterns – it’s a good adventurous beginner level pattern, or it’s a fun fast knit for more advance knitters.  It can knit up in 1-2 nights no problem, for most (depends how you are with bulky yarn, of course, but it’s definitely a relatively quick knit).


It is interesting enough to look cool in plain yarns, but simple enough to work with variegated, so it’s a good way to use up any skein of bulky you may have in your stash.  My samples are in madelinetosh A.S.A.P.:


Patons Classic Wool Bulky, plus handspun embellishment:


Punta Yarns Flame Handpainted (discontinued yarn), which is super bulky weight for an extra dense gauge:


Hand-dyed recycled yarn (made by me), a light-ish bulky weight for a more loose gauge:


And that extra big version works nicely with the brim folded under, for a warmer hat and a different style:


This hat is written in 3 circumference sizes, and a range of heights, so you can make it fitted to your head and more or less tall for slouch or a fitted top, as you like.  Detailed sizing info, and sizes/measurements of all the samples, are included in the new pdf.


And instructions for how I did the woven yarn embellishment are given in the pdf, if you like that:


This hat works well with a big pom-pom, especially if you make it slouchy!


Here’s an instagram shot I really like, from back when I first made this sample:


Last year when I designed this, I’d only meant to make a couple samples, but I ended up making four because it was such a fast, fun knit, I just kept going, “ooh but it would look so good in this yarn too!” and making another, then another.  It would make an excellent last-minute gifting pattern – make one for each member of your family!


So that’s Insta-hat.  Click here to ravelry where you can browse lots of versions by other knitters!  If you like it, consider using the new PDF version instead of the Instagram posts; it will be easier to knit from, and also I’d be very appreciative of you supporting my work :)


In other news, to go with my release of the newly updated Remixed patterns, I’ve just released a poster of the Remixed artwork! You can learn more about these drawings in this blog post; I added color to the knitted accessories for the poster:

Remixed Poster Remixed Poster

It’s available through MagCloud here, printed on high quality heavy paper, 12×18 inches, for $6 (plus shipping).  (Patterns are on ravelry here.)

Remixed Poster

Lastly, just want to let you know that the 3 upcoming Triyang collection patterns are coming along nicely!  Here are peeks at all 3, the colorwork, lace, and cabled designs (badly lit, sorry – Portland is gloooomy today!):

My Triyang collection shawls are coming along well! (Available for pre-order now, 50% goes to charity through Sunday!)

You can find the Triyang collection for pre-order on ravelry here or on here – like all my other patterns, if you buy it by this Sunday, half will be donated to charity.  You’ll get the Triyang pattern immediately, and these 3 patterns in a few weeks.  Details about the collection are on my blog here.  I’m pretty excited about it!

November 1, 2013

Quick (gift-able) Knits ebook and the Indie Gift-a-Long!

A couple of exciting things!  First, you can now (finally!) get my best-of leethal Quick Knits book collection in digital form!

leethal Quick Knits Ebook cover

This book of 12 of the most popular leethal Quick Knits patterns has been out in print booklet form for awhile now (you can get that for $12 over here, or maybe at your local yarn shop!), but I’ve just now gotten the book into e-format, so you can get a pdf of all 12 of these selected 20-yards-or-fewer patterns for $11.  Just in time for quick gift knitting!

pen tube bookmarks! Garter Strip Light-switch Cover

The items range from functional and practical (like the pen tube bookmark, the guitar pick pouch, the drink sweaters, the picnic wrapper), to cute and not-so-practical (like the various wearable flowers and leaves, the light-switch cover)…

Drink Sweaters! April's quick knits club stuff!

…to fun and silly (like the old timey moustache and the superhero mask).  Many potential gift items, as well as patterns which may teach you new knitting techniques on a small, non-intimidating scale!

Old Timey Moustache! Superhero Mask!

So, there is a thing happening which is what pushed me to finally get this ebook together, since the Quick Knits were a perfect fit for gift knitting… and this awesome gift-focused sale and knitting event is about to begin!


Have you heard about it yet?  A TON of indie designers are teaming up to offer a huge selection of patterns at 25% off November 1st – 15th (with coupon code giftalong, GMT), and then you, the knitter, get to knit-a-long (or crochet-a-long) your new patterns for gifting (or for yourself!), share your progress, and have a chance to win lots of great prizes!  All the info is in the ravelry group over here.

The whole thing kicks off today, Nov 1st, and you have all the way till the end of the year to finish your knitting, but the more projects you post in the threads, the more chances you’ll have to win!  Oh and, only participating designs (the ones being offered for 25% off now) are eligible for the gift-a-long-ing.  (Side note:  I’m trying REALLY hard to release my upcoming collection before Nov 15th, so that I can include those designs as gift-a-long options, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it.  Wish me luck!)

Here are my leethal designs you can choose from (also listed in the gift-a-long thread here!) which will be 25% off with giftalong coupon code now through November 15th:

another pattern mosaic

So that’s the new Quick Knits ebook (normally $11), Ten 10 yard Cuffs, which are also super quick gift-able knits, and 7 accessory patterns which can knit up fast and make good gifts!  If you like bulky cables, you can choose Lemmy (shown below), or Twisted Ankles, or the Haka hat+cowl set


If you want to choose your own gauge, using a bulky weight for extra fast knitting, or a finer weight if you prefer, you can choose from Either/Or (shown below in the full mittens option), Wild is the Wind hat, Gentle on My Mind hat/bonnet/hood, or Wobble Bass hat.  Many of these are gender-neutral, and all of them can be customized based on yarn choice and other options, to best suit your giftee!


So, take advantage of that coupon code – browse through the forums (or the Pinterest boards!) and check out all the other awesome designers participating!  And then get knitting!  Yeah!

November 26, 2012

Holiday gift knitting! (plus mega sale, today only!)

It’s been a busy month!  With all these new patterns, I want to offer a sale on this cyber Monday, so you can collect whichever ones you like with some major savings!  (Like my newest Flying V’s, and Junction, which still has yet to be blogged officially, pictured below.)

Flying V's Junction

So, today only, add as many leethal patterns/ebooks to your cart as you want (through ravelry or my site), and enter coupon code leethalmonday to save 40% off your entire order!!

This code will work for the whole Remixed collection (knocking it down from $20 to a mere $12 for all 8 patterns!) and all the quick knits ebooks, Game Knitting, the Flying V’s collection, etc…

Flying V's

And since it is now indeed the holiday season, I will go on to point you to my many patterns which might make for good (quick) gift knitting!  All of my any-gauge patterns can be made as a quick gift knit if you choose a chunky yarn, like Wobble Bass, which looks very nice in bulky yarns (pictured here in worsted) and is a great gift for a hat-wearing person of any gender:

Wobble Bass

(Note:  I’ll link to the ravelry pages for all the patterns throughout this post, since it’s a little easier and is probably preferred by many, but you can also find all the patterns on my website, and buy them through there with the coupon code if you prefer.)

Any-gauge mitts include Either/Or and Rumours (both from Remixed), which are both quick in chunky yarns:

Either/Or Rumours

Any-gauge cowls include Flippable and Parallel Lines (another Remixed pattern)…

Flippable infinity moebius scarf thing

…and hooded (or optionally hooded) cowls Shapeshifter and Skoodlet both work excellently in bulky or super bulky yarns:

Shapeshifter! big skoodlet!

Custom Tritops and Wild is the Wind (from Remixed) can both be made not just in any weight, but also as either fitted or slouchy styles (both shown here in slouchy), though if you choose to make either super quick in bulky yarn, the fitted style is probably the better choice.

Custom Tritop! Wild is the Wind

Other Remixed any-gauge hats include Gentle on My Mind, shown here in an oversized super bulky version, and Freak Out! (a hat with a surprise hidden underneath!):

Gentle on My Mind Freak Out!

I also have some simpler bulky weight patterns, like Brimming with Color and Haka, which is the ultimate quick knit hat, in either super bulky yarn or 3 strands of worsted held together – perfect for one-night gift knitting!

Brimming with Color! haka!

And Twisted Ankles are cabled legwarmers knit up in bulky weight:

Twisted Ankles

And then there are my official quick knits patterns – those hats and other accessories might be quick compared to shawls and sweaters, but these projects below are QUICK!  There are the Ten 10 yard Cuffs:

ten 10 yard cuffs! cuff501

Lots of good potential gifty items in my quick knits ebooks, like these Drink Sweaters and Pen Tube Bookmarks

Drink Sweaters! pen tube bookmarks!

…and the Guitar Pick Keyring Pouch and CD Gift Case, which are together in the same ebook:

April's quick knits club stuff! April's quick knits club stuff!

And then there are my older quick knits patterns, compiled into 3 volumes – these Pinwheel Earmuffs and Cabled Frame are from vol. 2, the Garter Strip Light-switch Cover is from vol.3

Pinwheel Earmuffs Cabled Frame Garter Strip Light-switch Cover

…and these Stiffened Chevron Bookmarks and holiday-themed Wee Gift Bag below are from vol.1.  Browse through ravelry or my site to see all my quick knits patterns (47 of them!).

club #2: Bookmarks Nov quick knits club patterns

Lastly, if you need to stick to freebies, I have some of those as well!  My new hat Scant knits up quickly, especially if you choose a chunky yarn.  Cassady and Buttonhead are also simple knits for any gauge, and the Buttony Chevron Cuff is super quick and fun:

Scant in handspun Cassady! Buttonhead! 08orangeon

And then there are these Gradient Mitts and leethal Mary Janes, both in bulky yarns for quick gift knitting.

knit mitts booties1.jpg

Hope I gave you some good options if you are trying to pack in lots of knitting over the next month!  You should be able to whip up several of these in time, no problem!  Happy holidays, and happy knitting!

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July 25, 2012

TNNA! plus some new things…

First, exciting news, I have a new Quick Knits print book of an assortment of 12 of the most popular patterns!  They all use no more than 20 yards of yarn, and they come in a 16 page high-quality printed booklet for $12.  When you buy through MagCloud, you’ll also get a free pdf download of the book, great for iPad or other device viewing!  (rav link)

Quick Knits best of book

Besides that brand new pattern collection, I also now have print versions of my Terrapin and Flippable patterns (for sale on MagCloud here), and I’ve updated all of my print patterns so that they all come with a free pdf version of the booklets when you buy through MagCloud.  (Note that these are pdf versions of the print books, not the same pdfs that you would buy through ravelry or my site – same patterns, different formatting, and they won’t go in your rav library.)

Terrapin Flippable

These brand new patterns are now also available to Portland locals at Twisted, and will very soon be in Richmond, VA at Rag & Bone!  If you own or work at a yarn shop and might be interested in my patterns, check out my wholesale page with everything you need to know!  If you think my patterns would be a great fit at your favorite local shop, tell them to check out my stuff at, or let me know the name of the shop and I’ll get in touch with them!  Okay that’s done, moving on now…


Jeni's day 2

So, I’d been meaning to get those new print patterns set up for quite some time, but the thing that finally made it a top priority was TNNA – I went to this biggest convention of the year for the first time (back in June)!  I wanted to have my print patterns and catalog all up to date, so yeah, I did that, plus new business cards (and my new website, of course!), and then I headed to Ohio and my mind was blown with how many people I met… by the end, I was the most exhausted I’ve ever been, in an awesome way!

short north

If you follow designers and other yarny type professionals on twitter, or blogs, or where ever you do your following, then you’ve surely heard of TNNA – it’s an industry-only convention, where yarn companies, designers, etc, show off their stuff and yarn shops place their orders… unless you go as a designers without a booth, like I did, in which case it’s more for just meeting a million people and passing out business cards and wholesale catalogs whenever possible.

short north

I did lots of walking around Columbus (which I liked a lot!), hanging out with tons of designers who I either knew online and met in real life for the first time, or just met for the first time period, and we’ve since become internet buddies, talking shop.  It’s indescribably great to talk with big groups of people who all do generally what I do, which is a completely solitary job, about all different aspects of being a designer – and I do have good designer friends here in Portland but it’s different when it’s a wide variety of lots of different kinds of designers… Anyway, it was great.

Travonna coffee

I just brought my little point-and-shoot camera since I knew photography was off-limits inside the convention and I didn’t want to have to carry around my normal camera if I couldn’t even use it most of the time… So I ended up taking very few photos, sadly, the best ones all seen here.  This is the North Market across the street from the convention center, where the ice cream could be found, and other good food.

north market

I got new shoes just before (which was bad news, of course, since I was still breaking them in and they killed my feet by the end of the second day, so I had to wear my super dorky running shoes for 2 days which I brought as back-ups in case I might need them), and I finished embroidering my plain black bag on the plane there:

looking down

Alex and Stephanie had the coziest booth in all the land, so we took breaks there as needed, especially the last couple days as the exhaustion got more severe.  Here’s Stephanie (Tiny Owl), Alex (Dull Roar), Stacey (Fresh Stitches – with birds in her hair!!), and me, squeezed onto the blow-up sofa:

designated resting area...

Of course I had to go to Jeni’s each day (just once per day though, not a big deal!) and since their small size can be 2 different flavors, I got to try 8 flavors – I think my favorite was the goat cheese cherry, but the lemon blueberry was fantastic, and the black coffee, and the juniper lemon curd, and the pistachio honey…..  There’s Cirilia in the background, who was so busy actually working that she barely got to hang out, bummer (but I’ll be seeing her at Knit Fit! in Seattle soon!):

Jeni's day 2

The Craftsy party was a definite highlight – an insane claustrophobic highlight!  In this crowd shot, you can see Daniel Yuhas in focus in the center there – I met him for the first time in Columbus, even though we live in the same city!

Craftsy party!

Here’s Jess having a super adorable Marilyn Monroe moment over a vent:

Craftsy party!

I like taking photos of people taking photos… here’s Mary-Heather (Rainy Day Goods) and Sarah (Sexy Knitter):

Craftsy party!

And Sarah and Alex, yeah it was a silly fun party:

Craftsy party!

There was lots of hanging out and knitting at night, of course, and laughing, and trying to stay awake… Alex doing one of those things and Sarah doing the other:

laughing at the Hyatt

Other highlights:

I didn’t get any photos with her at all, but on the first day there I met up with the awesome Jaala and did an interview for Knitcircus!  You can read the article here (pdf), in which I’m labeled a “ninja innovator”!  Love it!

I shared a cab with Lisa Bogart, who just released the book Knit with Love – she’s super nice so you should check it out!

I had a great roommate experience with Jessica, who has a fun blog and podcast, so you should check those out!

Since I took so few photos, I got permission to grab a few from friends… Here’s Stephanie and me wearing her fabulous deer hat, taken by Katy (and there’s another cute shot of us on Hilary’s blog).

Hilary (The Yarniad), Sarah (in her incredible Lady Sybil Jumpsuit!), and me, taken by Alex, at the brew pub where I got maybe the best mac n cheese I’ve ever had:


TNNA ended up being so much about the people, that I haven’t even mentioned the yarn!  Oh the yarn!  Yummm how I do love yarn.  I met lots of nice yarny people, and made note of many companies I’d love to work with at some point.  One of them was Anzula, who offered me some gorgeous yarn for my next design!  They were super nice and their yarn is beautiful and I am now knitting this into a sample for my upcoming mystery shawl knit-a-long!

Anzula yarn

Mmmmm yes I love it!  Oh and what was that?  Mystery shawl knit-a-long?  Yup, you heard me right!  The actual knitting will begin on October 1st, but more details and sign-ups will be released very soon!

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June 9, 2011

June’s quick knits club: Thrift! (last club ebook!)

Well here it is, my last club ebook!  The quick knits club has run its course and has now come to an end, with a theme that seemed to fit since it’s an element in pretty much every club ebook: Thrift!

June's quick knits club ebook cover

Everything has to do with items you can find at thrift stores… The first, embellishments that can be sewn onto clothes to hide small stains, holes, or logos, or just to liven up something that’s a bit more bland than you’d like.  From the ebook: “If you find a shirt or skirt that fits perfectly, in a color you love, with an unsightly blemish, this embellishment might be all that’s needed to turn it into your new favorite piece! I used mine to cover up the logo on a shirt and make the whole thing more interesting, and to brighten up a boring skirt.”

June's quick knits club ebook! June's quick knits club ebook!

There are two patterns for the Bobble Star Embellishments – one with smaller bobbles and longer stems, and the other with larger bobbles, shorter stems, and a larger center part.  And then there are notes for adjusting the number and length of the stems, and how I made that crazy one with 9 stems in all different lengths.

June's quick knits club ebook!

And then the other pattern is something you can knit with the actual thrifted materials themselves – make super-bulky recycled “yarn” out of either a sheet or t-shirt(s) and knit it up into a Bulky Teardrop Towel:

June's quick knits club ebook!

And hanging in action in my kitchen:

June's quick knits club ebook! June's quick knits club ebook!

Each of the patterns have tutorials to go with them – for the embellishments, I explain how to sew the stars onto clothes, either by hand or machine…

June's quick knits club ebook! June's quick knits club ebook!

And I show you how to make sheet yarn…

June's quick knits club ebook!

…and no-ties t-shirt yarn, which can stripe between different colors with no knots or ends to weave in.

June's quick knits club ebook! June's quick knits club ebook!

The tutorial in this ebook is nature plates – clear glass plates are almost always found at thrift stores, so here’s a way to turn those into awesome custom dishes:

June's quick knits club ebook!

You could use the same concept with hand-cut stencils or other flat found objects; I used leaves from weeds in my yard.  Maybe someday I’ll have our weed problem under control and these plates will serve as a reminder of what used to be.  (Yards are a lot of work!)

June's quick knits club ebook!

And then lastly, there’s a link list of tutorials I’ve done online that are great for thrifted materials, which happens to be a pretty big chunk of my tutorials, since I do love thrifting!  As I said in the ebook, thrift shops are my main source for craft materials in general, and when coming up with club ideas, always trying to use recycled materials whenever possible, I generally hit thrift stores before craft stores.  For the first generation of the club, the recycled yarn always came from thrifted sweaters, and the extras usually would be thrifted as well, so I’m happy to have wrapped up these almost two years of monthly club projects with this theme!

So, you can grab this ebook on my site or on ravelry, and you can buy any of the other 9 club ebooks separately, plus all my old club patterns in ebook collections – volume 1, volume 2, and volume 3.  (All my quick knits patterns are on ravelry here.)  I’m excited for the club to be behind me, so I can move on to focus on my big ebook now!  But, I may be putting out free quick knits patterns once in awhile if I think of any good ideas.  We’ll see…..

Happy thrifting, and happy knitting!

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May 11, 2011

May’s quick knits club ebook: Eat!

It may not feel like spring here yet, but I’m already daydreaming about growing some food in my yard this year and cooking up some awesome fresh veggie-filled meals!  So, this month is all about food!  An eating-utensil-holder for picnicking or any other portable eating needs, a coaster or potholder depending on what size you make it, an apron made from a recycled shirt, and a little zine I made to share with you meatless things I like to make on my George Foreman grill…

May's club ebook cover

My favorite thing about the patterns this month is that both of them are completely modular, not even requiring so much as a picked up stitch!  No sewing or seaming of any kind, no breaking yarn partway through, etc.  When you’re done knitting, it’s done!

may's club - eat!

This Picnic Wrapper pattern has you start at one i-cord tip, work through the entire pattern, close up the side with a 3-needle bind-off as you work, then end at the tip of the other i-cord!  It works in a way that holds in whatever utensils, napkins, etc that you need to carry, grasping them in there securely with a pocket and one i-cord tie on the inside, then the flap side wraps around the whole thing and ties around into a convenient little bundle:

may's club - eat! may's club - eat!

The Blocky Coaster/Potholder pattern is a log-cabin-ish design, which will give you a different look if you choose to switch solid color yarns (like my potholder) or use one self-striping yarn for the whole thing (like my coaster).

may's club - eat!

The coaster is the official “quick knit” version, using approx 15 yards of worsted weight, and the potholder uses much more.  The pattern is given in 3 forms: worsted weight coaster and worsted weight potholder, like the 2 samples, and any-gauge/any-size, written with variables and some very basic math.

may's club - eat! may's club - eat!

The square is felted (/fulled) to thicken it up, and smooth out the bumps.  It’s knit up using lots of simple short rows – if you’ve made a Betiko, it’ll be very familiar to you.  Sideways edge cast-ons along the sides of the first few sections, then sideways edge bind-offs for the two thick side sections, all in garter stitch:

may's club - eat! may's club - eat!

The tutorial is a photo-filled explanation of how I made this pocketed apron from a recycled button-down shirt:

Recycled Shirt Pocket Apron

The collar of the shirt becomes the top pocket of the apron, and the shirt back’s bottom is the bottom edge of the apron…

Recycled Shirt Pocket Apron

I am no expert sewer, not even close, so mine is a bit messy, but if you have experience, then you could probably make a pretty awesome version using the same concepts.

Recycled Shirt Pocket Apron

And lastly, I made up this little folding zine that you can print out – there’s this colored one, and also a colorless version if you want to save printer ink.  It’s a bunch of things I like to make using my George Foreman grill, which is one of my favorite appliances, and one that I think is mostly associated with meat, so I thought people might like to learn about how great it is for non-meat-eaters as well.  But, of course, you can use lots of the “recipes” with other ways of cooking if you don’t have a GF grill.

meatless grilling mini-zine page from inside May's ebook

The ebook this month is a whopping 19 pages long!  $5 for this book alone, or $7 for a 2-month membership (next month is the last of the club!) – grab it on my site or on ravelry here.

Hey, I would love some theme ideas/requests for the last month!  I have a bunch of barely-developed ideas that I’ve come up with over the last almost-2-years doing quick knits, but nothing that I’m super excited about for the last ebook… Comment with theme ideas if you have any, or just with pattern concept ideas, and I could even do some kind of “by request” theme with different ideas that don’t necessarily have to relate… just a thought…

Which reminds me, it was a member who put the food theme idea out there – she suggested recipe cards, which I had been planning on doing at first, but then I guess the zine idea took over and those didn’t happen.  Thanks Ellen for that idea!!  Aaaand, it was a twitter follower who gave me the idea for the utensil holder pattern, but, sadly, twitter does not make it easy to search through old @ messages, so I can’t find who it was that gave me the idea – I’m sorry!

Ok that’s all, happy knitting!

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April 8, 2011

April’s ebook: Listen Up!

I’ve finally done a theme I had wanted to do forever – music!  I had planned to do a music themed club back in my first generation of the quick knits club, but it never happened, and I hadn’t been able to figure out all the parts until last week, super last minute.  I’d actually been planning a different theme, and then I brainstormed this up and was much more excited about it so I went for it, though I put a little too much effort into making the ebook awesome so it was released a couple days late.  I think it’s worth it though!

April club ebook cover

First, Listen Up! includes a pattern for this guitar pick keyring pouch:

April's quick knits club stuff!

It’s a simple little pattern that looks pretty cool when it’s done, but it’s an easy in-the-round construction with nothing but increases and decreases – so it’s good for someone new to DPNs or an adventurous beginner.

April's quick knits club stuff!

The sample was knit in a DK-ish weight, tightly on size US 2 needles, making the pattern written for a gauge of 8 sts/inch, but there are notes on working it in different gauges and it’s very easy to modify if you want to use a different weight.

April's quick knits club stuff!

The second pattern is this CD gift case, which can be made to look like an LP (sort of) when knit in the right colors.  I didn’t have time to try it out, but I think it would be awesome to embroider “mix” or “to you” or something on the label (red) part.  If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know how obsessive I am about my mixes, so a special case for a special mix was a fun thing to design!  Especially as I am also extremely into vinyl

April's quick knits club stuff!

And here’s the back (or front, actually, it could go either way), the tricky part…  It was tough to design and make it work, and it’s a wee bit hard to button around the disc until you get the hang of it, but it totally functions and I think it looks pretty cool!  Of course, the mix gift will be made better if you take a sharpie (or many in different colors) to the top side of the mix and give it some custom art, which will show – or you could write the track list directly onto the disc so it’s readable while in the case.

April's quick knits club stuff!

For the tutorial, I show you how I made these vintage lace doily covered speakers!  All you need is a speaker, a doily, and some yarn:

from the April quick knits ebook from the April quick knits ebook

Here they are in action in my studio:

from the April quick knits ebook from the April quick knits ebook

And then the final extra ebook item… the one that probably took me the most time of all and is my personal favorite part of this ebook… I made 6 album cover artwork connect-the-dots puzzles!

from the April quick knits ebook

I’ll treat this set how I treat my stitch set puzzles, and I’ll show you one so you can get an idea of how they look, but then you can click over to my spoilers page and scroll to the bottom to find links to see all 6 of the puzzles, along with the art that inspired each one!

from the April quick knits ebook

This sample is not the best, and definitely not my favorite of the 6, but it is the most recognizable album cover of them all, and one of the easiest to tell what it is in dot puzzle form.  The 6 albums range from 1969 to 2009 and are a variety of music types, though all 6 are albums I like.  I had a ton of nerdy fun making these, and I hope many of you have tons of fun doing them!

from the April quick knits ebook

So that’s April’s club ebook.  The usual info:  head to the club page to subscribe and get this ebook plus the last 2 months ($10 for 3 ebooks), head to the ravelry page to grab this ebook alone, and hey, if you knit any patterns from this set (or any quick knits ebooks, for that matter), it would be very very cool if you added them to your ravelry projects!  Just sayin’…  Oh yeah, that reminds me, I’ve gotten the quick knits patterns page up to date, so you can see alllll my under-20-yards patterns together there.

Ok that’s all I’ve got.  Sorry about the blog absence lately; oh life, it is busy.  I’ve finished making some delicious liqueurs, so hopefully you’ll be hearing about those soon!  Happy weekend!

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March 23, 2011

March quick knits club: Plug In!

March club cover

Wow, this is seriously belated, but hey, check it out!  March’s quick knits club mini-ebook!  The theme is Plug In! and it’s all about tech gadgets and various electronic things…

Screen-Friendly Gadget Case

The highlight is this any-gauge custom-sized pattern for a gadget case, meant specifically for iphones, ipods, ipads, and any other non-i things that have full screens like this.  The case is knit starting at the top, across with the sideways-edge cast-on method to fit the gadget width, then worked down from there to the bottom; a second row of stitches is added with increases to start the seed stitch flap.  Then the bottom of the fitted part is worked across, with holes being added as needed for plug access – the whole thing is worked modularly so that there’s no seaming and only a few picked up stitches along the way.

Screen-Friendly Gadget Case Screen-Friendly Gadget Case

To finish it off, yarn is threaded around the edges kind of like a drawstring, to pull the case edges in and hold tightly onto your gadget, without covering the screen.  This variegated one was my prototype piece – the bottom of the case (as seen above) is different than the final design, but the rest is pretty much the same:

Screen-Friendly Gadget Case

The second knitting pattern is this simple but functional wrist rest, worked in the round with short rows:

Wrist Rest Tube Wrist Rest Tube

This month’s tutorial is for a phone (and whatever else) charging station, which holds a power strip and takes up minimal space on your counter top:

phone charging station

And the extra bonus is a second brief tutorial for this mp3 player pocket, which can be added to a scarf as pictured, or to a bag, jacket, etc…

mp3 player pocket mp3 player pocket

So, this ebook is available alone for $5, or you can still sign up for a subscription – there are only 3 more months left of the club, so a 4 month membership (this ebook, then through to the end) is $14, through my site or ravelry.

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February 10, 2011

February quick knits ebook: Buttons!

February is a month full of love, and I love buttons… well ok, that’s not why I chose the theme… it just kind of developed… anyway, this month’s club:

Buttons! ebook cover

Five different button-filled projects!  The first, a knitting pattern for Shoggoth, the pin cushion demon!


HP Lovecraft monster that knits up in approximately 20 yards of worsted weight leftovers, gets stuffed and covered in button eyes, then functions as an awesome pin cushion!

Buttons! Buttons!

One tentacle curls around, with my intent being that you can store your scissors in there… but it’s not really structurally sound enough to stay up without the scissors balancing on the table.  The curled tentacle looks cool though, even if it’s not super useful.  Also, you could attach googly eyes instead of buttons if you prefer!


The other knitting pattern is called Buttontastic, and it’s a strip of buttons and eyelet holes which can be twisted and worn as a headband, necklace, bracelet, or probably more!


To make it long enough for a headband, you actually need a bit more than 20 yards (I think this one, in Knitted Wit merino yarn, used around 25 yards), but you could totally stripe with different yarn leftovers of the same weight (worsted weight is recommended).  The brown example (in Malabrigo worsted) used around 17 yards, and makes for a fun necklace or bracelet:

Buttons! Buttons!

The linen stitch looks super great in variegated yarns, as you can see…

Buttons! Buttons!

While making these pieces, I came up with a way to attach the buttons into the knitting as you knit – no sewing on oh-so-many buttons afterwards, yay!  The pattern includes instructions for how I did that, but I also plan to do a blog post on it sometime in the near future, for all to see, since it’s an easy process that would be super useful for lots of button-y patterns!  (I’m sure it’s something that many have done before, I’d just never seen it – anyone know of an online how-to for putting buttons into your knit fabric as you knit?)


For my tutorial/extras this month, I actually just did 3 short tutorials for different kinds of fun, simple-ish button craft projects.  The first is an easy clothing embellishment project, which I did on a thrifted skirt – LOVE the finished look!

Buttons! Buttons!

And then a home decor project – a button-covered branch light:


It’s a whole different look during the day, and turned on at night!

Buttons! Buttons!

I am totally in love with how this project turned out, as well!  I think it would also look awesome with just the buttons and no lights… I’ll probably be trying that out soon!


And lastly, a simple little jewelry project – pile of buttons pendant.  A fun way to use up some coordinating buttons… or you could make it with just one extra special small button framed inside the larger button, to show it off.


There are only 4 months left of the club – you can get a subscription starting with this ebook, lasting through the end of the club, which is 5 months for $17.  Or, as usual, you can grab just this ebook alone for $5.

It’s been a weird week, and my computer is in the Apple store getting its fan replaced, so I’m writing this on Pete’s computer… my point being, I haven’t been doing much computery stuff at all this week.  Things should be back to normal soon though, and I’ll have some fun blog posts, and hopefully another mystery knit-a-long very soon!

(One extra thing, you may want to check out my twitter, as I might be having a secret-ish sale this week that I’ve been announcing through twitter only, and that ends tomorrow…)

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January 4, 2011

January’s quick knits club! Yay books!

This month’s quick knits club theme is Read Books! I chose the theme for two reasons (which kind of go together)…

January cover

We are getting our home library (old photo) into awesome functioning order – just got a fold-out couch so it can double as a guest room, and so we now have a comfy place to sit and read!  And, one of my (many!) goals for 2011 is to read more!  Since I quit having a day job 2.5 years ago, I’ve basically quit reading books, since I used to do all my book-reading on my lunch breaks (and on the clock when it was slow and the boss wasn’t around).  So, now with the new library, I’m really hoping to be able to put aside some time every few days to go in there, away from the computer, tv, etc, and open up some of those many books I’ve bought and never read!

pen tube bookmarks! pen tube bookmarks!

The patterns this month are both bookmarks, but very different from each other.  The Pen Tube Bookmark holds a pen (or highlighter, or reading glasses) on the outside of your book, while marking 1 or 2 pages with the yarn strand (or crochet chain).  You also get to choose whether to make it with a button closure or eyelet holes.  It’s an easy little pattern which uses about 12-15 yards of worsted weight yarn.


The other pattern is this Wavy Short Rows Bookmark – the point of this one is mostly that it’s fun to make, and will look cool in variegated sock yarn leftovers.  The piece is an easy way to have fun with short rows, since the bumpy garter stitch fabric means there’s no need to knit wraps together with wrapped stitches, and only 10 total stitches across means it works up quickly.  It’s worked in 5 sections, which are all different from each other, but all simple to work without having to carefully follow the pattern row-by-row.


Unfortunately, none of my yarn choices for the examples are the perfect type of multi-colored yarn to show the short rows pattern best… that variegated yarn I chose ended up having too-short color sections, and the light green is 2 strands of lace weight Noro held together, but those color sections are way too long and it didn’t really change colors at all throughout the whole thing… oh well.


And then I show you how I made three different bookends – all by gluing things to these basic Ikea ones, but you can use any plain bookends.


Basic project, but fun and full of possibility!


Lastly, the extra is instructions for 2 different word games that Pete and I play with the help of a book.  Great for lines, public transit, or other waiting situations, when you have a book in your bag.  One is based on the old game show game – Password – and the other is a sillier game that’s sort of inspired by Taboo…


Anyway, that’s this months club!  We got a few new members this month, thanks to the mention in Knitter’s Review (thanks Clara!!) so that’s super awesome!  Hope everyone enjoys it!


And a club announcement… I’ve decided to only continue the club for these first 6 months of 2011.  It’s getting harder to come up with the mini-designs each month and I just feel myself loosing steam with the quick knits.  I figure my energy can be better used with bigger designs, more mystery knit-a-longs, and maybe new ideas I haven’t even thought of yet!  You can still get a 6 month subscription starting with this month (through my site or through ravelry), and then starting next month the subscriptions will just be for fewer months, for the remainder of the club.

pen tube bookmarks!

Now would be the perfect time to mention any theme or pattern ideas or requests!  I’d really appreciate thoughts I can put to use in these last 5 months of club ebooks!

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December 17, 2010

Gifts for knitters + super quick last minute knit gifts!

First, I just want to give a quick update to those of you waiting for my new pattern (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can skip this paragraph) – the mystery knit-a-long ended yesterday (well, it didn’t end exactly, since lots of knitters are still working, but yesterday was one week after the final section was released) so I’d planned to release the final pattern to all yesterday or today.  Holiday stuff and life in general has been preventing me from really focusing on getting it all done, so it’s looking like a Friday release is impossible, and I’m hoping for Saturday, but no guarantees… anyway, you can see tons of photos of my different versions of the design (taken by Pete at Reed college the other day, pretty!) in my flickr stream.

Diane’s CraftyPod series this week on ways to give ebooks as gifts has been awesome, and reminded me of this image I made last year:

Game Knitting Cover For Discs

This is a super basic way you could gift Game Knitting – burn it onto a disc, print this out (download the original size from flickr) and slip it in the CD case as the cover.  I love Diane’s felt CD envelope, making the digital gift into a much more tangible and personal present!  Diane’s how-to for making a thumb drive box for holding an ebook on the drive would also work well for something like Game Knitting (65 pages) – the tutorials for printing out the whole book (with perfect binding, or stitch binding, or ring binding) would be a bit more time consuming and pricey with an ebook of that length.

The book-making ideas would be a good fit for my quick knits ebooks, though!  These ebooks (vol 1, vol 2, vol 3) range around  20-25 pages each, and would make fun little books for knitter giftees (pictured below).  (Of course, you can also send any ebooks or patterns as gifts to ravelers directly through ravelry, digitally, if you want to skip the tangible element.  Or, you can give tangible patterns of my designs printed by MagCloud as gifts for knitters.)

And this transitions us into the main point of this post…. super duper quick last minute knit gifts!

leethal quick knits club patterns Vol.1 Cover leethal quick knits patterns vol. 2! quick knits Vol 3

My quick knits patterns are great for ultra last minute gift crafting – all using under 20 yards of yarn, most using around 10-15 yards!  (See them all on ravelry here.)  A couple free options are my penta-coasters and buttony chevron cuff (below).  There are also all the patterns I gathered on my quick knits links page by other designers, most free, all using under 20 yards.

Penta-Coasters! 08orangeon

Within those mini-ebooks above you’ll find lots of potential gift items, like these stiffened chevron bookmarks, winter leaves which can be turned into a necklace, and several different pouch/case things – the luggage tag pouches below (which can be used for other things besides luggage tags!), the fitted pocket case, robot monster pouch, laced-up pencil case, strappy pouch and mini-wallet

club #2: Bookmarks Winter Leaves necklace Luggage Tag Pouch

And then there’s the wee gift bag, which can be used to package a special tiny gift!  Some others that would make good gifts are the cabled frame

Wee Gift Bag Cabled Frame

pinwheel earmuffs, and blooming flowers (made into earrings here):

Pinwheel Earmuffs Blooming Flowers!

And then there are the newer club patterns like the drink sweaters, and the new cabled keepers:

Drink Sweaters! December club: Wrap It!

As for bigger (but still fast!) items that can easily be finished within a couple days, starting with free – the buttonhead hat can be made with any weight yarn, so a bulky one will knit up in no time!  And the big bulky bucket hat is great for showing off some nice bulky yarn, like handspun or something hand-dyed…

Buttonhead! buckethat4.jpg

Gradient mitts and the simple mary-jane slippers are both made with bulky yarn and work up crazy fast!

knit gradient mitts orangeslippers3

And the haka hat, also for bulky yarn, and also great for showing off handspun, is super cheap and probably the fastest earflapped hat you’ll ever make:

Haka! haka!

Lastly, custom tritops are for any gauge, and a bulky version is a super fast project if you’re not intimidated by the sideways brim (it’s easy, really)!

Custom Tritop! Custom Tritop!

Hopefully I gave you some ideas for any gifts that you were stuck on – I know I always have gifts I’m still figuring out in this last week before xmas!  Happy knitting, and happy holidays!

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December 9, 2010

Wrap It! December’s quick knits ebook

December club ebook cover

December’s ebook is out!  The theme is Wrap It! and the main piece is most definitely these Cabled Keepers:

December club: Wrap It! December club: Wrap It!

An any-gauge pattern which uses short rows (sideways edge cast-ons) for custom fitting, this pattern can be used to cover any size box with any weight yarn!  You just need a box with an attached lid, and a glue gun…

December club: Wrap It!

The cables and the overall look will vary depending on your yarn weight – the red and turquoise examples are in worsted, the green example in sports weight.  This is a quick knits pattern (meaning under 20 yards) when made for a small box (like a ring box), but it can be a much larger project since you could use the same pattern to cover a big box, or any size in between.  (Side note, thanks to ohsweetie for suggesting the name – much better than my working name, Cabled Box Covers.)

December club: Wrap It! December club: Wrap It!

The second pattern is this Chevron Bow, meant to tie onto a wrapped gift.  It’s pretty darn simple, but it is also for any gauge, and the chevron shaping makes it great for using up leftover bits of variegated yarns:

December club: Wrap It!

For the extras, the ebook has ideas for making recycled wrapping papers…

December club: Wrap It!

…and includes 4 different printable knit fabric patterns, which can be used as wrapping paper for small boxes:

December club: Wrap It!

So that’s December’s club.  As usual, you can buy the ebook alone for $5 (on ravelry here), or you can sign up for a 6 month subscription (also on rav, or on my website) and save $10 on the 6 months’ worth of patterns.

In other quick knits news – remember when I half-released volume 3 of the old club patterns, and said it would be completed in November?  Well, I did get the last 4 patterns added right at the end of November, so if you buy the ebook now all the patterns are in there… I just haven’t had a chance yet to update the webpage and get the individual patterns for sale separately.  But, I just wanted to let you know that the Blooming Flowers, the Fitted Pocket Case (which, like the Cabled Keepers, can be made much bigger than a quick knit, custom sized as big as you want it!), and the rest of the patterns from the last months of my old club, are now all in that ebook.

Blooming Flowers!

I’m thinking about ending the quick knits club 6 months into next year… I feel like it’s harder to stretch for pattern ideas within the 20 yard limit each month, and maybe I only have 6 months left in me… I’m not sure yet though.  I may replace it with something else new and exciting, who knows…

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November 4, 2010

Bundle Up! November quick knits ebook, plus some recipes!

Hey, it’s November already!  That’s crazy, huh?  Well, I released my third quick knits club ebook on Tuesday – themed Bundle Up! Here it is:

Bundle Up!

Pattern number one is Oval Pockets, which can be sewn onto a sweater that’s in need of pockets, which is pretty much all sweaters, as far as I’m concerned!  There’s a 20 yards of bulky version (each pocket uses just 10 yards), pictured on the cardigan, and then a larger any-gauge version, pictured on the two pullovers:

Oval Pockets Oval Pockets

These are now instantly my three favorite sweaters – but I think the hooded fair isle yoke one is my all time favorite sweater (found at a thrift store in Salt Lake City, isn’t is fabulous?!)… The any-gauge pocket pattern is a little wonky, so I’d recommend attempting in a finer-than-worsted yarn it only if you’re comfortable with short rows and making adjustments – it’s been tested in the bulky and worsted weights, and I fear that finer weight yarns will need some extra steps (all this is discussed in the pattern).

Oval Pockets Oval Pockets

The second pattern is a little weird, maybe… I called it a Cabled Cowl Maker – it loops and wraps around a long scarf to kind of turn it into a cowl:

Cabled Cowl Maker

Depending on how you wrap it, your “cowl” can be snug…

Cabled Cowl Maker Cabled Cowl Maker

…or fluffy and loose:

Cabled Cowl Maker Cabled Cowl Maker

And you can tie it behind the scarf to hide the ties, or in front for a bow design element.  You can’t really see in these photos, but it’s designed so that the cables appear to come off the piece and become the i-cord on one end, and the braided ties on the other end… very similar to the way the cables come off the garter stitch based piece and become buttonhole tabs in Twisted Ankles.  And because they both use bulky, you could whip up this quick knit with leftovers from that project, making those legwarmers and this cowl maker a good winter pair!

Cabled Cowl Maker Cabled Cowl Maker

A running theme throughout the ebook is modifying stuff that’s easily found at thrift stores (all the sweaters in the examples were thrifted, as well as the blue scarf), so my extra is 2 pages of tips and info about thrifting for secondhand sweaters!  Ideas for reconstructing and embellishing, and how to felt wool sweaters for crafting – and the craft tutorial this month is a recycled sweater wool felt mug sleeve:

wool felt mug sleeve

Make it either with velcro or ties; a template is included in the pdf.  Keep your coffee hot longer this winter with a wool sleeve, yay!

wool felt mug sleeve wool felt mug sleeve

This month’s cozy winter set matches January’s club, themed Keeping Warm, with its Afterthought Earflaps and Pinwheel Earmuffs designs (available in Vol. 2 of the old quick knits pattern setsravelry link)…

Afterthought Earflaps Pinwheel Earmuffs

…and included in that club was some hot winter drink recipe cards, fitting right in with the mug sleeves this month, so I wanted to share my favorites with you!  These are leethal “recipes” which means they are just the way I make the drinks, not necessarily the best way or the right way, but they work for me!  The first is non-alcoholic and the others are adult drinks…

leethal Tea!

  • flavored black tea of your choice (berry flavors are good, like blackberry sage)
  • hot water (about 2 thirds of a mug full)
  • milk (soy or regular, a third of a mug full)
  • white chocolate syrup/sauce (a generous squeeze)
  • hazelnut flavor syrup (a big splash)

Let tea steep in hot water for a minute or two, then add milk and syrups, and leave tea bag in to steep as long as you like.

Hot Buttered Rum!

  • hot water (a mug full)
  • butter (a small chunk, about a teaspoon)
  • brown sugar (a tbsp-ish or as sweet as you want)
  • cinnamon (a teaspoon-ish or very generous sprinkle)
  • cloves, nutmeg, any other spices you want (a little)
  • dark rum (as much as you want)

Pour water over butter, sugar, and spices, and stir until butter is melted.  Add rum and enjoy.

Variation: Skip cinnamon & stir with a cinnamon stick.

Hot Toddy!

  • hot water (a mug full)
  • honey (as much as you like for sweetness)
  • lemon juice (a splash)
  • bourbon whiskey (as much as you want)

Stir honey and lemon juice into hot water, and add bourbon.  Sip and enjoy.

Variations: Use hot apple cider (like Trader Joe’s spiced cider, heated) instead of water for an apple hot toddy (yum!); add a tea bag for a tea toddy.

And then there’s my Spicy Cup of Yum recipe from the blog last winter – a coffee drink with optional adult twist.  So good!

As usual, you can grab this month’s ebook alone for $5, or you can subscribe for 6 months of club ebooks (starting with this one) and save $10 – either on my club page, or on ravelry.  My club page has been updated, so now you can get past months’ club ebooks there on my site, and add the subscription to a patterns cart so you can continue shopping in my patterns section as well (where the old club ebooks live).

Happy winter knitting, and I’ll be announcing a super fun thing soon… ok actually I can tell you what it is right now – a mystery knit-a-long!  Hopefully it’ll be announced officially, with details, early next week, and it’ll start around mid-month, as close as possible to the 15th.  I’m super excited about it!  It’s gonna be awesome!  Yay!

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