June 4, 2010

Farewell Threadbanger, it’s been a good 2 years!

I just got some bummer news earlier this week that my run of Threadbanger weekly roundups has come to an end.  It’s been over 2 years (109 roundups) of posting every single Friday, so it feels really weird today that I’m not collecting awesome projects to share with TB readers.  But, coincidentally, this gig ended exactly on my 2 year anniversary of leaving my day job, which makes it feel like it was time – I was starting to get kind of restless with the roundups being the same thing for so long, trying to figure out a way I could mix it up and feel less static… I realized that my Craftstylish blogging run ended right around the same time last year; it’s like the universe closes a door every 1 year of self-employment on purpose to make room for new paths and keep me moving forward.

threadbanger roundup screenshot

So, enough reflection… I’ve completed my list of roundups over here – all 109, categorized, linked, dated.  A pretty massive source of craft projects (tutorials, patterns, inspiration, etc).  For a pseudo-110th roundup I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite roundups from over the last 2+ years…

threadbanger roundup screenshot threadbanger roundup screenshot threadbanger roundup screenshot

Some of the best fun/funny roundups were ski masks, knit and crochet cephalopods and tentacles, Nintendo knit and crochet projects.  A couple of my favorite technique-based roundups were artful embroidery and printing on fabric:

threadbanger roundup screenshot threadbanger roundup screenshot

I definitely made use of a lot of the links I found in the drinks for winter warming list, I think there were some awesome ideas in the gift wrapping roundup, and I had a lot of fun collecting links for rainbow pride projects:

threadbanger roundup screenshot threadbanger roundup screenshot threadbanger roundup screenshot

And a couple great crafty lists – so many fabulous tutorials in the pincushions roundup, and I love a bunch of projects I rounded up for spring sewing:

threadbanger roundup screenshot threadbanger roundup screenshot

There are so many more memorable ones, but you can just see them all on the full list if you’re interested.  I had a lot of fun finding inspirational ideas every week, so I just might start doing occasional roundups here on do stuff!

Just to kind of close the Threadbanger door, a few more links for you…  my first TB post ever was in April 2008, kind of a pre-roundup post of cardigan reconstruction projects.  In May I officially started doing the weekly roundups, but I also continued doing other kinds of posts for TB for awhile, like an interview with Cosy, this post on revolutionary knitting, mini-tutorials like this shirt patch and kid-friendly freezer paper printing, book reviews, cool website alerts, and other fun posts like these.  Fun times!

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July 2, 2009

yarn and fiber and weaving and knitting, whoa!

first of all, after getting all pumped up about spinning after black sheep, i did a spinning roundup on threadbanger to help people get started;  i was so happy to see it mentioned on the craft blog!  hopefully it’ll inspire many to at least try out a spindle…  i hope to have lots of handspun posts over the next month, with tour de fleece starting on saturday, so i hope you like yarn photos!  my plan for this year, since last year i started super strong then i lost my momentum and barely spun for the second half, is to either spin, dye, or unravel sweaters for recycled yarn, every day of the tour.  so basically, something related to yarn-making, instead of only spinning.  that way i think i’ll keep it up!

2-ply alpaca and wool colors

these are my two new yarns in the shop!  it’s been so long since i’ve had new yarn up!  i’m super happy with these two, the top one being half alpaca and half striping colors of wools, with some messy cocoons and beehives thrown in for extra fun; and the bottom being all different kinds of dyed wool, including some soy silk/wool blend, striping blendy stripes between the colors.  i named it spiraling every color because there are just so many colors, i couldn’t choose a name, or something… the top one – snow flowers – was named by pete!

super colors 2ply yarn

in other fibery news, i’ve done so much wool dyeing recently!  during about 5 days before and after black sheep, between doing stuff with pete’s parents, i managed to dye all this:


you can see close ups of it all here; these are some of my favorites below.  on the left is all the bfl from crown mountain farms i got at black sheep last year (yeah it took me awhile to get to it, i wanted to save it until i felt like i knew what i was doing more…).  on the right is some weird superwash pencil roving-ish wool, also from black sheep last year, and the chunky braid is south african fine wool from hello yarn – love the colors i got in all these!!

farmbfls2 superwash+africanwools

and then i really like this one because it’s so different from my usual dye colorways – it’s fun to venture outside your norm! it’s a grey base (wool blend from spunky eclectic) with different dark shades of purple, blue, and green – it doesn’t photograph well, but you get the idea.


i loved seeing all the hanging braids at black sheep, and we were talking about wanting to have braids hanging in our homes, so i figured out a way to do it!  it looks pretty silly in real life, over in a corner where the kitty can’t reach, but i feel like having some visible dyed wool will inspire me to spin more!

hanging fiber

those are, in order left to right, dyed by me, merino from black sheep, next 2 dyed by me, spunky eclectic romney in sangria colorway, dyed by me, spunky eclectic merino/bamboo in sumac colorway, and last 2 dyed by me.  yay color!

hanging fiber

now that i’ve dyed through a bunch i’ve fiber i’ve had for a year+ i can get dyeing on the big box of fiber i got from spunky eclectic!  i got small-ish amounts of a bunch of different fibers to see what i like best and order more of my favorites!  and speaking of buying fibery stuffs, i took advantage of twisted’s sale of the week the other night and got 6 different colors of louet riverstone chunky!  i only planned to get 2 or 3, but there were so many gorgeous colors, i couldn’t stop grabbing them!  what they will become is a bit of a secret, but it will be colorful!!

louet yarn

and hey check it out – weaving!  i finally made the pocket loom that came with craft:08 and started playing!  it’s totally fun, and i’m loving how it looks!  i’m using pieces of different wools to make a crazy stripey scarflet type thing, i think.  if you don’t have the craft magazine, you can download the loom here – be sure to print it on the thickest cardstock you have.  the cardstock from the magazine is a bit flimsier than i’d like; if i get into it, i plan to try making one with thicker cardboard.  as david said when i was playing at knit night, my heddle is not rigid!


and a close up:


oh and, what about knitting? you may ask… oh yeah i’m doing plenty of that too!  i actually have many patterns in some form of development at the moment (something like 8+) and i’ve been working on something invloving handspun because of my spinning obsession, but i’m thinking about putting that one aside to work on something potentially summer-friendly to try to release soon-ish, if it works out.  we’ll see…


this is a peek at my handspun project, which was knit with this yarn which i spun during tour de fleece last year – i lovvve how the stripey colors knit up!!

and i’ll leave you with something non-fibery.  i just have to share with anyone who will listen my extreme love of a cd i bought the other day.  i rarely buy new music anymore, on my self-employed non-salary, but i splurged at music millennium and bought the new portland cello project: the thao and justin power sessions and i just can’t stop listening to it!  i am a huge fan of thao, but i had never heard of justin power, and now i love him too!  i’ve never seen portland cello project, except accompanying laura gibson at her cd release show, but now i need to see them!  can’t recommend this album enough!

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May 3, 2009

Updated: 2 years of weekly diy roundups!

the last year has gone by so quickly (but it’s felt long at the same time, as time always does) – tuesday was the 1 year anniversary of my first threadbanger weekly diy roundup post, which i’ve done every single week since then.  so i decided they should all be in one place together, for you and for myself, so spent hours last night while watching tv making this huge linked, dated, numbered list.  all 53 (1 per week, plus friday’s #53), categorized to give it some order.

update: #109 bike projects on 5/28/10 was my last roundup for threadbanger, so now this is a full list of all my weekly roundups!

the categories aren’t perfect, many posts could fit into multiple categories, but this is the best i could come up with.  i figured knitters/crocheters would like to see the free pattern posts in one place – but, as you can see with the asterisks, some of those have some non-yarn projects, and some of the roundups in other categories have some knit/crochet patterns mixed in.

then the plan is to keep this post updated – every month or so i’ll add the new ones, so if you like roundups you can bookmark this post and watch as it grows!  [yeah that didn’t happen, but the list is complete now!]

knit/crochet (*some non-knit/crochet items):



projects using a material:

techniques/projects using a technique:

assorted other category:


**several knit/crochet patterns

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April 21, 2009

book review: the anti 9 to 5 guide

ok i’m going to try to make book reviews a regular thing for reals, starting today.  i plan to review a mixture of all different diy books, both new and old, knitting and other craft genres, and anything else i’m excited about that i want to share with you!  (some with giveaways!)  but first, here are the reviews i’ve done on the threadbanger blog, since i won’t be reviewing these book again here, but they are some of my favorites, so be sure to check them out!

you can see my review style from those – i do reviews to tell you what i’m excited about, share with you my favorite parts/projects/elements, show some examples.  the point is to show you enough so you should be able to tell whether the book is for you, not to be critical of the books or anything; i just want to show you what i like about them!


for my first book review here on do stuff! i’m going to branch away from craft books and tell you about the book that played a big part in my quitting my day job and going for my dream career!  in the anti 9 to 5 guide, michelle goodman writes about molding your own work schedule and figuring out how to make money doing what you love in a way that makes you feel like you can totally do it!

i read this book the first time on the clock at my day job when i was first starting to make a little money with my leethal business, was just starting my blog, figuring out how to move forward, and it was so inspiring!  that was back when we still lived in california, and i think the motivation i felt from reading this book also played a part in making the move to portland happen!

then i re-read chunks of it while on the clock at the same day job up here in pdx, after putting in my notice, so excited to be making it happen!!  the parts about organization really help me, since that’s the hardest part about working for myself, both organizing my time and my space (and i know i’m not alone in that).  and the book is full of practical tips and checklists, for a nice blend of pump-you-up inspiration and keep-your-perspective reality checks.

anti 9 to 5 covers all kinds of work possibilities, not just working at home, self employment type work.  check out this book if you are considering any kind of non-traditional work schedule, as it covers:

  • figuring out what you’re passionate about
  • breaking into your dream industry
  • making time to do your pet project on the side
  • flex work schedules
  • working from home
  • being your own boss
  • work that helps others
  • feeding your wanderlust
  • working in stereotypically “male” professions

i recently got michelle goodman’s follow-up book, my so-called freelance life, which is a great one if you’re a newbie freelancer like me!


check out her website, with links to buy both books, and tons more great info in blog form!!  i am forever thankful to michelle for putting her experience and her talent into creating these books, as i am sitting here on my couch writing this review as part of my “job” now, before heading into my studio to sew a skirt “on the clock”, while a year ago i was behind the counter of my retail day job, daydreaming that possibly someday i might be somewhere close to where i am today!

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March 16, 2009

yay button month!

i had been excited about susan beal‘s new book, button it up, since she was writing it, and now it’s out and my review over on the threadbanger blog just went up!  to celebrate the buttony goodness of the book, craftstylish has been having button month all march!  so many fun projects!  i was already totally addicted to vintage button collecting, and now that i’m going through my stash at lightning speed with my projects, i’m feeling obsessive about shopping for more!  i need to happen upon a jar full of em at a thrift store or garage sale, that would be freakin awesome!


so, my first project for the month was a free knitting pattern for this buttony chevron cuff! combining two loves (knitting and vintage buttons) is the best! the pattern is written to work for any needles/yarn and you can choose your cuff width. (ravelry link)

02bothdone 10cottoncuff

next was one of my most ambitious projects – the gridded button portrait:

gridded button portrait gridded button portrait

can you tell who it’s a portrait of when it’s far away (in the photo below)?

gridded button portrait 08gluing

if you can’t tell, you’ll see over in the tutorial. as i explained on craftstylish, i was really into chuck close in college and i did a couple different self portraits inspired by his style (this one with markers and this painting). i was excited to try this gridded concept with buttons, and i think it worked out fantastically! someday if i happened upon a massive stash of vintage buttons, i might do a bigger one, like a whole door or something!

vintage fabric+button wall art

and then last week’s post was how to make wall art with vintage fabric and buttons. i love showing off bits of cool fabric as wall art, and i think adding some vintage buttons to the mix turns it into something special!  the green one is my personal favorite:

vintage fabric+button wall art vintage fabric+button wall art

but i like them all! now i want to make a bunch more and fill up the whole wall!!

vintage fabric+button wall art vintage fabric+button wall art

so you should totally check out all the button projects over there, but a few of my favorites are susan’s shrink art buttons, linda’s woven button coaster, erika’s beautiful button pillow, and diane’s singleton buttons.  i still have 3 more button projects coming up, and i’m sure everyone else will have more great ones, so keep checking back!

button it up!

and now for some buttontastic eye candy from susan’s book! here are a couple of my favorite projects:

button it up! button it up!

and you know how i love cuffs!

button it up!

(check out my threadbanger review for a few more pictures)

March 7, 2009

catching up… 2 things now

well this post was supposed to happen on monday, but i woke up monday morning with a horrible cold – i’ve been sick more in the last few months than any other winter, no good!  i was couch-ridden through wednesday, then thursday and yesterday were spent slowly catching up on work that should have been done early in the week… still not all the way healthy, and still not caught up, but i’m getting there.


so, i just wanted to show you my craftstylish project posts for february, since i didn’t show you as they went up… february was pet month, so my projects were all kitty related!  the first one being the heatable catnip blanket, inspired by kristin roach’s heatable catnip pillow.

(no)banzo03 (no)banzo07

then next was a how-to for the kitty castle and scratching post that i showed photos of here awhile back…

cat castle tubepost04 banzo on her castle

then i made a litter rug from a towel:

(2)08 (top)09

and last, i ran out of ideas for the cat herself, so i showed you how to make a kitty hat! with ideas for other ways of embellishing the face too…

(no)doneon3 (top)doneon2

(no)doneon1 teethversion

some of my favorite february pet projects by other bloggers included kayte terry’s supercute mouse toy, cal patch’s recycled sweater pet bed, and diane gilleland’s awesome collapsible travel dish!!

so that’s what was meant to go up last weekend. i have other stuff to share, later, but for now i’ll leave you with newer news. i had my first online video appearance yesterday, on the threadbanger podcast! simple project (felted pullover to cardigan) – heather mann and i worked together to do a couple video tutorials a little while ago, and this is the first to get released. heather’s is rad, so hopefully they’ll put that one in a podcast soon!  if this embedded video doesn’t work, go here, or it’s also on youtube.

as is normal, i kind of hate how i look in the video, but eh, i think the tutorial turned out well, so that’s the important thing.  i think if we ever end up doing more of these i’ll get more comfortable in front of the camera and i won’t be so awkward.  apparently my camera-awkwardness could be interpreted in other ways, since someone on youtube commented Lee Meredith is so high in the video! lol!  haha.

February 27, 2009

yarn and some other things…

so sorry for my bad blogging lately… i’ve been working a lot on posts for other blogs, and just focusing on other things, bad excuses.  i wanted to tell you about a few things tonight, then i’ll try to post more often…

single03 plied03

first of all, i meant to post about this sooner:  i have some handspun yarn for sale at home ec in la!  home ec is jenny ryan‘s new extension to reform school, which just had its kick off party last week, and she just got interviewed about it for cbs news!  yeah, it’s kind of a big deal, so i’m super duper honored and excited to have my yarn there!!  so if you’re in southern california, be sure to check it out, and you can see the class schedule here on the reform school blog – classes fill up fast, so sign up now if there’s one you want to take!

me with yarn spiralsingle01

the three skeins above were all spun specifically for the shop, all around the same time, so they are kind of a set – the first one is a self-striping single, mostly blues and greens with the orange and red highlights; that top plied one is half wool and half soy silk/wool 50/50 blend, with the wool half striping between non-rotating long color sections, and the soy half striping between 4 shorter, rotating colors; and the one directly above is a single with 2 colors held together at all times, with mostly wool and some soy silk, bamboo, and alpaca.

bulky2ply5.jpg alpacaconfetti3.jpg threadplied1.jpg

and then those 3 that were in my shop for awhile went to home ec – i think these, especially the first 2, look better in person than in photos, so i thought they could benefit from being in a physical shop.  it was hard to send them away though after having spent several months with them in my inventory – i hope they find great homes!


something else exciting: last week the craft blog did a checkin in post on me!  i was so super flattered and happy to be featured like that!  as a result, i’ve sold quite a few skoodlet patterns, so i can’t wait to start seeing some finished ones pop up on ravelry!!

on a side note, i mentioned in that craft post about my threadbanger weekly roundups, but i just wanted to link again here – i’ve been doing a lot of knit/crochet pattern roundups lately, like my 3-part hat posts.  part 1 was fitted styles, 2 was beret/slouchy designs, and 3 was different kinds of hats that don’t fit into either of those 2 categories (like bonnets, hoods, pointy shapes, ears, etc).  then today i did a massive scarflet/cowl roundup!


in portland news, i’m going to be at the twisted table with star at the lantern moon event next thursday.  i’m still not sure what i’ll be doing there, but it should be fun!  star, by the way, is my good friend who happens to be an amazing knitting superstar (but is one of the nicest people i’ve ever known!)  – check out who she is going to be teaching side by side with at the sock summit in august!  if you come to the event make sure you say hi to us!

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November 16, 2008

my other blogging – tutorials and more!

hey i’ve fallen behind on showing you my craftstylish tutorial posts!  so i’ll go back and tell you about the last 3 that i haven’t mentioned here…


a few weeks ago i explained how to make my short-rows wavy hat with multiple yarns striping, both with 2 row wide stripes and 1 wedge wide sections.

03-1wedge.jpg cottonwaveshat4.jpg

then last weekend my tutorial was for an all-recycled journal/sketchbook


the how-to was just how to make the book, i left the cover decoration up to the creator – i covered mine with decoupaged vintage book pages:


and lastly, today’s was for a collaged table with a built-in game board!


here are some shots of my coffee table – i made it a couple years ago, so i’m happy to have written the tutorial now so it gets seen by people outside of my living room…

trivialpursuitfinished.jpg 10trivialpursuitgamecloseup.jpg

13trivialpursuitbwwithcolor.jpg 14trivialpursuitmolecules.jpg

old books have weird pictures!!

and while i’m linking you over to blog posts i’ve written elsewhere… i’m still doing weekly diy roundups every friday on threadbanger – the latest one was one of my favorites i’ve ever done! a roundup full of way creepy cool ski masks, with lots of free patterns!  these are the masks i made a few years ago when i went through a mask phase:

my ski masks!

in addition to the roundups, i’m now doing cool website alerts every week now – my last couple were one of my long-time favorites, craft leftovers, and one of my new favorite blogs, dollar store crafts.

if you want to keep up with all my various blog posting, i usually tweet when posts go up – my twitter name is _leethal_.  yay twitter!

August 31, 2008

recycley skirt how-to part 3: simple sweatshirt skirts!

turquoiseskirt1.jpg orangeskirt.jpg

oookay this one has been on hold for awhile, so i’m happy to finally bring you the sweatshirt edition of my recycled skirts series! and to make up for the pause between projects, this one is actually 2 different designs! if you have a blank sweatshirt (or you don’t mind the image being upside down) you can make the skirt on the left (above), where the bottom of the sweatshirt becomes the waistband of the skirt. if you have a sweatshirt with an image you like, you can make the skirt on the right with the band around the bottom…

redskirt1.jpg blueskirt.jpg

for the sweatshirt bottom as waistband version, it’s best to choose a sweatshirt with a still-stretchy bottom band, and the best results will happen when the band fits your waist well so you don’t have to take it in. the turquoise sweatshirt i used did not fit these recommendations, so i did have to bring it in at the waist, with resulted in a weirdly-shaped skirt which i will probably only ever wear over pants to hide the weirdness. the above examples had better fitted bands, and i made them into the most simple version, which is just chopping the sweatshirt across under the sleeves, leaving you with a mini-skirt. i’m not the mini-skirt wearing type, but i like the red one over pants, and i plan to add something along the bottom of the blue one to make it longer. anyway, if you are into short skirts, that’s the super easiest version.

turquoiseskirthowto1.jpg turquoiseskirthowto6.jpg

if you want it longer, it’s not much more work, still super simple. chop the sleeves off straight up from the body…


…so you have a vest-like thing like this:


then chop the top straight across so you have this:


now you can flip it upside down and try it on as a skirt. if the waistband fits you well, awesome! if it’s too big, like mine was, you’ll have to bring it in somehow. depending on the thickness of the fabric, and on your sewing skills, you could try putting it elastic or a drawstring. i sewed the sides in as pictured, and it didn’t work out great… i think it would have been better had i come in even more and sewed down further at less of an angle.


as for the bottom, you can choose to leave the slits, or sew them closed. i chose to stitch them closed with embroidery floss as pictured below (click the image to see it bigger). and, a close-up of a good, stretchy waistband with no bringing-in required. (oh, a side note, if you want to know more about the circle printing i did on the turquoise skirt, i did a threadbanger post about it over here.)

turquoiseskirt2.jpg redskirt2.jpg

so if you have a sweatshirt with an image on it, it’s not much harder, and you don’t have to worry about the size of the sweatshirt or the stretchiness of the band. as long as the sweatshirt body, measured across the middle, will fit around your hips/butt area, it’ll work.

orangehowto1.jpg blackskirt.jpg

the first step is the same as the last design, chop the sleeves up the sides:


then, also like the last one, chop the top off, but this time be careful to cut as high up as possible, just under the collar, because of the image.


now it looks like this, and all you need to do is sew the sides in to fit your waist…


turn the skirt inside out, pull it on, and pin it evenly on the sides so it fits well.


you could use safety pins to pin all the way down your sides while wearing it to get a perfect fit. or you could do what i did, which is to pull it off, pin along the edges to hold the sides together, and mark with chalk where to sew. the photoshopped dotted line represents how my chalk line should have looked for a better fitting skirt. (you can see in the bottom picture how the black skirt is shaped better than the orange, that’s how it should be sewn, like the black one.)


after you sew the sides up, you can fold the top under and sew a hem if you want. it won’t unravel or anything without a hem, but i think it makes for a more fitted waist, so i sewed hems on mine.


oh yeah, by the way, i have no connection to florida, i just like the alligator (/crocodile?) guy and, of course, the orange. got the sweatshirt at a yard sale in wisconsin for 50cents…

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July 27, 2008

blocks, banjos, and metal!


for pete’s birthday i carved these two music recording gear lino blocks and printed a bunch of shirts – 7 to be exact. 4 with those and 3 banjo shirts, including this one which is actually embroidered, not printed, that i posted about on threadbanger a few days ago. wanna see them all? ok!

pete's tape recorders shirt pete's mixing board shirt

pete's mixing board bottom shirt pete's mixing board bottom shirt pete's tape recorder t-shirt

pete's banjo circle shirt pete's banjo t-shirt
pete's embroidered banjo patched shirt banjo patch close up

block printing is so much fun! i definitely plan to do much more in the near future!

oh oh and my other bday present to pete was soo super nerdytastic! i made him a website! metalheadpete.com! it’s still very much work in progress… i just built the site template kind of, and then we’ll change/add stuff as we get to it. the music sample mp3s are all many years old – his new stuff can be found on the myspace page for now; it’s all incomplete, but still fun to hear. (don’t be scared by the word “metal” – it’s a very experimental kind of mixed genres music that i don’t know how to describe, but there’s no growling vocals or anything, at least not in the new stuff.) he’ll probably put up cds for sale on the music page in the future, so if you like what you hear, you might want to subscribe to his blog!

one last totally random thing, since i’m on the subject of music… yesterday i was hanging out with star and scott and lauren and this question was asked: “if you could see any 3 people/bands play live, living or dead (or any 3 shows), who would they be?” so, i think mine are: the velvet underground with nico in ny when andy warhol was their manager, karen dalton + bob dylan + friends at a greenwich village coffeeshop in the early/mid 60’s, and the beatles apple rooftop show (last live show ever), but that last one is kind of tied with john+yoko post-beatles instead. i would list elliott smith if i hadn’t been lucky enough to have seen him once live, even if it wasn’t the best show to see him play (sunset street fair, so short set, huge crowd, not-great sound, etc). what are your picks??

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July 21, 2008

new leethal recycley fun stuff!

pile o' melted needles

so you may have seen my threadbanger post a couple weeks ago about melting vintage knitting needles into jewelry… well, if you don’t want to try it out yourself, i now have my store stocked with necklaces and bracelets!

aqua needle bracelet needle bracelet with marker charms red needle bracelet

each necklace comes with a custom matching recycled paperclip + vintage beads stitch marker pendant, and the bracelets are made to hold stitch markers like charms, making them super useful for knitters.

red needle necklace aqua needle necklace yellow needle necklace

i’m keeping the prices low because, well to be totally honest, i have broken a couple already… they don’t break super easily, but they do snap if you’re not careful, so yeah… i’m hoping low prices will prevent any angry customers.

another thing that worries me a little is this incident. from what i can gather, someone out there believes that this needle bracelet idea is their original concept, which is totally ridiculous because it’s the same thing as toothbrush bracelets, which of course have been around forever, and no one can claim they invented the concept of melting plastic. so… by selling these, i am most definitely not saying they are my idea (although, i have not ever seen needle necklaces anywhere), and i am encouraging people to make their own, but throwing some up for sale for anyone who would rather just buy one cheaply from me instead of diy-ing it. just like my record bowls, same thing, diy if you want to, buy from me if you don’t. yeah? hope that’s cool with everyone!

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July 4, 2008

diy rebellion and fibery things

in celebration of the 4th, i did a short post yesterday for threadbanger about revolutionary knitting, and i want to get into it a little more here. i’ve been reading a lot about the history of knitting and spinning lately (here and here and here and here and more) and one of the most interesting parts to me was the role knitting played in the colonists’ fight for independence against britain. with a ban on imported british goods, women organized huge spinning and knitting groups, struggling to keep the colonists all clothed and warm without the help of british yarn or clothing. they were fighting to proove they could sustain themselves on their own work and creativity.

i don’t know about you, but i feel a connection to this concept thinking about today’s diy culture, particularly with regards to clothing reconstruction. to me, buying used clothes at thrift stores and making them your own is a total revolt against consumer culture, unfair labor, commercialism, and uniformity. we may not have the same kind of unjust ruling nation to rebel against, but we definitely have malls, sweatshops, and, well, boringness to protest through our own diy revolution!


and now in fibery news… last week pete was out of town for a couple days and i took advantage by dyeing up tons of fiber! (he hates the smell of vinegar and wet wool, isn’t he crazy?) this was in preparation for tour de fleece!!

tour de fleece

i’ll be spinning in the tour every day starting tomorrow through july 27th! also in prep mode, i splurged and bought intertwined (gorgeous!) and spinning designer yarns. i plan to try tons of new art yarn techniques, so exciting! so if all goes well, you’ll be seeing about one skein per day of new leethal handspun yarn for sale, probably bunched together in big updates once or twice a week.

blurry alpaca rainbow

for now, i do have one new yarn up! this one is 100% alpaca, hand-dyed rainbow colors, 2-ply, 125 yards! that’s a lot of yardage for me, usually my handspun skeins are around 50-80 yards. it’s a crazy, lumpy, bumpy, thick+thin, weird self-striping yarn – it’ll start at one end with solid purple, then blend to solid blue, then it’ll be a blue/green blend, then green/yellow, yellow/orange, and yellow/red at the other end, ending with a tiny bit of red/orange.

blurry alpaca rainbow

to tell you the truth, it’s not at all what i was going for… i spun the two singles, each striping all six colors of the classic rainbow in order, thinking i used approximately the same amount of fiber for each color in each single. so the vision was, each color would ply with itself to make a solid, and blend with the other colors on each side a bit, to make the full rainbow spectrum, all blendy. but, i was wrong in my fiber estimates, probably because i spun each single on different days, so the resulting yarn is much more arty and unique… but, i think it’ll knit up awesome, i really hope i get to see whatever it becomes! (i’m envisioning an amazing earflapped hat with wide stripes, someone make it happen!)

ok i have tons of other stuff i want to share with you, it’s been building up. so i’m planning to (hopefully) post more often, at least 2-3 days a week, to catch up and then stay caught up. hope everyone is having a fun 4th!

May 9, 2008

threadbanger goodness



so last week i had a post up with a bunch of different diy shoes, all unintentionally for girls. it got a great response (reblogged on craft, yay!), but i wanted to even it out, so i did a part 2 post this week on guys’ shoes.


today’s post is the first of my new regular fridays blog series: weekly diy roundup! every friday i’ll be posting a list of my favorites in an item/category/material/whatever. sometimes they’ll be based on a project in the threadbanger podcast, sometimes based on projects going on around the blogiverse (haha that word is silly!) and sometimes it’ll just be something i think is cool, and hopefully you will to! so be sure to add the threadbanger blog to your rss reader if you use one, or just remember to check in on fridays! yay!

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April 11, 2008

blogging for threadbanger!!

wooo it’s up! my first post for the threadbanger blog!! i waited to announce it until i had a post up, then it took awhile to get going, but all is well now and i’m so excited to tell you that i’ll now be a regular blogger for the threadheads!

if you are not already a fan, check out the video podcast, it’s always fun and filled with great ideas. and as for the blog, morgan hungerford of fashion blog panda head is another regular contributor with great diy fashion posts, and stacy schlyer of stacysews, and my fashion idol tricia royal has posted in the past. great blog, i’m so happy to get to be a part of it!

for my first post, i made this cardigan from an old thrifted pullover sweater:


here’s a close up of the buttons (39 total – no two alike! took 4 hours to sew them all on!)


ok and then, changing the subject, a few days ago when i told you i’m selling at crafty wonderland, i forgot to mention that it’s their 2nd birthday! so it’ll be an extra fabulous event with cupcake decorating at the diy table!! yay!! i’ve been working hard to have some new stuff (including some new recycled sweater hats!) and am super excited about it, hope to see you there!

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