May 7, 2009

classes, anyone?

hey portlanders, i have some classes coming up!!  they are:

may 9th (this saturday!): freezer paper stenciling at sellwood library 1pm
may 18th: sweater conversion at diy lounge (woodstock location) 5:30pm
may 20th: recycled wool sweater jewelry at albina library 5:30pm

june 7th: recycled wool coffee cup and mug cozies at gregory heights library 2pm
june 15th: freezer paper stenciling at fairview-columbia library 4pm
june 17th: freezer paper stenciling at st. johns library 3pm
june 18th: knit mary jane slippers (part 1 of 2) at diy lounge (woodstock location) 5:30pm
june 22nd: recycled wool sweater jewelry at northwest library 3pm
june 25th: knit mary jane slippers (part 2 of 2) at diy lounge (woodstock location) 5:30pm

all the library classes are free, but you have to pre-register!

cardigan close up cardigan

the diy lounge classes should be awesome, it’ll be my first time teaching there!  in the sweater conversion class, we’ll be turning pullovers into cardigans, with buttons and embellishments.  it’ll be all hand-stitching (no machines) and you have your choice of bringing a felted pullover sweater (if it’s 100% wool and too big for you, just machine wash and dry it hot to shrink and felt it), so it won’t unravel when we cut it (like the one above), or a non-felted one so you’ll need to crochet or stitch along the cut edges, like this one:

cardigancloseup.jpg cardiganafter.jpg

i’ll have lots of bits of sweater felt that you can use for pockets or appliques, as well as some yarn and embroidery floss, but if you want to ensure that your colors will match, you may want to bring along embellishment materials to go with your sweater.


and then there’s the knit slippers class, in which i’ll help you knit the slippers, and then we’ll make bottlecap buttons in the second part.  it should be a great class for beginner knitters – if all you know is how to do a knit stitch, then you’ll leave this class having learned increases, decreases, casting on and binding off extra stitches, knitting onto double pointed needles and knitting in the round.

any re-posting or blog mentions of these classes would be much appreciated as i’m trying to get the word out, being a new diy lounge teacher… thanks!!

kid friendly freezer paper printing 7 freezer paper printed shirt

as for the library classes… the freezer paper stenciling will be with scissors like this tutorial, and for the other two you can see some details on this page, along with diane’s bedsheet jewelry and magazine picture frames!

yellow earrings yellow bracelet

mug cozy bluessleeve1.jpg

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