November 22, 2013

Color by Number: a pattern set within Coloring Book

Color by Number

The final pattern in my Coloring Book collection is actually a mini-collection itself!  Color by Number (on ravelry) is an extremely customizable pattern, with seven sample items to show how varied you can get with the pattern, and then patterns for each of those seven samples so you can copy them exactly if you want to.

Color by Number Chevrons Cowl Color by Number Checkered Headband

Color by Number knits use no stranded knitting or intarsia – just plain striping, worked in modular strips of garter stitch, connected with picked up stitches (worked into slipped stitches, so they’re easy peasy).  Yarn carrying and weaving-as-you-knit techniques make for minimal finishing.  The long, narrow sections can be either straight or slanted, and by switching the directions of the slanted sections, you can get chevron or zig-zagging kinds of shapes/designs.

Color by Number Plaid Cowl

The pattern can be made as a cowl, headband, mitts, or a blanket!  (Or, really, any other rectangular shape you want to make… you could easily use the pattern to make a long scarf, or legwarmers!)  The default closure (for everything but the blanket) is buttoning, but you can choose to sew the edges together instead if you want to skip the buttons.

Color by Number Zig-Zag Mitts Color by Number Lightning Headband

So, each of the seven samples is its own pattern (both on ravelry and on my website) and the customizable pattern is available as the set, since it includes both the full pattern and all the sample pattern details – that’s $10 for the entire full set (or it’s all a part of the Coloring Book collection, which is $20 for all this plus Pigment, Misanga, and Scribbled Lines).

Color by Number Chevrons Cowl

Let’s go through each of the samples!  First up, there’s the Checkered Headband (rav).  It’s one of the most simple, but I really love it – I’ll be wearing this one a lot!  It’s made in Malabrigo Rios worsted weight, in three colors (Teal Feather, Sunset, Lettuce), and it has an extra wide button band for a solid panel in the back:

Color by Number!

The Lightning Headband (rav) in bulky yarn (Malabrigo Chunky in Glazed Carrot and Water Green) is crazy super wide (and warm!) so the pattern is written for you to use any weight, so that the width can easily be changed by the weight/gauge changing.  There are even notes included for using a fine weight yarn, but making it wide by altering your stitch count, so you can really get any width you want, in any yarn weight.  Check out this awesome test knit version in fingering weight yarn!  You could make this one in black and white if you’re a vintage horror fan.

Color by Number!

I think my personal favorite of all the samples is the Plaid Cowl (rav).  In one of my all time favorite yarns – aran weight Malabrigo Twist – in five colors, the stripy color pattern is meant to resemble plaid, and I think my vision worked out pretty darn well!

Color by Number!

It’s a bit extra wide, for extra cozy squishiness (all Color by Number cowls can be made as wide as you want, but the given sizing guidelines in the full pattern make for a width measurement a bit shorter than this one).  The pattern explains how to choose your colors to result in the most plaid-esque look; this sample actually doesn’t follow those rules perfectly but I think it works well… maybe that’s just because I love the palette so much.  The colors used are Natural, Sunset, Sealing Wax, Teal Feather, and Lettuce.

Color by Number!

The other cowl is the Chevrons Cowl (rav), in five colors of squishy Chunky yarn (Bobby Blue, Water Green, Glazed Carrot, Frank Ochre, and Pearl Ten).

Color by Number!

This one is meant to be shaded chevrons, with the slanted sections switching between the darker colors and the lighter colors.  And then there are the contrasting V’s scattered around, for extra chevron-y-ness, or something:

Color by Number item

Then there are the Stripy Mitts (rav), in Malabrigo Sock fingering weight yarn, five colors (Terracota, Persia, Primavera, Ochre, and Ivy), with a random-looking striping design:

Color by Number!

These are designed for buttons, which is great if you want to be able to wear them as fully-closed wrist-warmers, as shown below.  As I wear mine around, however, I’m finding that the buttoning closure isn’t the most practical option for functioning fingerless mitts, so the pattern also includes modifications for making them with a sewn seam instead of the buttons, if you prefer that.  I don’t love knitting with sock yarn, but damn, I sure do love how these guys look!!

Color by Number!

The Zig-Zag Mitts (rav) are in four colors of sport weight Arroyo (Sand Bank, Glitter, Piedras, and Arco Iris), with shaded chevrons along the top and bottom, a different colored section in the middle, and contrasting zig-zag lines going through all the sections.  It’s not super easy to see what’s going on in these variegated colors, but I still like how it looks… you can see what’s happening a little better in this test knit version.

Color by Number!

These are written for a sewn seam, no buttoning option for these – I made the first one with buttons, and it totally didn’t work well, so I re-did it sewn, much better!  You can see below how it looks with buttons, worn on either hand you end up with buttons on the insides of your hand/wrist because of the slanting pattern.

When I tried to find a good seaming tutorial to use to sew these up, I couldn’t find a decent one anywhere, so I made my own!

zig-zag mitts with buttons zig-zag mitts with buttons

And lastly, the Stash-Busting Blanket (rav)!  This is ultra versatile – make it any size you want, in any yarn weight, in any striping patterns; make the sections any width you want, to get different looks, and use any combination of straight and slanted sections to make any shape!  All details are included to copy this one exactly, but you’re encouraged to make any changes you want to try out!

Color by Number!

The sample is a small lap blanket – it’s the biggest I could manage with my limited time without killing my wrists.  (I knit 18 items for this Coloring Book collection, you guys, and one of them was a freaking blanket, kind of intense!)  I used my aran and bulky weight Malabrigo leftovers, the aran weights held triple stranded and the bulky weights held double, on size US 15 needles, so it’s suuuper thick and warm and cozy.  Oh and, I put up my tutorial for triple stranding as you knit on my site!

blanket yarn Color by Number Stash-Busting Blanket

So, those are all the sample items.  One final thing about all Color by Number patterns… I made drawings of each sample, which was really fun…

Color by Number item Color by Number item

And the drawings have been turned into actual color-by-numbers, so you can play around with different color combos before committing to yarn choices for your projects!  The color charts for each pattern are numbered, so you can color in the drawings, and then color in the charts with your final choices.  (Each individual item pattern includes a page of color-by-number drawings; the full customizable Color by Number pattern includes the color-by-number charts for each item, and smaller drawings without the numbers; the complete Coloring Book ebook includes both the color-by-number charts and drawings for each sample item.)

Color by Number Stripy Mitts Color by Number Zig-Zag Mitts

(This pattern set is from the Coloring Book collection – here on ravelry – which is an assortment of accessory patterns designed to make the most of your colors, using basic stripes and easy slipped stitches!)

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