February 15, 2007


at the end of the zine, you will find this connect-the-dots puzzle!


there’s a little contest for it. as stated in the zine: “it’s an album cover. if you know what it is, go to the blog – the first person to comment on the relating post with which album it is wins a colored 7″ record bowl! have fun!” so, here’s the post – if you think you know, comment to win that bowl!

and, ok, for anyone who wants to participate before they get their zines (or anyone who is down with blogs but not with zines), here is a printable sized file, so you can print out a separate copy of the puzzle.

and of course, if you haven’t done it yet, don’t read the comments for this post before you do it yourself; who wants to see the finished picture before connecting the dots?!

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