February 8, 2009

Craft: 10!

mitts times three

check it out!!

craft: contributors page craft: fingerless mitts

for manymany years i’ve dreamt of someday being on the contributors page of one of my favorite magazines… i still can’t believe i’m there! and to be on that page in a magazine with amy sedaris on the cover! truly unbelievable! in college i thought my career would be photography, and i was way into music photography, so i dreamed that someday i’d be a music magazine contributor. so i think it’s funny and cool how i’ve gone down such a different path, but still so similar. anyway, i did a three part project with two different kinds of recycled sock mitts, and one knitting pattern for these:

knit mitts knit gradient mitts

(the pattern is rav’d if you want to queue it!) it’s a crazy simple pattern – my thoughts about knitting in craft magazine is that, well, it’s not a knitting magazine, and i think probably a ton of craft readers know how to do a knit stitch, but are not hardcore knitters, might not be able or wanting to follow complex patterns, etc. so i wanted to write a pattern that anyone who knows how to make a knit stitch and is willing to try using double pointed needles (they’re not hard, you can do it!) can make. it’s really meant to be a knitting pattern for non-knitters. i hope you like it!

multi-sock mitts no-sew sock mitts multi-sock mitts

(it started raining during our photo shoot!) and then there are plain no-sew sock mitts (like the ones i did for my zine reading at the library) and multi-sock mitts, which are both in my zine (but with much less detailed how-tos). i think it’s really funny that they used that little illustration i made – i did not make it with the intention of it being printed!! hopefully that doesn’t reflect on my artistic ability in any way…

craft: fingerless sock mitts

and as for the rest of the magazine… freakin great issue!! so first of all, amy sedaris, love her! i was almost jumping around my living room with excitement when i first read she was going to be on the cover! and then there are a ton of great projects – well, there always are in every issue of craft! the recycle it is for glasses lenses… i had seen something like that on a blog somewhere and thought it was brilliant, so i was excited to see it here. i especially looove the camera example!

craft: recycle it craft: mixtape

and then there’s mixtapes! i am a long time mix lover, starting way back with cassette tapes in junior high and high school, and then in my college years i got obsessive about my mix cds.  i started to write more here but then i decided to save it all for a future mixtape blog post instead of cramming it in here…  but yeah, the writer of the mixtapes piece is right above me on the contributors page and she seems superrad! yay mixes!

craft: bitters

diane has a how-to for making bitters, so cool! i’ve been wanting to try out using bitters in mix drinks since diane started tweeting about it awhile back… so i don’t know if i’ll be making my own anytime soon, but it’s cool to know that i can!

craft: fingerless knit mitts

and then the guitar bag next to my knitting pattern is super awesome!  love it!!  just a great issue!  so, if you have a subscription, you’ve probably already gotten yours, and if not, it’ll be hitting newsstands on tuesday.  but you should subscribe!  it’s such an amazing magazine – it was my favorite long before i ever contributed!!

i suck for going so long between posts… in the last week i’ve gotten obsessive about this knitting pattern i’m working on, and then also working on another pattern, and doing blog posts for craftstylish and threadbanger (check out my knit/crochet hat roundups), so blogging here has been suffering.  but, i plan to release both patterns very soon (hoping for one tomorrow or tuesday, and the other next tuesday).  here are some super cropped sneak peeks:

cropped mystery knit cropped mystery knit

and then i do have a list of blog posts planned, it’s just finding the time to write them that’s a problem… i want to do a mixtape post now, and then there are a couple books i want to review, and a couple posts related to craftstylish tutorials i’ve done… is there anything particular you want me to post about? well, i’ll leave you with a couple recent finished knit items… the handspun bonnet that i mentioned i was knitting a couple weeks ago:

bonnet06 bonnet05

and more of the mystery pattern concept that i showed you with the orange hat. (not one of the soon-to-be-released patterns, this is a whole different thing):

msclcabledhat01 mscl lace hat

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