December 3, 2009

Crafts for The Knittn’ Kitten free ebook!

Making this quick because I’ve been sick all week and am no better today; hopefully my fluffy head won’t prevent this post from being readable.  Need to put off as much work as possible to get myself healed up in time for Crafty Wonderland on the 13th, so don’t expect much from me for the next week either, sorry.  Just posting this now because I’ve been getting some emails and promised I’d blog as soon as it was released…


Remember that Lined Zippered Knit Coin Pouch designed for Knittn’ Kitten, from a month ago?  Well it’s now available to everyone, everywhere!  Click here to get the free download through Craftypod, and check out all of Sister Diane’s other fabulous ebooks and tutorials while you’re there!!  She was beyond awesome to put this Kitten ebook together for everyone to enjoy, so be sure to thank her if you like it!

Lined Zippered Knit Coin Pouches!

You can find my pattern on ravelry here if you want to fave, queue, or save the ebook in your rav library; I’ll also be adding it as a quick knits pattern, since it can use less than 15 yards of yarn (depending on yarn choice/gauge).  I’m proud to have taken the photos for the cover and the intro pages – my favorite is the thread shot below!  Once my body stops attacking me with this cough from hell, I’ll be doing a little something else neat with the photos from that shoot!


Shortened excerpt from the ebook (by Diane):

In Portland, Oregon, where we all live, there’s a tiny shop called The Knittn’ Kitten. It’s a craft-supply thrift store, filled with vintage fabrics, sewing notions, yarns, beads, buttons, patterns, and lots of other treasures. …But, as much as we all love The Knittn’ Kitten, economic forces have us shopping less in general lately. And so, in early Fall 2009, we learned that our beloved Kitten was in some danger of closing for good. A group of us got together to see what we might do to help. …We took turns, offering up a new project each week and spreading the word on our blogs. …And since our blogs are read by people who live far from Portland, and can’t get to The Knittn’ Kitten, we thought we’d also share our project sheets in this ebook – it’s our gift to you.

All we ask in return is that you support your favorite local independent craft stores. They need you.



And the projects you’ll find inside:

Enjoy!!  Now back to rest with me!

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