October 13, 2007

crafty stress is the good kind of stress, right?

oh goodness. busy week. i was insane to think i could get that hat pattern posted this week, i’m sorry to anyone who’s waiting for it! been preparing for crafty wonderland tomorrow (sunday), and i have my 100 samples (plus 10 media) due to the sampler next week. so now i reveal to you my new leethal items:

these photos


become these patches



all printed on assorted recycled fabrics. some with top-stitching, some without. i made 37 of each (111 total) – 80 are going to the sampler, 5 complete sets to media samplers, and 16 leftover for wonderland.

and, my newest creation, diy clock kits!


each “kit” is a clock face printed onto recycled fabric, and an 8-page mini-zine about how to make your clock by recycling a thrifted/found one. so each clock will be completely unique with all recycled parts. these are the two i made as examples:

redclock.jpg beerclock.jpg

i made 37 clock faces – 20 samples, 5 media samples (with top-stitching), and the rest for wonderland.

so here is what my studio looked like a few days ago, when everything was drying:

prints1.jpg prints2.jpg
whatever is left sunday night will go into my leethal store as soon as possible.

and my time here is done, must get back to work, but i’ll leave you with this:

crafty wonderland sunday 10/14!

my first portland craft show! if you are in the area, be sure to stop by! it’ll be awesome! yeah! !

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