September 7, 2007

crafty super goodness!

ok i have to post about my craft shopping spree yesterday – eek it was such a success! so much amazing stuff to be found at knittn’ kitten and scrap, for so cheap!!

craft scores

everything on the orange rug is from scrap (including the rug) and everything on the fabric is from knittn’ kitten.

scrap scores knittn' kitten scores

at scrap i got 70 slides and 50 floppy discs (for a mystery purpose!) and that other random fun stuff for $6! (she undercharged me and when i did the math in the car afterwards i felt guilty and wished i had given her more. oh well, it was only a couple dollars, and i plan to donate a chunk soon…)

at knittn’ kitten, oh goodness, i got so much freakin stuff, as you can see. all that yarn except for the multi-colored on the top is wool – i plan to dye most of it, so excited about that super thick stuff! you can’t really see the fat circular needles and nice crochet hook… here’s a close up of all the neato sewing things up top:

knittn' kitten closeup

ok and i have to show you all pages from that magazine! it has inspired me to start collecting 70’s craft magazines…

magazine page magazine page magazine page

magazine page magazine page magazine page

magazine page magazine page

(click on any to see them bigger in flickr) i love the ad on the top – “the uncommon girl: we don’t underestimate her”. and the “now creative craft” is awesome! and those robots… i have no words…

ok and finally, the fabric underneath it all, i used it to make this bulletin board for the craft studio (by covering a basic ikea cork board) and i still have a bunch left… maybe i’ll line a bag with it or something…

bulletin board

my point: if you live anywhere near portland, or have some vacation time coming up – you must go to scrap and knittn’ kitten!!

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