October 24, 2007

crafty zinesters talking event

last night i did a zine reading/craft project at the multnomah county library in hollywood, with heather mann of croq. i was so freaking nervous about the whole public speaking thing, but it went pretty well. i read a couple pieces of the zine, then i had everyone make their own sock ninja mitts, which worked out really well.

zine reading my zine craft

there was a good turnout, including craft superstars susan and diane; and i met a cool crafty girl who just moved up here after graduating from uc san diego, my school! pete took a photo for my blog of diane taking a photo for her blog! blog points!?!

zine bloggers croq zine reading

heather had us do a craft too – she gave us all baggies full of all kinds of little stuff and some tacks, magnets, and pins, so we could glue things to things! i made all these!

croq craft

then we did a q + a about our zines, crafting, etc.

zine q + a

i, of course, wore my craftiest creations – my sweater boots (you can see my little how-to on page 2) and sweatshirt skirt. along with the monster hat i made as an example about an hour before the event, and example mitts i made before that. i made 2 example pairs to show things you could add to your mitts at home, i like them! (oh and in those mitt photos, you can see my most recent hat made with self-striping food-coloring-dyed yarn i made)
button sock mitts argylesockmitts.jpg

oh and i just want to make a correction for anyone who was there… before the reading, the library guy (chris, i think) asked me about how i got into zine-making and i told him i learned what zines were in high school and wanted to make one ever since. he wrote down something like “zines in high school” so when laural introduced me, she said i made zines in high school, but i didn’t, i wasn’t cool at all in high school, hah. do stuff! is my first zine that’s mine; my first zine of any kind was the promo zine i made for my college radio station with band interviews and stuff, which was super fun to make! so yeah, i just didn’t want people to have the false idea that i was a cool zinester way back then…

thanks to everyone who came!  and thanks to pete for all the great photos!  i am so relieved to have a little time with no major deadlines or events in front of me for awhile…. sigh…..

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