September 3, 2009

Damn the Man! Save the Kitten!

Ok there’s no “man” involved here, just the recession, but a favorite shop in need of help makes me think of Empire Records

If you live in Portland and are crafty, I’m sure you’ve at least heard of Knittn’ Kitten, and if you haven’t shopped at the craft thrift store, well get yourself over there! Now!  Ok, if you’re busy now, I understand, but, tomorrow? The next day? Soon!

(If you don’t live in Portland or have pdx friends to pass the word on to, you’ll probably want to stop reading so you’re not too jealous of us being in near proximity to such a shop.  If you’re already a Kitten shopper and know how rad it is, you can skip ahead to the bottom if you want…)

kitten scores

Seriously you guys, it’s a CRAFT THRIFT STORE!  How freakin’ awesome is that concept?!  Well, that’s how awesome the actual shop is!  The above photo is what I took home with me when I stopped by last weekend.  As you can see a glimpse of, the Kitten has a huge variety of all different kinds of craftyness, including tons of great fabric, vintage linens, lots of magazines and some books, tons of notions, beads, buttons, yarn, needles (including cheap bamboo straights, dpns, and circulars)……  You should check out Diane’s post to see photos taken inside the shop, on the weekend of Handmade Nation, which is when I bought all this:

kitten on my kitten stash!

If you can believe it, I hold back nowadays and only buy what I really see a specific use for (mostly) – back when we first moved here and I was more frivolous about building up my stash, this is what a trip to the Kitten gave me:

knittn' kitten scores knittn' kitten closeup

I try to avoid the magazines now, because if I flipped through them I would want to buy too many!  I mean, dude, check out these photos!

magazine page magazine page

And you can sometimes find great organizational pieces, like this drawer-filled box, perfect for little bits like snaps, buttons, pins/needles, paper clips, etc… It’s a semi-recent find, so I haven’t gotten it filled yet – it’s pretty deep, so it holds a ton of stuff!

kitten drawers

And then there are hidden treasures like these amazing little cat beads – I got these awhile ago and have yet to turn them into a pair of earrings and a necklace, but that is definitely what their future holds!

cat beads

I don’t buy much fabric (I have a huge stash which I rarely touch because I mostly sew with recycled clothing fabrics), but I usually can’t resist one or two pieces each time I’m at the Kitten.  These below were both Kitten finds, and I will someday be turning that above stripey fabric into a skirt!!

vintage fabric+button wall art bulletin board

So, ok, now that you are well aware of what the Kitten has to offer, what’s the problem? you might be asking…  Well their foot traffic dropped like crazy during August, and if they have another month or two like that, they’re just not going to be able to keep the doors open, which would be a tragedy!

They don’t need us all to go empty our wallets, nothing close to that; they just need crafty folks to come through the door, look around, and pick out a few items.  While I have proven over and over that it’s easy to walk in looking for one thing, and come out with a massive bag full of other fun stuff, it’s also easy to stick to a budget, since most of the Kitten’s single items are around a dollar or two!

To make it even easier, if you haven’t been, I’ll tell you where it is – Knittn’ Kitten is located at NE Glisan and 76th (on the block between 75th and 76th).  Heading east, you’ll see their cute little sign sticking out on your right – it’s small, and not near any major landmark, but just remember Glisan+76th and it’s easy to find.

And if you’re a blogger, tweeter, facebooker, etc, spread the word and tell you crafty pdx friends to stop by!  Damn the big-box nationwide craft store chains! Save the Kitten!!

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