November 30, 2007

diy knit kit: 2-color textured hats

redbluehat6.jpg bluegreenhat4.jpg

here is my very first knit hat kit – which includes a pattern set with 4 different hat options. there is a knit flat version and a knit round version, each with 2 stitch pattern variations. and of course the yarn; each kit has a 90 yard hank of recycled hand-dyed yarn, striping between 2 colors. all you’ll need to make a hat are the knitting needles (and a tapestry needle for finishing). all patterns use size us 10 1/2 needles – straights for the flat hat, and 16″ circular for the round hat (or you can use double pointed needles if you like).

the blue+green hat is an example of the knit flat version. the knit round version not only includes two stitch pattern options, but also varying hat-fit (floppy vs. fitted) and stripe-width versions. the red+aqua hat is the floppy (my personal favorite!) and i knit a 2-swatch example of the fitted version to show both stitch patterns, with 2 different yarns – both of which were left over from yarns i have in kits for sale now.2swatchhat1.jpg

i also have the pattern set by itself for sale ($2.50) if you want to dye your own yarn. to get results like the photos, your yarn will need to have 1 yard stripes of the two colors.

if you are new to yarn in hank form – you’ll need to wind it into a ball before you can use it. the hank untwists into a big loop, which is tied together with scrap yarn. here is the way i wind it: sit up straight and put my legs up, bent at the knees; put the yarn around my knees. make sure the yarn isn’t twisted, and with it stretched somewhat tightly, cut the scrap yarn and find an end. wind the ball! i just make normal yarn balls, but you may prefer to make a center-pull ball. also, you can use chair backs instead of your knees.

if you knit a hat from this kit/pattern i would really love to see it! pretty please leave a comment here with a photo (or link to a photo) and any feedback you might have. thanks!!

edit 1/21/08: the pattern set is now available as a pdf! it’s 4 pages – all the same info as the paper pattern, but with more photos!

(ravelry page!)

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