November 23, 2007

diy knit kit: bracelet mini-kit

knitkitbraceletmade.jpg knitkitbracelet.jpg

my first knit kit! everything you need to make one of these little knit bracelets, except for the knitting needles (size 8, or close) and tapestry needle. kit includes: 4 yards of hand-dyed recycled yarn, a piece of contrasting recycled yarn, a secondhand button, and the pattern.

50 of these kits were included in holiday samplers (december ’07). they will be in my store for about $4 each, depending on the yarn. right now, there is only one, but more will be added. this kit would make a great little gift for a knitter in your life, or someone who wants to learn to knit. super easy pattern, just knit stitch. it’s such an easy pattern, i’ll just tell you the basics…

cast on 4 stitches, knit back and forth until it’s the right length for your wrist, bind off. make a loop at the end – this is the button hole. use the tail at the other end to sew on the button. use a contrasting color yarn, or embroidery thread, to personalize your bracelet – just stitch a little something. weave in the ends. yay!

the pattern included with the kit is a bit more detailed, but i’m fine with posting it as a free pattern here because what i’m charging for is the dyed yarn (i wouldn’t expect anyone to pay for such a simple pattern).

if you got one in the sampler, or bought one, i would love it if you’d share a picture of your finished bracelet!!  or just if you made a bracelet from this blog pattern, i still want to see it!  just comment with a link to the photo (flickr page or whatever)…  yay for sharing!

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