December 17, 2007

diy knit kit: spiraling stripes hats

knitkitspiralhatsample1.jpg knitkitspiralhatsample3.jpg knitkitspiralhatsample5.jpg

yay, my second hat knit kit! this pattern set includes 6 different patterns – wide straight brim, slanting brim, and no brim, each with spiraling clockwise and counter-clockwise versions. the kits come with 2 stitch markers, so you get everything you need to make one of the hats except for a pair of size us 9 knitting needles and a tapestry needle.

here are what the clockwise and counter-clockwise spirals look like from above:

knitkitspiralhatsample4.jpg knitkitspiralhatsample2.jpg

of course, your results will depend on the way your yarn stripes. i will be selling kits with different types of striping yarn, and i’ll tell you in the descriptions about how the stripes will turn out. if you use the patterns with store-bought yarn, i recommend self-striping yarn with long-ish color sections. (to give you an idea, the example above with the straight brim has 2 yards of each color. so if you want wider stripes on your hat, you’ll need several yards of each color.)

all of my yarn will come to you in hank form. for some info on balling it, you can see my 2-color textured hat kit blog post.

there are a couple things i forgot to mention in the pattern. first, if you want a little topper on your hat like the orange one on the rainbowy hat above, it’s just a short i-cord. when you finish seaming up the back, cut your yarn leaving a long tail (at least a yard). close up the top as instructed, then grab two double pointed needles (a little smaller than size 9 is good) and pick up three stitches evenly around the closed hole. knit those stitches into an i-cord as long as you want, then just tie up the top and weave the end in down the center.

second, i just wanted to mention that stitch markers are optional. it’s easier to explain/write the patterns using stitch markers, but once you knit a few rows, you might find that you’d rather just skip them because you’ll see how the pattern works and can keep track easily enough. the stitch markers i include with the kits are not heavy duty – don’t expect them to last forever. right now i’m using a thin wire, threaded through some beads to look pretty. (don’t let kids get ahold of them, they may come apart and have sharp wire ends!) i might switch to some kind of more recycle-y version in the future.

i also want to mention that you could use the yarn that’s meant for the 2-color textured hat kits for the spiraling stripes patterns. your results will look something like this:


sorry the colors aren’t very contrasty, but you get the idea. if you want to do this, you can purchase the yarn from these kits alone and the spiraling stripes pattern alone (for $4.50). yay! oh and by the way, that’s another example of the no brim hat version.

i would really love feedback on this pattern set! i pretty much print out the patterns as i get the orders, so if i am told something is unclear or something should be added/changed, i can fix it for all future copies. and i would really really love to see your finished hats!!

edit 1/21/08: the pattern set is now available as a pdf! it’s 7 pages, lots of pictures, tons of info.

edit 3/04/08: just posted a new entry about pattern variations to make slouchy styles and some color ideas.

3colorspiralberet1.jpg slouchyhat1.jpg

(ravelry page!) 

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