March 22, 2013

East Coast Trip!! Wooo!

Okay so, Robin is out, the third pattern in my Short Stripes Trio (and it’s my first pattern ever to make it into the ravelry hot right now top 5, so it’s been a very exciting couple of days), but I’m here today for a different reason.  I will be blogging about Robin in detail in a couple weeks, because…

3 color Robin Robin in worsted

Robin in worsted 3 color Robin

I’m taking a trip!  To New York!  And Boston and other east coast cities!  Pete has had a job for about 2.5 years now which has involved accumulating a ridiculous amount of flyer miles and hotel points, so he is cashing them out to fly us for free to the east coast, and stay for 8 nights in NYC and Boston for free!!

washington square park

So, we’ll be hanging out in NY for about half the time, and spending the other half both in Boston and traveling a bit to Providence, and hopefully Portland, Maine, for a day each.  Our plans are still fairly loose, especially with the details, like meals and shops to visit, etc, so any recommendations would be appreciated!!  Of course I want to visit lots of yarn shops, but since this is a fun trip with Pete, I’ll try to keep it down to just the absolute best shops, and priorities for both of us are used records and books, good vegetarian food, and cool sites to see.

little italy restaurant

The last time I was in NY was 9 years ago with my mom (when I took these photos), and I loved it so much I actually had plans to move there after college, but those plans fell through, and everything worked out for the best, but I’ve wanted to go back to visit ever since!  And I’ve never been to Boston, or Providence, or Portland, or anywhere else up in that region, so I’m supercrazy excited to explore it all and have east coast adventures!

manhattan bridge

So, I’m way behind on all the preparation stuff.  We have a house sitter lined up, and I’ve released my new pattern, but other than those things crossed off the list, everything else is still to-do!  I have big plans to make a couple pairs of leggings (using this awesome tutorial by Cal Patch!) and legwarmers (from recycled sweaters), and maybe even a new skirt… but we’ll see what I can squeeze into my weekend hours before we head out way too early on Monday morning!  Wish me luck!

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