June 25, 2008

easy recycley craft

so in an issue of readymade maybe 6 months ago, there was this tote bag project and the shape of the bag in the pattern picture (not on the online version) looked just like a tank top shape, which made me think…. hmm…. couldn’t you sew the bottom of a tank top closed and turn it into a super quick and easy bag? but i never got around to trying it…

then a few weeks ago this how-to popped up on the coffee pot people blog and i thought, ah ha! it does work! so i picked up an orange tank at the bins and made one! i followed the tutorial, except i turned the tank sideways, so the side seams are in the middle and the sleeve holes are centered together. i think it’ll be easier to carry that way.

tank top tote bag before tank top tote bag in progress tank top tote bag

tank top tote bag finished

it’s super duper stretchy because of the knit fabric, but it totally works. if it stretches too much over time, i’ll probably line it with t-shirt fabric or something.

edit 6/26: i just uploaded a photo of myself carrying the bag full of stuff.

oh hey after reading diane’s post about it last week, i joined twitter. i’m _leethal_ since leethal was taken… do you tweet?

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