September 22, 2013

Fall pattern giveaway!! And lots of updated patterns!

Fall is officially here today and I want to celebrate with you!

leethal fall giveaway

Now through the end of the day (west coast time) Wednesday 9/25, use coupon code fallishere (either in your ravelry cart or through leethalknits) to get any one of these patterns completely free!!  No strings attached, one use per person, choose your favorite for some fall knitting!  Your choices are:

Lemmy Lemmy

Lemmy (ravelry / leethalknits)

Biratu Simple Biratu Shawl

Biratu (ravelry / leethalknits)

3 color Robin Robin in worsted

Robin (ravelry / leethalknits)

Barry in yellow Barry in self-striping and tweed

Barry (ravelry / leethalknits)

stripy cowl! long loop stripy cowl

Maurice (ravelry / leethalknits)

cabled Haka hat Cabled Haka hat+cowl

Haka hat+cowl set (ravelry / leethalknits)

Flying V's Flying V's

Flying V’s collection (ravelry / leethalknits)

Wobble Bass Wobble Bass

Wobble Bass (ravelry / leethalknits)

Flippable Flippable!

Flippable (ravelry / leethalknits)

Betiko - mystery pattern version Betiko

Betiko (ravelry / leethalknits)

Shapeshifter! Shapeshifter!

Shapeshifter (ravelry / leethalknits)

Twisted Ankles Twisted Ankles!

Twisted Ankles (ravelry / leethalknits)

cuff501 cuff304

Ten 10 yard Cuffs (ravelry / leethalknits)

big skoodlet! my bulky skoodlet Skoodlet!

Skoodlet (ravelry / leethalknits)

So you may be wondering, why these patterns?  There are all my newest ones up there at the top, and then a kind of random assortment of older patterns…

Well, around the beginning of the year, I updated my pattern pdf format (new fonts, different kind of layout, etc), so all the patterns I’ve released this year have been in the new format, and then throughout the year, off and on, I’ve been going through my old patterns and updating them.

For the patterns with the new format, you can now see pdf previews on the leethalknits webpages, the first 2 or 3 pages of each pdf, to give you more info and a peek at what the pattern looks like!  (Just click on the leethalknits links for any of those patterns above.)

old vs new leethal pdf formats

The new format takes up significantly fewer pages than the old, but it’s still designed to be easily readable on your screen – even on a phone screen, it’s pretty darn readable, by zooming in to one of the 2 columns, try it!  I always want to be screen-reading friendly, but for those of you who do print the whole files on paper, my new patterns take up much less paper :)

(These screen shots all show the old format to the left, vs the new format to the right.)

old vs new leethal pdf formats

And then, while already in the process of re-formatting layout, I’m also doing some heavy duty editing and updating, especially on my older patterns.  In the 6 years I’ve been designing, my pattern writing has evolved quite a bit, and looking back over the original versions of my early patterns is cringe-inducing for me.  The patterns themselves (like, how you knit them) are unchanged, but the details of the writing, and uniformity between the different patterns, is all being much improved with the new updates.

old vs new leethal pdf formats

So, the choices offered free are all in my new format.  Nothing but the best for you!  Happy fall!

(Remixed is a whole other issue, which I won’t get into now, still slowly in progress.  Talk about cringe-inducing; I’m really sorry to those of you patiently awaiting the ebook, it is coming eventually, I promise!)

Oh and, spread the word about the giveaway!  Grab that image up at the top to re-post places, if you want to.  It won’t last long, so make sure your knitting friends now about it before it ends!  And then be sure to post your leethal knits in your rav projects so I can see them, yay! :)

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  • karen

    Thank you! I’m looking forward to working up Robin… but i’ll be back for Meridian. LOVE your designs — inventive, but cute!


  • Moz

    Thank you for Skoodlet!

  • Caitlin

    Yay, thank you! I’ve been eying Barry for a while; such a cool-looking hat.

  • Kara

    love it! thank you! I had a really hard time picking just one! Shapeshifter it is though.

  • Patti Barrett

    This is awesome, thanks!

  • Mary Nesbitt

    found you doing a pattern search – thank you so much for Betiko. I realised I have made your leethal slipper pattern from years ago :)

  • ksiop07

    Thanks a lot, I will try Lemmy!

  • Anne-Renee

    Thank you so much! I’m sure I’ll enjoy making those hats!

  • Sandra at Thistle Cove Farm

    WOW! You are clever, love all your patterns and thank you so much for your kindness.

  • JoAnn

    TYVVM, Lee!!!! I picked Lemmy!

    (I had previously purchased Robin/Barry/Maurice. I’m just waiting for the “right” yarn to come along for them.)

  • Maria

    Thank You for the Flying V’s and Happy Fall to You to!

  • Julia

    LOVE them!

  • Debbie Boiano

    Thank you for the gift! I chose Skoodlet and plan to buy some more patterns.

  • Kimi Longo

    Help! I just got the Barry pattern on my phone. But now I can’t get the PDF to open.

  • Mimmi

    Happy fall to you! and thanks a lot!

  • Micah York

    Thank you so much! I have been eyeing your patterns for a while now and I’m excited to try one out!!

  • CheezePoof

    Thank you so much! Have so many of these beauties already – but am excited to be expanding my collection once again!

  • avril rose

    thank you very much for the gift on ravelry !

  • Barbara

    Thank you! Just dowloaded the pattern for the beautiful Biratu. Totally aspirational for me right now – but something to work towards…

  • Mary

    Thank you for the “Robin” pattern. Have a beautiful autumn day!

  • Sara Andersson

    Thank you so much! I chose the Robin shawl, it’s so beautiful!

  • carina

    Thank you :)

  • yarnkat

    beautiful patterns! So glad i found you!! Thank you for the great fall gift!

  • Sheepdream

    This is so very generous of you. Thanks!

  • LucyRose

    Thank you so much! I love your stuff, and I’m SO broke right now. This is a wonderful thing! I chose Biratu.

  • Mara

    Thank you! :)

  • SnugLife

    Thank you so much, you have beautiful patterns! ♥

  • MonkeyKints

    ohh how lovely. thank you

  • carolyn

    Thank you! I chose Barry – I think it will be perfect for Nerd Wars! I love your use of unusual construction and awesome colour combinations.

  • Catherine

    Thank you! I just chose Betiko, it will be my first try with one of your patterns, I hope I will manage to finish it before the end of the winter :-/

  • Debi

    Thanks so much for the free pattern! I chose Robin and I am looking forward to knitting it! Happy Fall!

  • Tammy

    Happy Fall to you! Thank you for the pattern!

  • May

    Hi, just wanted to let you know that I tried the coupon code but it doesn’t work.

  • DutchJacky

    Thanks for the pattern. XXXXXX .
    I’ve chosen Robin and send the link to my Italian ravelers in Romr

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